Friday, October 7, 2005

October 7, 1989

Well, I see Julie has posted some pictures and I have three more to put in my journal tonight. 

Picture #1.. shows my little (6'4") brother bringing the bride down the stairs from the bride room to the sanctuary of the church.  He and my sister-in-law have three daughters that are younger than Julie so this was like a "practice run" for him.  Two of the girls have since married and have children of their own ....but the youngest is still single.  So, someday he'll be taking his last trip down the isle with her. 

Picture #2..shows the bride and her little brother hugging...I'm sure that was the last time they hugged, so I'm glad it was captured in a picture.  A week or so after the wedding, little brother Jim left for San Antonio, TX and his Air Force basic training.

Picture #3..Julie and my dad..her grandpa. The wedding was the day before what would have been my folks' 50th anniversary.  My mom had passed away two years earlier on their 48th anniversary.  I know this day was bitter sweet for him.   Julie  was born on his 48th birthday, in 1961.  She was the first grandchild, and the only one for almost 10 years, until  Jim came along.  She was always the apple of grandpa's eye.  Just less than a year later, he passed away. We were so happy that he was well and able to be there for this happy occasion.

So that's my 16th Anniversary entry. The kids are here and we are watching a movie.  They've got my hide-a-bed pulled out are snuggled down under blankets.  They said dinner was very good (that was nice) and I guess the next thing for this grandma to do is go make some popcorn.  After all what's a movie without popcorn?  So until next time.....Linda


tendernoggle said...

Hi Linda,
Just came from Julie's journal...such beautiful pictures.....Wasn't it wonderful that your dad could be there??  hope they have a wonderful anniverary!

eternallife23 said...

Thanks for sharing with us.

aniracj said...

Hi, just popped across from uk via Julies journal. Love the pics and I have put you on my alerts, regards Joan

jeanno43 said...

I love all the pictures, the ones Julie posted and the ones you have posted.  Wonderful.

labdancer51 said...

They are all lovely photos Linda, I`ve already seen the others on Julie`s journal.  Thanks for sharing! :-)

Sandra xxxx

lurkynat said...

really touching photos inda! Julie sent me over. i'mtouched