Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday Evening

I'm about to head for my bedroom in the back of the house where I can hide out from all the little goblins tonight.  However, we are being blessed with rain, so maybe most of them will stay home.  Anyway I'm taking no chances, I'm turning out all the lights in the front of the house and taking my kitty and my book back to my room.  I wish I had my computer back there but I don't so... will have to catch up on alerts tomorrow evening. 

I got the website link from my long time friend Barbara.  She was the office manager (until she retired) in the family practice clinic I worked in for 6 years.  Enjoy....

Until next time........Linda

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Italian Pasta Diet-It Really Works

1..You walka pasta da bakery..

2..You walka pasta da candy store..

3..You walka pasta da ice cream shop..

4..You walka pasta da table and fridge..


Thanks to my friend Ruth, who lives with her hubby, out at the beach, for this one.

My Cute Little Girl

I found my cute little Gabi sitting on the back of the couch watching the squirrels in the front yard.  She's so sweet. So naturally I had to snap a picture of her.    For most of the day she's been following me around the house like a little pull toy.  I know this will freak Julie out, because she thinks Gabi is ugly. But... I say, "she's not ugly she's just Persian !"

An Interesting Website

I got this  website from friend, Hope, in Pasadena, CA.  She lives right down there in the area and can actually go out and look around in these areas. And it's another website to snoop around in for all of you out there in J-Land.

Saturday Morning

Just a friendly reminder to all out there on Daylight Savings time...tonight is "Fall Back" time.  I have always hated daylight savings time...when I was a kid, my dad worked for the railroad and they stayed on standard time.  So my poor mom always had two clocks going in the kitchen from spring to fall.  One for school and one for the railroad.  I believe that's the way it was when I was married, too (can't actually remember now, that was another lifetime).  My former husband also worked for the railroad.  I'm not sure if they still stay on standard time or not.  Anyway...I'll be turning all the clocks back this evening and have to remember the two timers I've got going... one for an outside light and one here in the living room.  Have a good Saturday...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday evening dreaming of Alaska

I think I mentioned before that myself and a long time friend from grade school and high school came up with the idea of a cruise from Seattle  to Alaska for our high school graduating class.  Well, it's mushroomed to include family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, anyone who wants to get in our group rates.  We'll be leaving Seattle on August 11, 2006 and returning August 18th.  The ship will be stopping in Juneau and Skagway, cruising the Inside Passage and then stopping in Victoria, BC on the way home.  We have had such a good response, I can't believe it.  Of course some of the people who have signed up, we don't even know because they are friends, family, neighbors or co-workers of our class mates.  Looking forward to that one special week next summer will hopefully make the dreary days of winter go by even faster.   Say....does anyone out there want to join us ???  Let me know, if you'd like more information, I'd be happy to share it.

Until next time.......Linda


Wednesday Evening

I was off work today and thankfully it turned out to be a nice day weather wise.  This afternoon I got both the front and back yard mowed.  I had a doctor's appoinment this morning, on the way home from there I filled up the gas tank...$2.60 a gallon for regular unleaded.  I think the price is  down a little.  I can remember back in "the good old days" a dollars worth of gas would get you half a tank.  After a little lunch I went to an afternoon movie (I have a large theater just a few blocks away) and saw "North Country."  Oh my gosh !!! What those poor women went thru at their jobs in the coal mines in northern Minnesota in the late 70's.  They filed the first class action sexual harrasement lawsuit in the US.  It made me think of some of the experiences I had working in an automobile dealership in the middle to late 60's.  I worked there for 6 years and none of suffered the abuse those gals did, but some of the stuff that was said to us was not appropiate.  I was tall, slender but rather large busted (and very self concious about it) and my boss called me "Chester."  I was mortified but could do very little about it...I was young and afraid to stand up to him because he was the boss and I needed my job.  That would never be allowed in today's workplace.  Well, I have a salmon steak out to cook for dinner tonight, so I guess I better get cooking.   Have a good evening, until next time.......Linda

Monday, October 24, 2005

"The Sunflower"

I read all the time, always have a book going.  Today I finished this book, " The Sunflower" by Richard Paul Evans.  I highly recommend it to all of you.  It's his latest release, just out the first of October and already on the best sellers list, I see.  His first book, "The Christmas Box" got Julie and I going as far as reading his books.  That story was also made into a movie. 

This book takes place in the jungles of Peru, and tells of life far different than any of us have ever lived.  "It is both an adventure and a love story.  It is a story about sacrifice and faith.  But most of all, it is a story about hope."

Richard Paul Evans has a website, it is;

This book can be ordered thru his website or would be available in any bookstore.

I'm off to have dinner with a bunch of former co-workers.  Have a good evening and until next time......Linda

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Well the weather guy was right this has "mizzled" all day.  But Gabi (my sweet little cat) and I have been in the house snug as a bug .  I've managed to get a bunch of stuff listed on eBay, fixed a nice dinner, talked to some friends on the phone and now....I'm going to pay some bills and get ready for work tomorrow.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.  Until next time.......Linda

"MIZZLE ????"

I heard a new weather term this morning, the weather guy on one of the Seattle TV stations  used the word "mizzle" to describe the weather we could expect today.  Apparently, (according to weather guy) that's a combination of mist and drizzle.   I like that term and it really describes most of what we have experienced so far today.  But, I don't care...I've got a nice fire going in the woodstove and it can mizzle all it wants to out there.  The only regret I have is that I was going to mow the lawn (front & back) after church today.  The grass in the back yard, especially, is very long.  Oh well, I guess it will wait for another day.  Meanwhile Gabi and I are comfy and warm here in the house with not a care in the world. 

I remember years ago (in another life time) my then husband  and I (and our young son) traveled to North Dakota to visit friends in Colgate, a little town outside of Fargo.  It was a cold February when we made the trip and I learned the term "snirt" at that time.  That's when snow & dirt mix together, especially when the snow plow throws it along side the road.  That's what you know that ugly, dirty stuff piled up.  It's "snirt."  

Well, I hope I've added to someone's vocabulary today.         Until next time.......Linda

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Congratulation's to the VIVI Nominees

I've only been journaling a few months, so I haven't read that many AOL Journals.  But, it was exciting to me as I read thru the lists of nominees to see a lot of familiar names.  Journals that I've been led to thru my daughter's journal and others I've found on my own.  So I'm excited !!  And these nominations have also led me to some  journals I didn't know about before today.  Like I said in a comment this morning, it's like watching the Academy Awards and actually having been to some of the movies nominated.  So congratulations to all of you and keep up the good work ! 

Paper Napkin Shortage at McDonalds ?????

There's nothing worse than going thru the drive thru, ordering your food (in my case a Hamburger Happy Meal with Mr. Pibb & toy for a girl), then getting several blocks down the street to discover there are NO napkins in the bag.  It happened again today, at one of the same darn  McDonalds where I've encountered this before.  This time I got on my cell phone and called, asking for the manager.  The person who answered said she was the shift manager, so I asked her if napkins were a special request, like maybe an extra packet of catsup (which they also never give you at the drive thru. But I don't care about that because the only thing I put catsup on is meatloaf ) Anyway, her reply was that there is supposed to be one napkin per item.  I told her that her McDonalds was about 37 napkins behind as far as I'm concerned.  Because I go there on occasion and I have never had a napkin in my Happy Meal sack.  I'd be interested if anyone else has had this happen at McDonald's or any other fast food drive thru. If you've had this happen, too...does it irritate you or am I just an old grouch ? 

Today was my Saturday to was an enjoyable day and now I'm home after delivering Avon and picking up a few groceries.   It's another very pleasant day in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun is shinning and it's still warm enough outside to have the front door open for a little fresh air.

My heart goes out to those folks suffering thru Hurricane Wilma.  This storm apparently is moving so slow, that it is battering the people for hours & hours & hours.  

Have a lovely evening, until next time....Linda

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Women's Anti-Stress Diet


This is a specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds up during the day.




1 grapefruit

1 slice whole-wheat toast

1 cup skim milk




small portion lean, steamed chicken

1 cup of spinach

1 cup herbal tea

1 Hershey's kiss  (chocolate)




the rest of the Hershey’s kisses in the bag


1 tub of Hagen Daas ice cream with choc-chip topping.



4 bottles of wine (red or white)

2 loaves garlic bread

1 family-size supreme pizza

3 Snickers bars



whole frozen Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer)





I Finished Another Good Book

Debbie Macomber, who is a local author, has a series of romance stories called the Cedar Cove series.  I just finished her last one, "50 Harbor Street" and like the previous ones, it was a great story.  The one thing I like is that this little town of Cedar Cove may be a fictitious town but it is surrounded by other cities and areas that are very familiar to this old woman who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.   I'm including the link to the website, that focuses on the Cedar Cove series, in case anyone out there is interested in picking them up for some great romance reading.

I'm off work today and have been on the computer off and on all day.  But, I've also got some things accomplished;   I have listed a bunch of stuff on eBay, taken all the scatter rugs out to shake, changed Gabi's litter and taken out the garbage (tomorrow is garbage day....yeah !!). And now I must vacuum.  Until next time.....Linda

Another Bridge Across the Narrows

The present Narrows Bridge (opened in 1950) is so packed with vehicles, that there is a new one being built.  The towers are up and they are working on the suspension cables at this time.  These are the main cables that will eventually support the span's 40 million pound bridge deck.  The bridge builder will fabricate the cables strand by strand, since a cable that beefy would be impossible to lift into place.  This whole process has been fun to watch, there are crews working, usually 24 hours a day and the work initially began in October 2002.  I believe it is scheduled for completion in 2007.  The present bridge (4 lanes) will have traffic going in one direction and the new bridge will carry traffic in the other direction.  Right now, traffic is down to a slow crawl  in the morning, heading into the big city and in the afternoon another slow crawl heading out of the big city. They say that approximately 85,000 to 90,000 vehicles cross this bridge each day.

The existing bridge is actually the second Narrows Bridge.  The first one collapsed in a wind storm in 1940.  The only casulties were a couple cars and a dog, that was too terrified to get out of the car it was riding in.  It is affectionally referred to as "Gallopin Gertie."  It actually was moving up and down and sideways before it crumbled and fell into the deep waters of Puget (Pew-jet) Sound, hundreds of feet below. I can remember as a child going to visit family members in Bremerton, we took a car ferry across the Narrows until the new (present) bridge was completed in 1950.

Here is a link to a website, if you'd like more information about our bridge(s).

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October 19, 2006

While I was "putting my face on"  this morning, I looked at the calendar on my bathroom counter and for some reason I really focused on the fact that it was October 19th.  I thought about my grandson who's birthday is April 19th and then I thought even more and realized it was his half birthday today.  (I really get into half birthday's they are, after all, the slide down to one's next real birthday)  So today, Harrison is 14 1/2.  14 1/2 !!! Oh my gosh !!! That means next year on October 19th he'll be eligible to get his driving permit.  YIKES !!!  Where does the time go ?  Of course, he is taller than me now, and his latest pair of shoes were men's size 12.  He's not a baby anymore that's for sure.  He's a young man, tall with beautiful dark hair and very smart and artistic. So Harrison, HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY from your granny !  The picture I've posted was taken of me holding Harrison a day or so after his birth, April 19, 1991.  How about those glasses and the big hair?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tueday Morning, Some Classified Ad Funnies

Thanks to my friend Claire in Oklahoma for these.

Classified Ads:


FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER. 8 years old. Hateful little dog. Bites

FREE PUPPIES: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.

FREE PUPPIES... Part German Shepherd, part stupid dog.

FOUND DIRTY WHITE DOG. Looks like a rat. Been out a while. There better be a reward

YOUNG COWS: NEVER BRED $300 Each... Also 1 gay bull $250.


NORDIC TRACK $300 Hardly used, call Chubby


GEORGIA  PEACHES, California grown 89 cents a pound

JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer $300

WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE Worn once by mistake. $375 Call Stephanie.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Evening

The picture I'm including is of one of  my favorite early morning traffic people, Sgt Johnny with the Washington State patrol.  He's on the early morning local news each week day.  On Thursday Oct 6th, a man climbed  a sign over Interstate 5, and tried to hang a large banner from a freeway sign, snarling traffic for several hours.  This same man did this Oct 4th last year.  Only that time he carried a small gas can up with him.  Sgt Johnny was called on then to "talk him down" and  this time the man asked for Sgt. Johnny.  So, he bravely climbed a fire truck ladder, shook the man's hand  and spoke with him about 10 mins and then the man agreed to climbed down with Sgt Johnny's help.  He was transported to a mental health facility and hopefully he'll be ok.  The Sgt. stated "that it may have been a suicide attempt, as his mental state seemed worse this time."  He also said after the incident "all life is worth preserving."   You know...sometimes people don't have a very nice opinion of law enforcement but when you hear about an incident like this, you gotta admit we are blessed to have some fine people out there, putting their lives on the line for all of us.

Well, my weekend is over...I went to church this morning and it was great.  Our new pastor is wonderful !  The wind and rain Friday evening left my front lawn littered with debris from my big cedar tree.  So I went out this afternoon and went over it with the lawn mower, to clean it up a little.  That's much easier than raking it.   I finally got caught up on 10 days worth of news papers that had piled up, took out the recycling bin for emptying tomorrow, and have a big pot of vegetable soup on the stove (yummy).  I hope everyone had a marvy weekend.  Until next time.....Linda 

Patrick's Sunday Seven - Episode 7

From Patrick at;

Pull a couple of items off your pantry and cupboard shelves.  Pick items that you eat fairly regularly.  (You might be able to get seven answers from one single item, depending on what you choose.)  Now list up to seven things in the Ingredients that you don't recognize.  It's an interesting way to see what you're eating...whether you like it or not!

I took two items off the shelf and I think I can come up with seven ingredients that are basically unknown to me. The two items are a can of Nalley's Original Chili and Pillsbury's Vanilla Funfetti cake frosting.

1. polysorbate60

2. potassium sorbate

3. disodium inosinate

4. disodium guanylate

5. thiamine mononitrate

6. autolyzed yeast extract

7. hydrolyzed soy protein

Pretty scary !!!!!  There's more but that's enough. 


Friday, October 14, 2005

Krissy's This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt #45

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#45) will be due on Sunday, October 16, at 11 PM EST.   From Krissy at;

Category:  Take a photo of a few small items you find necessary

Here's my entry; 

1.. my George Foreman grill (the third one I've had.  I keep wearing them out because I use it so much) car keys cell phone digital camera (not shown in the picture for obvious reasons.


Warm and Windy Friday

What weird weather today.  When I left work at 4:30pm it was 70* at 6pm it's dropped to 60*.  But, what was weird, was the 70* in October.  And it's windy...from all directions.  They say we're going to get a storm...maybe that's what's going on.  When I crossed the street from the hospital to get to my car, a gal commented on the 70* and the wind, saying if this was the mid-west I'd be looking for the funnel cloud of a tornado.  Hopefully that's not going to happen here in the Pacific Northwest.  When I got home there were a ga-zillion leaves (four of said leaves shown in the picture)  flying in every direction.   Backing my car into my carport....I could hear the crunch of dry leaves as the tires rolled over them.  I think fall is really here. At least tonight I don't need a fire in the woodstove, my house is very comfortable.

As I said in an earlier entry, I was asked to help out on the hospital switchboard today.  It's not my usual job and only rarely do I do that.  I enjoyed the company of a couple of the regular operators  during the day and I had a couple strange calls.  One lady called about every 20-30 mins asking for the phone number of a certain doctor.  None of us could find a number for him (nor had we ever heard of him)...we kept telling her this, she'd say "ok thank you"  then hang up and pretty soon there she'd be back on the phone with the same request.   I also had a man who kept calling our hopital asking for the phone number of the other large hospital in town.  We gave him the number and transfered him  at least 5 or 6 times, finally decided it was just easier to transfer and forget about giving him the number.   Oh well,  I guess that's what you call job security.   And other than the bad chair I had to sit in all day, the day went well and went by pretty fast. 

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ending Thursday With A Blonde Joke

Dear Diary,

Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive double pane, energy efficient kind.  But this week I got a call from the contractor who installed them.  He was complaining that the work had been completed a whole year ago and I hadn't paid for them.  Hellloooo?

Now just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid.  So, I told him just what his fast talking sales guy had told ME last year....namely, that in one year these windows would pay for themselves !

Hellloooo?  It's been a year ! (I told him)  There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally just hung up....He didn't call back.

Guess I won that stupid argument.

Krissy's Monday Question

Monday Morning Question: From Krissy at;

What are three things that you like about Fall?

1..the beautiful colors of the foliage

2..watching my dear neighbor man and his leaf blower

3..warm fires in the woodstove each evening

3 1/2..Julie's birthday is just around the corner

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday is almost over

It was my day off today and I really didn't get much accomplished but it was a good day.  I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so had to get moving to make that on time.  I have about a million alerts to read, and I don't know if I'll get to them today.  I have local newspapers from last week still stacked on the end of my couch that I haven't read.  I did however get the lawn mowed yesterday after I got home from work.  Today after my doctor's appointment I stopped and gassed up my car (ouch!) stopped at the store and got milk ($1.88 a gallon on sale..that's good), came home, got the mail, ate some lunch and then went to a 1:20pm movie.  I saw the movie "In Her Shoes."  It was pretty good....touching...and sometimes funny. Now, it's time to think about some dinner, I have a salmon steak out, so will fix that and just have a salad (too much popcorn at the movie). I've got a fire going in the woodstove and Miss Gabi is all stretched out soaking up the heat.   I go back to work early (7am) Thursday morning and then Friday, at my supervisors request, I'll helping out on the hospital switchboard for a 8a-4:30p shift. I can hardly wait.  :(      At least I won't have to pack a lunch for Friday.  Since  the switchboard room is just around the corner from the cafeteria, I can go there and get some lunch.   The building where  I  normally work is about 3 or 4 blocks from the actual hospital building and with only a 30 minute lunch break, you  just barely have time to get over there, wait in line for your food and get back.  So much for eating leisurely. Sorry this entry was so boring...there's just not much going on.  Besides that, I have to start resting up for Julie's birthday...that always wears me out.   Until next time...Linda

Sunday, October 9, 2005

My New Little Girl

I was keeping her as a surprise for my grandkids.  When they came here to spend the night Friday evening, there she was sitting in the living room.  Now that they know about her, I can tell the world!!  I even took her over to meet Julie today. First of all let me say, I never would have believed that I would ever have a "smooched face" cat.  Other people have them and that's fine but not me!.  This little girl was abandoned on the streets of Seattle, rescued by the Humane Society, taken to a lady who breeds Persian & Exotics (short hair Persians) to be fostered until she was ready to be adopted.  I had Alex, the 25 pound Maine Coon for 6 months, but he was doing bad things in my house.  When I called his previous person about these bad habits, she claimed he had never done that when she had him.  But, she said she'd gladly take him back and she'd moved so he could now be an outdoor cat. So she came & got him on Sept 10th.  I was devestated because I did love his "ample "self.  Meanwhile a  co-worker was looking for another Exotic kitten to be a companion for her 1 year old Exotic.  She just happened to call this breeder in Seattle to see if she had any kittens available.  She didn't but she told my friend about this little gal.  She decided to give it a try so went and picked her up last weekend.  She soon realized it would not work out for her because this one needs canned as well as dry food right now and my friend's cat only eats dry.  She realized it would be too much trouble to feed them different food when they were sharing the same house.  Last Tuesday morning she came to work and told me that it just wasn't going to work out and did I want to take her.  So on my lunch break, I was off to Pet Smart to get some supplies.  My friend went to her house about 3:30pm and got the cat and brought her back to the office, where she sat on my desk in her carrier until I went home at 6pm.  When found in Seattle, she was filthy, covered with fleas, skin and bones and not in good shape.  That nice lady that fostered her, took her to the vet, had her completely checked out, updated her shots, got rid of the fleas and started her back on the road to recovery.  She is absolutely the sweetest little (4 pounds) cat, I have ever had. She follows me around the house like my shadow.  She purrs like a buzz saw and has a funny squeaky little meow.  She's getting more comfortable everyday, when I go into my bedroom, she jumps up on my bed and rolls on her back so I'll rub her tummy.  I can still feel her little ribs, so I have to be gentle.  Hopefully, she'll gain a little weight, so she's not so fragile.  My co-worker and I went thru some Hebrew names and decided on Gabi which means "God is my strength."  Certainly, God was looking after her while she was out on the street fending for herself.  This little 2 year old cat has already brought me a great deal of joy in just a few days and I think the grandkids liked her a little bit, too.

I'm working the "stink" shift (9:30-6pm) Monday and then putting in extra time Monday evening at the registration table at a "Back Pain Seminar" the hospital system is having, so will get home late and then I have to be back to work at 7am Tuesday.  So, I'll have a ton of alerts Tuesday afternon when I get home from work.  However, I have Wednesday off, so I guess I can spend all day at my computer reading journals.  :)

Until next time......Linda

Sunday 7-Episode 6

From Patrick's Place;

Name seven books (title and author, please) on your bookshelf that you couldn't resist buying...but that you haven't read yet!

Well, I'm sad to say I have more than seven books I haven't read yet.  So I chose the top seven, in random order, that I will no doubt before the other unread books.  I'm just finishing the third book in a  series of three by Tracie Peterson.  So soon will have to make a huge decision which book to read next.  Also, Richard Paul Evans (author of The Christmas Box) has a new book out, which will also be going on the unread pile as soon as I get it. It's entitled The Sunflower. Again in random order, here are the books I grabbed for Patrick's Seven.

1. 50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber

2. Sarah by Marek Halter

3. The Presence by T. Davis Bunn

4. Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E. Prentiss

5. a series of 3 books by Marian Wells, The Wishing Star, Star Light, Star Bright, and Morning Star.

6. a 2-in1 edition also by Marion Wells, The Wedding Dress and With This Ring.

7. The Edge of the Sky by Drusilla Campbell

And like I said...there are more.  I have a Half Price Book store located on my route home from work (somehow my car just turns into the parking lot automatically) and my local library has a section of books that are for sale.  Most are donated by Friends of the Library and are as inexpensive as 50 cents for a soft back.  The smaller paperbacks are 35 cents and hardbacks are anywhere from 75 cents to $2.00.  Most are in like new condition so if I stop there I usually come away with 2 or 3 good books for less than a couple bucks. Great topic, thanks Patrick !

Now, I have to get on eBay.  A co-worker gave me some stuff to list for her and I've got to get that done !  Until next time..Linda


Saturday, October 8, 2005

October 8, 1939

"October 8, 1939, Miss Edythe Irene Stern became the bride of Mr. William Henry Smith in the garden of the bride's parent's home, as family and friends looked on.  The bride wore a lovely navy flared skirt dress and the groom wore a navy suit."  That's the way the account of this wedding written in the Sunnyside, WA paper  read.   I always wonderd why she didn't have a white dess..she told me it was during the depression and they felt it was wasteful to spend money on a dress she would never wear again.  She was a registered nurse by then and he was a telegraph operator on the Milwaukee RR.  Her parent's were hop farmers and didn't have a lot of money and his mother was a single (divorced) woman supporting herself.   Their first home was in Hyak, WA.....up in the mountains.  No running water or power.  She'd haul water in a bucket from a stream and heat it for baths, dishwashing, whatever on the wood kitchen range.  She passed money and their grocery list to a passing train crew and a day or two later another crew would bring back the groceries.  That life only lasted about 6 months however, then they moved to a real city and into a house with electricity and all the things needed to live a normal life.  He had been promoted on the railroad and she went to work as a RN in the local hospital until she became pregnant with yours truly, in the spring of 1941, they became parents of a little blonde girl in January of 1942. He joined the Army and left in July 1942 for Camp Shelby, Mississippi so for a few years during World War II they were seperated on their anniversary.  She was working in a hospital in Yakima, WA (raising a little girl) and he was in various locations in Europe or Northern Africa...doing what he loved...dispatching the trains of the US military railroad service.  After he came home, they settled down...she became a stay at home mom, he continued to work for the Milwaukee RR until he retired.  They had one more "little brother" (they told me I was getting a surprise, I thought it was a puppy & it turned out to be a brother) in June of 1950.  He always fancied "farm life" so in 1952 they moved out of the city onto 10 acres and he became "Farmer Bill" and continued to work on the railroad because we needed to eat, etc.  There were cows, chickens, pigs, ducks (Mr & Mrs Quack) a black cocker spaniel named Skipper and numerous barn cats.  We sold milk to the neighbors and always had plenty of milk and butter for ourselves (thank you Daisy!) they continued to celebrate those anniversaries and the kids got older and left home.  They were active in their church, they dearly loved each other and my brother and I always knew we were loved, even when we made a mess of things. And they loved their 5 grandchildren, with all their hearts.   On their 48th anniversary  October 8, 1987, she passed into the arms of her Heavenly Father. She had congestive heart failure and that big, loving, caring heart gave out that afternoon.  He was devestated as were the rest of us.  He kept saying "but it's our anniversary and we're all going out to dinner."  I know that when she died a part of him died, too. He was still Bill Smith, devout Christian, loving father, devoted grandfather but he was never the same after that day. He was with us long enough to see the oldest grandchild (Julie) married and then 11 months later in Sept 1990, he joined mom in Heaven.  This year, they once again celebrate their anniversary (their 66th) at the feet of their Heavenly Father.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad...I love you and miss you!


Saturday Six - Episode 78      FROM PATRICK AT:   1. What's your favorite brand and flavor of ice cream when you go grocery shopping?  Is there any of it in your freezer right now? Dryers Grand Light-French Silk (yum) you bet there's some in there right now, not much, but there's some.
  2. When was the last time you ate a fresh fruit as a snack rather than something not "diet friendly?" I eat a yummy Gala apple almost every day. I love them!
  3. Take this quiz:  What language should you learn? You Should Learn Portuguese Muito legal! For you, learning a language is all about the lifestyle that comes with it.
And Brazilian beaches, hotties, parties, and soccer matches are just your style.

I don't think this old lady could handle the "Brazilian beaches, hotties & parties !!" Especially the "hotties."     Hmmm..I'd rather learn Spanish so I could speak to the Spanish speaking callers I get every day at work.


4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #72 from Cdmmw2:  If you could relive one moment of your life and watch it (like a movie) but not interfere, what would it be?    It would my 10th high school reunion.


5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #73 from Debbie:  What was something you were afraid of as a child?  Did you overcome the fear?   The "Boogie Man", no... I didn't overcome it, aren't we all afraid of the Boogie Man?


6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #74 from Anna:   If someone were to open your refrigerator right now, what item would it embarrass you most for them to find?  There's no thing embarassing in there, it's just that the shelf under the milk jug has  gotten a little grungy .  I've got to wipe that off.

Friday, October 7, 2005

One more fall photo

In looking at the old grandkid photo album, we found one more fall photo.  What's fall without little kids in their Halloween costumes?  I think I mentioned recently that Julie was a black & white (holstein) cow freak.  As you can see...she even turned her little children into black and white cows for Halloween 1993.  Well that's all for tonight.  We've got to get to bed, we have a trip to WalMart planned for tomorrow, so we need lots of rest tonight to be able to get thru that big super store tomorrow.

Later.....Linda and grandkids

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#44)

This Week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#44) will be due on Sunday, October 9, at 11 PM EST.  From Krissy at;

Category:  Anything Autumn

Ok, I haven't been able to find a good subject(s) that would warrant a picture under this catagory.  So forgive me while I slip back to autumm of 1993.  I chose two pictures from my "grandkid" archives.  Notice, the grandma had BIG hair back in those days.  These two little darlings are now 14 and 13 and right now are sitting on my couch looking at the picture album I put together back in those days.  Oh, oh...I just heard the girl say "oh look at daddy..look how much hair he had and how dark it was."  So in these pictures the kids were about 2 1/2 and 16 months old. Now they are both teenagers.  Wow, how time flies.  Happy Autumn and may the wind blow all your leaves into your neighbor's yard.  :)

October 7, 1989

Well, I see Julie has posted some pictures and I have three more to put in my journal tonight. 

Picture #1.. shows my little (6'4") brother bringing the bride down the stairs from the bride room to the sanctuary of the church.  He and my sister-in-law have three daughters that are younger than Julie so this was like a "practice run" for him.  Two of the girls have since married and have children of their own ....but the youngest is still single.  So, someday he'll be taking his last trip down the isle with her. 

Picture #2..shows the bride and her little brother hugging...I'm sure that was the last time they hugged, so I'm glad it was captured in a picture.  A week or so after the wedding, little brother Jim left for San Antonio, TX and his Air Force basic training.

Picture #3..Julie and my dad..her grandpa. The wedding was the day before what would have been my folks' 50th anniversary.  My mom had passed away two years earlier on their 48th anniversary.  I know this day was bitter sweet for him.   Julie  was born on his 48th birthday, in 1961.  She was the first grandchild, and the only one for almost 10 years, until  Jim came along.  She was always the apple of grandpa's eye.  Just less than a year later, he passed away. We were so happy that he was well and able to be there for this happy occasion.

So that's my 16th Anniversary entry. The kids are here and we are watching a movie.  They've got my hide-a-bed pulled out are snuggled down under blankets.  They said dinner was very good (that was nice) and I guess the next thing for this grandma to do is go make some popcorn.  After all what's a movie without popcorn?  So until next time.....Linda

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Thursday Evening

Well, I got a lot done on my day off today.  I got my hair cut at 10:30am, came home and watched Ellen and then off to a 12:30pm doctor's appointment.  From there I went out to the mall in Puyallup to pick up an item that I had on hold (my son's Christmas present), did a little shopping for myself at Gottschalk's (gosh I love that store).  Then stopped at Albertson's and got milk and a few other things for the weekend. Meanwhile, it started pouring rain, so by the time I got home I was soaked and cold.  There is now a nice fire going in the woodstove.  You see the grandchildren are spending Friday night with me, apparently their parents want to spend their 16th anniversary alone, without two teenagers about.    Yup, 16 years ago was rehearsal night.  I looked thru my pictures and they weren't all that great.  I obviously did not have a good camera then.  But, I found one that show's the soon to be wed couple kneeling for the prayer, at the direction of Darlene the wedding consultant at the church. After rehearsal we all went out to pizza.

 picture #1 is Julie and hubby-to-be practicing their kneeling (this is an Assembly of God church, so it's not something we did frequently)

picture #2 was taken at the Godfathers Pizza place.  Those shown are, left to right..Mary Kay (matron of honor), Amy (one of the bridesmaids), Joe (Amy's husband at the time), my son & Julie's brother Jim (what he did to his hair a couple weeks before the wedding is a story in itself) and last the blonde guy is my "little"  brother & Julie's uncle Steve. 

I have a very special picture that I will post after I get home from work Friday from that beautiful day, 16 years ago.

Until then....Linda

I've Been to England

I've been to England this morning.  I've heard the news that Prince Charles and Camilla are coming to the U.S. on their first official visit.  I've seen inside Windsor Castle, where the Queen and her corgi's spend almost every weekend.  The staff there unpack  the suitcases of guests and hang their clothes in the closet of the guest rooms. And the Queen  oversee's all meals that are served. In 1992.. 105 rooms were destroyed in a fire but 5 years later it was completely restored.   I saw pictures of two almost "normal" Princes'... William and Harry. They like to do what other young fellows do and both said that they even do some of their own shopping when time permits.  Unfortunately, the camera's have also been there to capture their growing pains.  I admire their volunteering spirit, doing things their mother did.... for others. The Queens most exclusive club, the Order of the Garter has had hundreds of members over the years. Past members include Winston Churchill and Lady Thatcher.   I've been to the Queens library, full of wonderfully bound books and amazing art work and I've seen the Crooked Teahouse. I've heard the voices of the young boys choir of St George's Chapel who have been singing for the Royals since the 1300's.  They practice six days a week (early every morning after their 15 minute breakfast and before school) and the twenty members range in age from ages 6-13 years old.  And then there's the kitchen in the basement of Windsor Castle used for over 700 years.  Beautiful (and old) copper pots line the shelves on each side of this enormous dream kitchen.  All of this from the comfort of my home..watching "Good Morning America."  Unfortunately, tomorrow I work 7a-330p so will miss the tour of Buckingham Palace.  For those of you on the west coast it comes on at 7am on ABC television.  You can watch it and report to the rest of us...ok?

I'm off work today, but have lots of things to do, so will be reading my many journal alerts through out the day.  Have a good one...Linda

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Gas Prices In Perspective

I know we've all seen this before but I decided to post it, so tomorrow when some of us gas up our cars, we won't grumble quite so much.  Hopefully, the following will make you feel better about those sky high gas prices.

Compared with gasoline: Snapple   16oz $1.29 or $10.32 per gallon 

2..Lipton iced tea   16oz $1.19 or $9.52 per gallon

3..Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 or $10.17 per gallon

4..Ocean Spray cranberry juice  16oz $1.25 or $10.00 per gallon

5..brake fluid  12oz $3.15 or $33.60 per gallon  

6..Pepto Bismol 4oz $3.85 or $123.20 per gallon

7..Whiteout correction fluid 7oz $1.39 or $25.42 per gallon

8..Scope mouthwash  1.5oz 99 cents or $84.48 per gallon

9..Evian water  9oz  $1.49  or $21.19 per gallon!  $21.19 for WATER-and the buyers don't even know the source. (by the way, Evian spelled backwards is Naive.)

And did you ever wonder why printers are so cheap?  So they have you hooked for the ink.  Someone calculated the cost of the ink at....$5,200.00 per gallon.  (five thousand two hundred dollars!!)

So, The next time you're at the pump, be glad your car doesn't run on water, Scope,Whiteout,Pepto Bismol or God forbid PRINTER INK !

Just a little humor to help ease the pain of your next trip to the pump.  For my friends in the U.K. sorry I couldn't convert this into your keyboard doesn't have the proper symbols.

Until next time.....Linda

P.S.  Jools is going to be posting some of their wedding pictures on Friday in honor of their 16th wedding anniversary.  I have one or maybe two I'll be posting, also. 


Monday, October 3, 2005

The White House

Yes, Jeannette and others in the U.K.  You can tour the White House.  Just log on to;

Enjoy your tour....

I get to go on a tour of a famous English landmark!

I just found out about this tour this morning.  It's a tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew.  I am so excited!!  Ok, this is the way it's going to happen.  The Queen and the royal family have allowed "Good Morning America" and ABC TV, here in the US, to bring their cameras and Prince Andrew gave a tour of the palace...showing commonly toured areas plus some private areas that the public never see. "Good Morning America" will show a little bit of the tour each morning this week. So once again, I get to "travel"  and see a special place without leaving my home. Have a wonderful Monday, I'm off to work ! Linda  :) 

Sunday, October 2, 2005

The last of the fair pictures (I promise)

Here's the last four pictures from the September 2005 Puyallup (pew-all-up) Fair. It's  held each Sept and April (the smaller Spring Fair) in Puyallup, WA.

1..another table setting entry and a beautiful quilt

2..looking down thru rows and rows of quilts.  There were 97 entered this year.  All beautiful and unique.

3..a Hobby Hall catagory, handmade dolls.  Someday I hope to take a doll making class.

4..and finally another Hobby Hall catagory, handmade doll houses.  This grand prize winner is actually a replica of an old time theater building.

The next fall fair starts September 8, 2006 and runs for three weeks.  Why not make your travel plans now and come to western Washington and "Do the Puyallup."

I hope you've enjoyed viewing the pictures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.   Until next time....Linda

More Pictures from the Puyallup Fair

Here's three more pictures.  It seems that's the most I can post at one time.  There's four left ...I'll see what happens with them in the next entry.

#1.. you can put a quarter in these jiggle foot things and vibrate the blood flow back into your feet so you can keep walking.

#2..the girl clown insisted that the guy clown take her picture with my friend Dianne and myself.  We are not really standing sideways..

#3..and there they go, off on their weird bikes.

Easy Like A Sunday Morning #26

EASY - like Sunday Morning!  From; Kelly at

Here's my question of the week.  Answer it in your journal and come back here and leave me a link in the comments.  I'll post your links next weekend and we'll start over again next Sunday :-)

Tell me.....

"What does fall mean to you?  Not everybody in J-land has 4 extreme seasons, so what does the season change mean where you live?"

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is much like it is in Kelly's part of the country.  As I look out my window this morning, I can barely see the asphalt road in my little mobile community.  What I see are gold, brown and bronze leaves on the road.  The wind and rain this time of year, scatters them everywhere.  On my front lawn I see more leaves (from the neighbor's trees), debris from my huge cedar tree and rose petals from my bushes that were in full bloom, a couple days ago.  Even tho the air is crisp and's also a sad time.  I know that soon my beautiful hanging baskets will wither and die from the cold.  The roses will stop blooming and become dormant and with the first freeze, the dahlias will turn black and be gone until next summer.      Fall means those little goblins will be knocking on my door for a handout in just a few weeks (maybe I'll give them toothbrushes this year) and that the Christmas decorations are up in the stores at the mall.  I walked into Costco the other day and was greeted by an array of decorated Christmas trees, strings of Christmas lights, and lighted reindeer nodding their heads as I passed by.  Now, once again, if we could just skip winter....then fall would be delightfully followed by spring !

One More Sunday Morning Entry

I saw this story on the local news yesterday but just now turned on the tube and they were talking about it again.  That ought to keep the Martians and UFO's (if there are any) out of our air space....can you imagine running into a giant salmon at 30,000 feet?

Sunday Morning

Well, it a dark and dreary Sunday morning here in Western Washington.  The weather guy says "thunder showers and rain" for today.  That's ok...I have ironing to do and unless the power goes out....I'll turn on a good movie and iron away. 

This morning I'm off to church,however.  We have a new pastor and today is his first day in the pulpit.  I've heard him once before when he came from Eastern Washington with his wife and 2 kids to introduce himself and give us a brief message.  He was approved unanomously when the Board voted to call him to our church as the new pastor.  So it's exciting to once again have a regular pastor for the church.  The former pastor and family left in January to go to Wisconsin to teach at a Bible college.

I think this is the day I'll change purses, too.  I guess it's time to put the summer woven bag away and get out the winter black one.  Or better yet... maybe stop on the way home from church and get a new one.  I have a thing for hand bags (and it's not good.)

I hope we've put those spammers out of business for awhile.

I'm going to try to post the last of my fair pictures later today.  Until then......Linda


Saturday, October 1, 2005

The Puyallup Fair is Over But.....

I wanted to post some more pictures from the fair.  Last Sunday (Sept 25th) was the last day...but the memories live on. 

Picture #1 quilt and table setting, the table setting is another catagory where you can enter your name and then fair officials draw so many names for the contest.  There were two catagories this year, one was "holiday table" and the other was "Orient Express."

Picture #2 the area of the Hobby Hall where kids of all ages can enter their Lego creations (my grandkids love this one)

Picture 3 shows a local bar-b-que restaurant's outdoor cooking area. They cook ribs and chicken halves over alder wood fire.  Yumm!


Well, I got hit again today from another idiot,  playing games in AOL journals.  So dear friends...I'd advise you to block; txrebalgirl26  from your journals and emails.

Instead of messing with the journals of decent people, why can't they spend their time volunteering in their community or something worthwhile?