Monday, November 26, 2012


"Ironing~~~it's an art, and I think it's dying out.  It takes half a brain to do it, and the other half is free to roam."   Butler Christopher Ely, who has worked for Brooke Astor and Buckingham Palace.

Back in the 1950's when I was growing up, my mom felt it was very important for me to learn to iron.  My task was to iron the handkerchiefs, pillow cases and the tops of all the sheets. (She liked the sheets folded a certain way and the tops to be smooth).  Basically I started out ironing anything that was flat. 

After these items were washed and dried, the clothes, etc. were then sprinkled with the water filled sprinkle bottle and then rolled up and placed in the 'ironing' basket.  If left like this too long, they would be covered with mildew and had to be washed again and I was usually in trouble.

As I got older, I moved on to more complicated ironing tasks, like my blouses, mom's house dresses, aprons, dad's shirts and slacks.  By the time I got into high school I was the ironing queen of the house. Mom pretty much left it all to me.  

Now one would think, that after having to iron as a kid I would hate ironing today.  But I don't....I don't iron sheets or pillowcases and of course hankies have gone by the wayside.  But I do still press my blouses and slacks.  I like creases in the sleeves and flat fronts on my blouses. And I usually time my ironing for when a good movie is on TV. Then I set up 'shop' in front of the TV and iron away.

I've also discovered that my trusty ironing board has other uses. It can become a sideboard if you have a bunch of people over for dinner and there's nothing else that works better as a work table for wrapping presents, than the ironing board.

Remember~The ironing board is portable, it can be set up almost anywhere and is just the right height. 

So go ahead, call me crazy but I love to iron !

My first attempt at ironing in December 1943 just weeks before my 2nd birthday.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

If Things Don't Seem Quite Right Today......

.........maybe you forgot~