Sunday, December 31, 2006


This is a survey from singing Barbara in Texas

1.  When you were a child what was your favorite television show? Well, first of all...I'm older than dirt.  Television was barely invented when I was a kid.  We didn't even get one until I was in the 8th grade (1956).  But my aunt and uncle had one and when he was away working on the railroad, frequently I would stay with her on the weekend and I can remember watch "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars" (in lovely black & white of course)on Friday night.


2.  How many brothers and or sisters do you have? I'm sorry to say I have no real sisters but I am blessed with many sisters in the Lord.   I do have one brother, Steve, who is 8 years younger than me.  He's such a nice guy...I tell people "I'd like him even if he weren't my little brother."

3.   Did you get along well or fight alot with them? When Steve was little, I thought he was a little creep. At least a horrible nusiance.  But I think God gives younger siblings for the sole purpose of annoying their older siblings.  I saw it later in my own children, who are 9 1/2 years apart.


4.  Did your family sit at the table to eat meals?  We always sat at the table to eat. But not anymore...unless I have company.

5.  Did you say grace (pray before you ate)? Yes we always prayed before each meal.


6. Do you still say grace? Sometimes I forget, but most of the time I do. 

7.  What is one thing you do to insure that you have a Happy New Year?  Stay home where it's safe.

. 8.  How do you bring in the new year?  Sleep

9.  Are you working New Years Eve?  No, I haven't had to work New Years eve for many years. Not since my telephone company days right out of high school

10.  Do you shoot off fireworks? Nope, never have.

11.  What do you want to achieve this year?  I have to get serious about exercising more and loosing weight.  I don't want to be a "fat old" person.

12.  What motto will you live by in 2007?

Hmmmm....I don't have one yet.  I'll have to think about that.

13.  Who will be the first person you kiss in 2007?  Probably my kitty, Gabi

14.  Who do you wish that could be? Mr Wonderful, the man of my dreams.

15.  What is your favorite boy name? James Franklin (that's my boy)

16.  What is your favorite girl name? Julie Michelle (that's my girl)

17.  What is the wierdest name you have given to an animal? Snowball...she was a totally black cat.  The kids named her.

18.  If you had to choose...what is your favorite bug? the only good bug is a dead bug.

19.  Do mice ever get in your stove?  Gosh, I hope not.

20.  Do you ever look in the mirror and say EW!!!? Everyday

21.  Do you ever play the lottery? once in awhile I buy a $1 lottery ticket.

22.  What is the biggest amount you have won?  $3.00...that's why I only buy them once in awhile.  LOL


23.  Using your initials...describe yourself

Oh...let's see;      L         L        S     (I can't think of anything.)

24.  When you were little how many children did you want to have when you grew up?   I always wanted 6 kids.

25..  Did you ever think about who you would marry? No, I don't remember thinking about that, even as a teenager.

26.  Did you have a crush on any famous person as a kid? Not that I can remember.

27.  Who was it? Again, I don't remember having a crush on anyone famous.

28.What song reminds you of your first love? I don't remember any particular song either. 

29.  Did you ever "get married" to one of your childhood friends?  No..I think when I was growing up out in the country, we were too busy just playing and helping out at home to be thinking about boys. And times were different back in the 1950's when I was coming of age.

30.  Who was the preacher? see question #29

31.  Did you plan out your wedding as a youngster? again, not that I can remember.

32.  Was your real wedding like the one you dreamed about? No because I don't remember thinking about weddings as a young girl.

33.  How many bridesmaids did you have? just one

34.  What kind of flowers did you have?

It was so long ago...I can't remember that either.  That's horrible. I'll have to get out the pictures....

35.  Are you shy or outgoing? shy and outgoing...depends on the situation.  I can stand in front of 100 people & speak & it doesn't bother me.... but it's hard for me to walk up to someone I don't know and say "Hi, I'm Linda."  I'd never make a good greeter at church or somewhere like that.

36.  What color are your nails right now?

I don't wear fingernail polish, but I do have my my toes done every couple months.

37.  Do you sing in the shower?  Nope..I just get in there and take care of business.  Maybe that will be my one & only start singing in the shower.

38.  What movie bests describes your life?  "From Here to Eternity."

39.  Who is your best friend? My Heavenly Father, He's the only one I can really depend on.

40.  What year did you graduate? 1960 (A.D.)

That's all folks.....if you want to see Barbara's answers check out her Journal;

Ok..I'm off the computer for awhile now. I have to get something done around here today.   linda

"Dry For The Rest Of The Year"

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!   I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  May all your dreams for 2007 come true.  It's been such fun reading your journals and sharing in your lives this past year.  I do want to say that one of the most incredible experiences I've had is hearing Stevie in the U.K. sing the Star Spangled Banner on a video entry of his.  It's also been a pleasure to vote for Barbara in Texas.  I hope you both keep singing in the new year !

I don't have much to report from here.  No big plans for New Years Eve other than to stay home and off the streets.  If you're out there driving careful.

The last few days have been frosty, foggy and cold but as the heading of this entry reads...."it's going to be dry for the rest of the year."  So that means no rain today, right ?  This last Wednesday morning there was snow in some out lying areas....I saw snow on lot's of cars as I drove to work and some in the parking lot.  But not here at my house.  Here's the recent report from KOMO TV in Seattle;

"Dear Linda,
Once again we have areas of low clouds and fog in the south Sound this morning. Some spots are below freezing so be ready for some slick roads.

The final day of 2006 is going to be nothing like the rest of the year.....calm. Just plan on mostly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 40s. The chance for a few rare sprinkles will only be in the far north Sound.

Tonight we will ring in 2007 with temps in the upper 30s so bring a jacket, but you won't need a raincoat.

The new year will bring a new round of rain with showers starting by mid New Year's Day. By Tuesday we go from showers to full on rain.

The rest of the week we deal with one system after another. That means we go back and forth from showers to rain with highs in the mid 40s.

Updated Sunday 7:50 a.m. more...

KOMO 4 Weathercaster Theron Zahn"

Well, again.....I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year....stay safe and God Bless !

Linda and little Gabi in Washington state


Thursday, December 28, 2006

WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT #145: 2007 Resolutions

Weekend Assignment #145: 2007 Resolutions from John at:

My 2007 New Year's resolution is the same as it's been for at least 15 years, and that's not to make one.  I guess I don't handle personal failure very well.      :)

However, I will try.... to the best of my ability to work harder at loosing weight, reaching out to those less fortunate and enjoying life.    Linda


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford Dies

A TV Special Report just announced the death of Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.  He served this country as president from 1974 thru 1977.  He was 93 years old.   You can read more about former President Ford at;  or at; 

My deepest sympathy to his family..........Linda

Monday's Photo Shoot: Loot !

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Loot!

Since it is Christmas today, and many of you are, you know, busy, I thought I'd make this a dead simple Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of a present you've received during the holidays. Should be pretty easy, right?  From John at;

This is my all time favorite.......GIFT CARDS from some of my favorite places; Half Price Books, Tully's Coffee, Regal Cinema (about 4 blocks from my house), Trader Joe's, Wal mart, Applebee's and then some cash to spend where ever I want.  What more could a girl ask for?


Monday, December 25, 2006

Monday December 25, 2006

For unto us is born……a Savior...


Merry Christmas & God bless us,  everyone !

Linda and Gabi in Washington

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Family's Wish For You and Yours.

My Family's Wish For You

We made this little video Friday night at our family Christmas Party, in the clubhouse here at the mobile park where I live.  Jim had already left for work so he wasn't there. We did not rehearse (I'm sure that's evident) And no one could remember the second verse so we did the first verse over again.  Very unorganized, but the wish is sincere.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from the great state of Washington.   Linda

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #99


Photo Scavenger Hunt #99 will be due on Sunday, December 24, at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject for this week is: ANYTHING CHRISTMAS.  From Krissy.

Well, my entry is sort of stupid I guess but to me..... it's a "good thing" as Martha Stewart would say.  The last of the Christmas wrap headed to storage for another year.  I've already put away one of those "under the bed storage" containers full of wrapping paper (actually I have two of those things but only bring one in each year) This box of wrap is what won't fit into either of the two storage containers.  That's it !   Linda

Taking It Easy...Saturday

We had such a fun time at our family dinner Friday afternoon.  My son, Jim was there for a short while as he had to be to work at 6pm for a 12 hour shift.  He works his 12 hour shift again tonight and then is off until Tuesday at 6pm. You can see in the picture, there is quite a scar left where his face got cut in the Thanksgiving Day car accident.  It's very hard and there is still a lot of swelling in his broken nose in the same area.  I hope with time....that the scar disappears.  We sorely missed my youngest niece, Janna, who was supposed to be home Thursday night.  She's going to graduate school in Denver and well...she's stranded there by heavy snow that shut down the airport.  She called my brother while we were eating and said that she was leaving Denver this morning, riding with a couple friends, heading for Salt Lake (about a 6 hour drive normally) and will get a plane from there.  She hasn't been home for a long time, and is desperate to have a few days with her mom & dad & sisters.  I believe she has to be back to work in Denver, Dec 29th so will only have a few short days.  Janna is the only one of my 3 nieces that is still single.  The other two are married and each have two children.  Becky and Ritchie are parents to Christopher and Callie Rose and Jill and Lance have two little girls...Lindsey and Ella. 

We had another celebration last night too...December 22nd was the 34th wedding anniversary of my brother and sister-in-law.  They were married in her home town of Santa Barbara, Calif.  I wondered for years why I wasn't at their wedding and I finally figured it out a few years back. It was the dead of winter for one thing, and our son Jim was only 16 months old.  I guess my former husband and I figured it was just too much to make a 2,400 mile round trip in the winter months with a toddler.  I know my folks drove down, taking daughter Julie with them. She was 11 years old and was much easier to travel with.  She had the time of her life...she caught the "bride's bouquet" and got to go to Disneyland for the 1st time with grandma and grandpa.

I use the clubhouse here at the mobile park where I live for these family events.  It has a full kitchen, so I do the actually cooking right there.  I just have to remember to take everything with me. I use disposable plates, but my tableware, serving dishes, cooking pans, etc.  so after the mess was all cleaned up, the table ware, etc washed.. we brought all the left-overs, etc back to my house. Last night I was able to put all that away, already washed and dried.  My two grand angels and friend Bob helped load and unload the car.  Then since the evening was calm and clear...we headed for a local park to take the  two and a half mile drive thru "Fantasy Lights." There are 300 displays set up by area companies and schools to entertain the public. This has been an annual event from Thanksgiving thru December 31st since 1994.  The first year there were only 38 it's really grown.  I took a few short videos (my 3.2 mp camera did not take good pictures of this) and I'll include them in postings in the next few days. After hot fudge sundaes at Mc Donald's the kids were deposited at their house , I came home and collapsed.  I was a very tired old lady !!  But what a wonderful afternoon/evening we had.  I asked son Jim to come over either Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day to open his gifts and eat left overs.

I thought I was home free and would not have to make anymore trips to any store today or tomorrow...well, after taking stock in both bathrooms...I do have to go to the store. For a package of a necessary bathroom item.  Can you believe that?  Out on this busy weekend for toilet paper ?!?!  Unbelievable !!    Until next time......Linda


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sunny Thursday Morning

Last night we did get another wind storm, it woke me up just a little after midnight, like last week.  There was a lot of crashing and banging outside...I don't know exactly what it was, unless it was the roof on my neighbors carport. Anyway, it brought back memories of last Thursday night and was a little scary.  Even Gabi seemed a little restless during the night.

I got the following from a friend and wanted to share it with all of you.  Be sure and turn up your sound.

Try this clever web site, which originated in Australia, and turn up the sound. It's also very informative. Just click once on the link below and give 'er time to load.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday Evening

Just a quick entry before I go in and do the dishes for the day.  I'm thru working for this week...the 3 days I worked seemed like two weeks.  I don't go back until next Tuesday and then I just work Tuesday and Wednesday and then I'm off again until January 2nd. 

Thursday will be a busy day, getting stuff together for my family Christmas dinner late Friday afternoon.  Plus I need to talk to the insurance adjuster about getting my porch roof replaced.  I had one fellow come this evening and give me an estimate and since he's the only one that's called me back, I guess if the insurance company agrees...I'll go with him.

My house is a mess...stuff everywhere,  it looks like a bomb went off in here....hopefully I can get it all straightened up this weekend.  Of course I can put all the Christmas wrap, etc. away so that will help.

Speaking of Christmas stuff...I continue to get the most beautiful cards, many from my journal-land friends.  Thank you all so much for your holiday wishes.

Well, it's off to the kitchen to wash up the dishes.  And straighten it up a little, I hate to get up in the morning and face a messy kitchen.    Take care and until next time....Linda

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Morning

The weather is changing....they are predicting rain later today and for tomorrow.  We've been down in the 20's each morning for several days now with sun during the day.  But this morning it's 36 degrees and again...showers coming this morning.  PLUS...later tonight and tomorrow the wind is going to pick up to 15-30 miles per hour.  The wind and rain is predicted to last thru the weekend.   (Arizona in the winter months is looking better and better all the time)

I wanted to share the following web site with you and hope everybody has a wonderful Tuesday.

Search teams are scheduled to be on Mt Hood again today looking for the two climbers that remain missing.   The one man was found dead in a snow cave and they are saying there is a possibility that the other two men were swept to their deaths in an avalanche.  How sad for all involved...the waiting family's and those risking their lives to search.  After today they expect the weather to get bad again, so they feel this may be the last day they are able to continue to search the mountain.

I'm off to get ready for work and that includes a shower with my new shower gel.            Linda

Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa' Real Name Is Sandra

This evening after I parked the car under my car port, I strolled out to the mailbox.  A package was in there, from England, from Sandra. Then I came in the house and got on the computer as I was going thru the mail and there was an email from Sandra saying she sent me a package did I get it I opened the package on the spot.  I was thrilled  to get some Marks & Spencer Body Wash.  She remembered me whining when I got home from my Alaska cruise that when we stopped in Victoria, B.C. I went to the Mall where there used to be a store that sold Marks & Spencer items.  In years passed, when I would visit Victoria.... I would buy many containers of the body wash and lotion from Marks & Spencer.  But this last August...I found the little shop was gone and I didn't have time to keep looking thru the whole town.  So I came away, disappointed.  This precious gift all the way from England is such a thrill.  And it smells divine.  It's their "Royal Jelly and Pure Honey for skin nutrition."  Thank you again Sandra,  I'll use it sparingly and make it last for a long time.        Until next time........Linda

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some More Storm Pictures

Hi there, I got these pictures from a friend of mine here locally.  As I drove around town today doing what needed to be done, I so so much damage.  Trees tipped over, branches of all sizes laying everywhere. It's amazing.  It looks almost like a battle zone in some neighborhoods.  I have filed a claim with my insurance company but there is so much damage everywhere, I'm afraid it may take months to have my roof replaced.  My neighbor told me that a friend of his is a carpenter with his own business and that he'd ask his friend to come by and take a look and see if he'll give me an estimate. I'd like to get it fixed quickly because the porch is carpeted and it's soaking wet.  I'm afraid the wooden porch underneath the carpet will get water soaked too. And then start rotting. I sure don't want to replace that huge porch.

Anyway, I'm all done shopping.  I may go to the store Thursday and get fresh vegetables for Friday's dinner and some more milk but other than that...I'm done.  Now if I could just get the engry to get the presents wrapped. 

I keep getting so many beautiful Christmas cards for my J-land friends.  Thank you all...they are so nice.   Until next time......Linda

Saturday Morning Hello !

Just dropping in to say hi.  I slept in too long this morning (I guess that 3 or 4 hours of sleep Thursday night, during the storm, caught up with me) and I'm like 2 hours behind. I want to get to the grocery store and finish my Christmas meal shopping.  I'm cooking my family dinner Friday (December 22nd) afternoon.  And I have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and surely the stores will be packed Thursday.  If I can get it all done today then I can relax and wrap gifts in between working the rest of the week. Our weather has really calmed down...thousands are still without power and the clean up of branches, etc continues.  At least the weather is cooperating this weekend. Bob and his son-in-law came by yesterday afternoon and removed the big piece of my former porch roof from the roof of my house. It's so huge and heavy I was amazed that it landed up there.  It still even had it's gutter attached.  Thankfully it didn't come thru any windows or hurt anyone in any way.   Here's our mild forecast from KOMO TV, that I received earlier this morning.   Happy Saturday,  Linda


" Dear Linda,
Mostly cloudy skies today with highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s. A nice calm day to start the big clean up.

Tonight lows will drop again to the upper 20s to lower 30s. Sunday is we even get a few more sunbreaks for the afternoon.

Clouds will increase late in the day on Monday with a few showers showing up by Tuesday. Highs will climb to the mid 40s by midweek.

Showery weather as we head into the weekend. Right now it looks like a traditions Christmas here in western Washington with soggy skies for Santa. more...
KOMO 4 Weathercaster Theron Zahn"


Friday, December 15, 2006


Since my post earlier this morning I found out my neighbor to the west of me had one Douglas Fir trees fall on his house and another fell into his back yard on his dog kennel.  Fortuantely, he was at his girlfriend's house along with his dogs and none of them were injured.  It's now 9:45am, the wind is still blowing and it's bitter cold out there.  I'm hearing reports of snow up in the Sequim, Port Angeles area (the north Olympic Peninsula part of Washington.)  Port Angeles is across the Straits of Juan de Fuca from Victoria, British Columbia.  Anyway, I still feel fortunate to have power and am blessed that no one was injured (although Gabi was as terrified as I was during the night.) Neither one of us got much sleep. family Christmas dinner is a week away and one of my tasks today is to get out there and get the shopping done.  So that's what I'm going to do.   Until next time...........Linda in wild & windy Washington

69 Miles Per Hour

That was the highest sustained wind in my area during the night.  I didn't loose power....the big cedar tree didn't fall on the house.....BUT I did loose the roof covering my big front porch.  About midnight...the most awful noise I've ever heard. It's wood framed with the fiberglass panels....all gone.  Well, not all gone, part of the framework is still there and one panel remains unharmed and then there one ( a metal panel) that's still partially attached but bent backward and it kept pounding on the remaining framework all night. It was so eerie to look out and see the heavy rain pounding on my kitchen window.  That's never happened before.  It still dark, but after it gets light I'll take some pictures and post them. I never did hear from Bob again last night.  I tried calling him on his cell phone but it just rang & rang.  His daughter and son-in-laws house is pretty much surrounded by big trees. And when I talked to him about 9:15pm, he said his daughter had taken their little guy and gone to her in-laws house for the night...they have no trees around their house.  Bob's house is also surrounded by fir he may find his place squished like a grape when he gets out there.  His house is out across the Narrows Bridge about 25 miles.  Meanwhile, I'm going to go read the paper and decide what to do next.  At least I don't have to go to work today.  Susan is still sleeping but doesn't have to be to work until 9am.

About a million homes/businesses with out power in the Pacific Northwest,  at this moment according to KOMO TV in Seattle. I feel blessed to have power..........

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Night

It's very stormy here already.  It started about 4pm this afternoon.  My co-worker Susan, started home (about a 35 mile drive) and did not get very far before the rain was coming down so hard she couldn't  see to drive.  She pulled over and called me and asked if she could come here instead of making her long drive home.  So we've had dinner, watched a movie (The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain) and now we are heading towards bedtime.  Bob is stranded up at his daughter and son-in laws place in Enumclaw.  He didn't want to chance driving back down to town after helping them around their house today. It seems to get worse up in that area.  Anyway, Gabi and I will sleep in my spare room and I changed the sheets and am letting Susan have my room.  She does have to get up and go to work in the morning.   I'll let everybody know Friday how we did.  The worst wind is predicted about 2am.  Anyway, I'm turning my computer totally off now.  Hopefully that big cedar tree in my front yard won't be laying on top of it in the morning.   Until next time..Linda

Another Stormy Day

The early morning news shows trees toppled, big surf,downed power lines, even a plane having a difficult time landing at Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport.  Apparently it's going to be worse today.  Again, I'm off to work today then I'll be off until Monday. 

I've been getting Christmas cards everyday..many from's so fun to get cards from my dear AOL Journal friends across the seas.  Thank you all.

Have a good's the latest weather email from KOMO TV in Seattle;

"Dear Linda,
Today begins with light wind and then rain increases during and it gets breezy with a SE wind @ 10-25 mph.

A HIGH WIND Warning is in effect for all of western Washington for Later this afternoon into Friday morning.

The forecasting models have been surprisingly consistent in both the general strength and track of this new storm. There are a few minor differences, but every model we have is on the same page, and any of the scenarios painted now lead to strong wind.

What they're showing is a very deep area of low pressure (roughly 28.64" for central pressure) that is forecast form and move across the northwestern tip of Washington and/or southern Vancouver Island around Thursday evening. As long as the track is somewhere in that vicinity and passes to the north of Seattle, but not too far north, that classic recipe for a strong windstorm in Western Washington, so this really bears watching.

The first place to get the wind will be the coast and Northwest Interior, which usually gets a "pre-storm" southeast wind. The wind will pick up around midday and early afternoon and gust to around 45-50 mph. Once the storm approaches and passes the coast in the late evening, winds will shift to the southwest and pick up in all areas.

Timing for the winds to increase in the Seattle area will be somewhere between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. (models are still a little uncertain on the storms exact arrival.) Although it will get very breezy later this afternoon.

Winds will pick up quickly and blow sustained 40 mph gusting as high as 65 mph through the night and into Friday morning. This is for everyone. Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham, Olympia, foothills, south, west, east, north -- everywhere. (We've had a lot of people ask about what to expect at Qwest Field for the Seahawks game.

The odds are decent that the severe winds will hold off until after the game ends -- might be a windy drive home though. And in the interim before the wind arrives, it will be absolutely pouring. So rain will probably be a larger factor than the wind.)

Saving the highest gusts for last A third wrinkle comes as the storm passes to the east of the I-5 corridor. A very strong push of west wind is expected in the storm's wake for the coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca.

It is possible to see winds along the coast, northern Olympic Peninsula (Port Angeles, Sequim, Pt. Townsend) and Whidbey Island of 40-60 mph with gusts as high as 80 mph -- maybe even a touch higher in strong gusts. So people in these areas need to really be cautious and take precautions now. (Whidbey Island would be at the end of that rush of wind coming down the Strait).

The rain and winds will stick around through Friday morning, then begin to taper off through the day, leaving scattered showers in the wake. Some of those showers could be pretty heavy though, and would not be surprised to see more thunderstorms and even some hail. Temperatures will cool through the day to the mid 40s as cooler air moves in behind the front.
Updated Thursday 4:25 a.m. more...
KOMO 4 Weathercaster Jim Castillo"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


First of all I was saddened to hear that Peter Boyle, the actor that played the father on "Everybody Loves Raymond" passed away at the young age of 71.  I always loved that show and still enjoy the reruns.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Today was a very interesting day weather wise.  I didn't have any trouble getting to work but I made it just in the nick of time. Within 10 minutes after I got into the building, it just poured rain and with the wind blowing, the rain was sideways and upside down. (Well, not upside down but it was awful) It was pounding so hard on the big windows of our office, we actually opened up the mini blinds so we could see it coming down. I looked out once, later in the morning and the sun was shining for about 10 minutes and then it proceeded to rain and blow the rest of the day.  Plus the temperature has dropped from a mild 50 degrees this morning to just under 40 degrees this evening.  There were several scary stories on the news tonight about what happened as a result of the wind today.  Several trees fell over on houses (no one was hurt, however) and the scariest...a big Douglas Fir tree fell across a school bus full of little kids up near Auburn, today.  Thankfully none of the kids or the driver were hurt. The driver called it a real miracle.   So what's next?   Well, here's my latest email from KOMO TV in Seattle.

" Dear Linda,
If today or Thursday happens to be your garbage day, you might want to check with your neighbors -- or perhaps the next county over -- to find where you trash can went.

After gusts around the greater Seattle area nearing 50 mph today, an even stronger storm is on the way for Thursday evening and Friday. Gusts could generally be around 65 mph, but there are some spots that could see over hurricane-force winds. More on that below.

In the short term, we'll continue to see winds gusting as high as 50 mph early (Boeing Field just had a 48 mph gust at 4 p.m.) and then winds will slowly taper off overnight. Otherwise, scattered showers with lows near 40.

Thursdaybegins with scattered showers, and then rain increases during the afternoon as the storm moves in.

A HIGH WIND WATCH is in effect for all of western Washington for Thursday evening through Friday morning.

The forecasting models have been surprisingly consistent in both the general strength and track of this new storm. There are a few minor differences, but every model we have is on the same page, and any of the scenarios painted now lead to strong wind.

What they're showing is a very deep area of low pressure (roughly 28.64" for central pressure) that is forecast form and move across the northwestern tip of Washington and/or southern Vancouver Island around Thursday evening. As long as the track is somewhere in that vicinity and passes to the north of Seattle, but not too far north, that classic recipe for a strong windstorm in Western Washington, so this really bears watching.

The first place to get the wind will be the coast and Northwest Interior, which usually gets a "pre-storm" southeast wind. The wind will pick up around midday and early afternoon and gust to around 45-50 mph.

Once the storm approaches and passes the coast in the late evening, winds will shift to the southwest and pick up in all areas. Timing for the winds to increase in the Seattle area will be somewhere between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. (models are still a little uncertain on the storm's exact arrival.)

Winds will pick up quickly and blow sustained 40 mph gusting as high as 65 mph through the night and into Friday morning. This is for everyone. Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham, Olympia, foothills, south, west, east, north -- everywhere.

A third wrinkle comes as the storm passes to the east of the I-5 corridor. A very strong push of west wind is expected in the storm's wake for the coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca.

It is possible to see winds along the coast, northern Olympic Peninsula (Port Angeles, Sequim, Pt. Townsend) and Whidbey Island of 40-60 mph with gusts as high as 80 mph -- maybe even a touch higher in strong gusts. So people in these areas need to really be cautious and take precautions now. (Whidbey Island would be at the end of that rush of wind coming down the Strait).

The rain and winds will stick around through Friday morning, then begin to taper off through the day, leaving scattered showers in the wake. Some of those showers could be pretty heavy though, and would not be surprised to see more thunderstorms and even some hail. Temperatures will cool through the day to the mid 40s as cooler air moves in behind the front.

We calm down to just cool showers for Saturday and they drier weather for Sunday and Monday. Hopefully by then, you'll have found your garbage can...or at least you'll have a late addition to your Christmas list :)

Updated Wednesday 5:10 p.m. more...
KOMO 4 Weather Producer Scott Sistek"


It woke me up off and on all night....the wind.  I was afraid the roof of my house would come off......or like Dorothy...the whole house would be lifted up and go sailing only to land in the Land of Oz.   I'm so surprised there's power this morning, usually when it blows like that the power goes out.  So...I'm going to get off of here quick, go make my toast and head for the shower.  Then off to work...I have to work a 9 hour shift today, alone with no one to even give me breaks...oh well, I guess I'll survive.  Have a wonderful Wednesday, until later..Linda  

Here's the latest from KOMO TV in Seattle;

Dear Linda,
Updated 4:20 am

Today another rainy and windy storm moves in and a Wind Advisory has been posted for the entire area around Puget Sound from 6 am until noon for a South wind @ 20 to 35 with the strongest gust up to 50 mph. This includes Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Bellingham, Bremerton, The San Juans, Whidbey Island…..

Other Storm Advisories/Warnings for Today:

High Surf Advisory today and tonight along the coast again. Seas 20 to 22 ft. today and up to 30 ft. tonight.

Gale Warning is in effect for all Waters.

Heavy Snow Warning for the Cascades. The snow level will drop from 4,000 ft to 2,500 ft. 1 to 2 feet today into tonight. Snow Advisory for the Olympics.

Avalanche Warning for the Olympics and the Cascades. High danger of Avalanches mainly around 3,000 ft and above.

Another Big Punch coming Thursday evening into Friday morning. The forecasting models are warning of a potentially very strong wind event with the third storm coming in late Thursday and into Friday. A High Wind Watch has already been issued for the Coast and NW Interior for Late Thursday and Thursday Night.

This has the potential to be the strongest windstorm we've seen this year...and possibly in several years. Forecasting models today have the storm's center coming into western Washington around Forks and then moving northeast to about Vancouver. That is the bad scenario for getting strong winds around here. And with the forecasted strength of the storm, it could bring damaging winds to all areas.

Timing on this would be the coast and North Interior would start to get windy late Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening, and then the winds would roll through the Puget Sound area in the early pre-dawn hours of Friday morning.

Expect rain with the wind and highs in the 40s.

Once that storm passes, we go into a very cool and showery pattern for the weekend. Snow levels will be dropping down fairly low -- around 500 feet-ish, but not too much moisture to work with, so might see a few rain/snow showers but nothing anywhere close to the snow event of late November.
Friday into early Saturday would be the day some area could see a mix at lower levels. Something else we will be watching . Highs will only be in the upper 30s/low 40s both weekend days, with lows near freezing.

**So you've got a good two-day head start here to at least get prepared for possible power outages and other problems with wind. Best to make sure you have a full tank of gas and have your flashlights and batteries at the ready. Remember that candles should not be used as an unattended source of light due to fire hazards, and make sure any generators are ventilated. We see stories every year of carbon monoxide poisoning with people using grills or generators indoors. Some Great advise from the KOMO Weather Team. more...
KOMO 4 Weathercaster Jim Castillo

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Good Tuesday Morning.   Yes..another storm.  Monday's weather here in the great Pacific Northwest left much to be desired.  I think there might have been 15 minutes during the whole day when it wasn't pouring rain along with strong winds.   I came home after work to feed Gabi, turn the porch light on, close the blinds etc. before I drove back to the Back Pain Seminar at 6pm.  It was lightly sprinkling when I left home but by the time I drove the approximately 8 miles to the seminar was pouring rain and the wind was blowing it sideways.  This particular facility has a huge parking lot to walk thru, in order to get to the entrance and when I was home I'd freshened my makeup, re-combed my hair, etc.  I got out of the car and my hair immediately was blown in every direction but I did grab my umbrella and the stuff I needed for the seminar and trekked across the parking lot into the building.  I keep a few things in a container in the back seat of my car, so grabbed a hair brush and took it in with me. Unfortunately, only about half the people that had registered showed up (no doubt because of the weather) and I felt a little sorry for the physician who gave up his evening at home with his family to come out and speak to such a small group. But, everyone there was very attentive and had numerous questions after he was through. So I think it was a success. 

Well, I'm off to work again this rained and blew all night. And according to the email I got from Seattle's KOMO TV this morning, it's not going to change anytime soon.    Have a good Tuesday........Linda


"Dear Linda,
Our latest wind storm is moving out and we get a tiny break from the wild winds.

This morning is still very breezy with temperatures in the 40s and scattered showers.
Today we will see showers and sun breaks from time to time and highs near 50. A Breezy South wind @ 10 to 25 mph.

Wednesday another rainy and windy storm moves in and a Wind Advisory has been posted for the Coast and Northwest Interior for the strongest gust to 50 mph. Around Seattle expect a SW wind @ 20 to 30 mph and highs near 50.

The forecasting models are warning of a potentially very strong wind event with the third storm coming in late Thursday and into Friday. It depends on the track of the low. Some computer models take the low to our South which would not be as bad as expected. This will bear watching, and of course, we'll be doing just that. But expect rain and wind again, with highs in the 40s and lower 50s.

Once that storm passes, we go into a very cool and showery pattern for the weekend. Snow levels will be dropping down fairly low -- around 500 feet-ish, but not too much moisture to work with, so might see a few rain/snow showers but nothing anywhere close to the snow event of late November.

Friday into early Saturday would be the day some area could see a mix at lower levels. Something else we will be watching . Highs will only be in the upper 30s/low 40s both weekend days, with lows near freezing.

Updated Tuesday 4:20 a.m. more...
KOMO 4 Weather caster Jim Castillo"


Sunday, December 10, 2006


I got this from Kathy who got it from Barbara who got it from Val.  I think that's how it went anyway....


1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?  Both, it depends on the gift and the receiver.

2. Real tree or artificial?   I have a four and a half foot artificial tree that I keep completely decorated all time.  After the holidays, I wrap plastic around it and put it in my storage shed. That way if anyone wants a "Christmas in July" party...they can borrow my tree.  Just bring it in and plug it's ready to go.and the new room isn't finished yet. 

3. When do you put up the tree?  As soon as I get enough energy to move everything out of the storage shed so I can get to it.

4. When do you take the tree down?  I leave it up until after my birthday...maybe taking it down by the second week of January.

5. Do you like eggnog?  I buy the ready made eggnog (light) and mix it half and half with 1% milk. YUM !!!!! And a little splash of it is really good in cocoa.

6. Favorite gift received as a child?  When I was about five years old..I got a beautiful doll house, a kid sized ironing board, a play iron...I think they were trying to get me ready to be a house wife. Unfortunately I was only one for about 12 years.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? I have several and I love's just in my smaller house I don't have a place to put them all out.

8. Hardest person to buy for?  There is one person, who I choose not to name.

9. Easiest person to buy for?  My grand daughter.

10. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards?  I love to send out Christmas cards...start them shortly before Thanksgiving. Biggest ordeal of Christmas cards are the letters to out of town relatives and friends.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?  I can't remember ever getting a bad gift. I got a bad birthday gift once but that's another story.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (have a Holly Jolly Christmas)

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I shop all year long, if I'm out and around and see something that looks appropriate for a person on my list I get it.  For instance I got some of my shopping done on my Alaska cruise last August.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?  yes....I'm sorry. Only did it because of lack of finances.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?  Turkey, dressing, green bean casserole but that's not what I'm fixing this year.

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?  I love both on the tree.  My little tree has 200 lights on it.

17. Favorite Christmas song(s)?  "Mary Did You Know" (thanks to Mark Lowry for that one) And of course all the old traditional carols sung at church.  Least favorite Christmas song?  "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."  It was funny until I became a grandma. LOL

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?  I will be at home for Christmas.  The only traveling would be locally.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?  "On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, on Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen!"... and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Dixie

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?  White Lace Angel

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?  Well, I don't know ...this year my family dinner will be on Friday December 22nd.  If I get any gifts, I'll save one for Christmas morning for sure.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?  Nothing...I love it all.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color?  I love ornaments that have the country look, rocking horses, old fashioned train cars, angels, snowmen.....I love them all.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner?  Turkey and all the trimmings...but this year I'm cooking a spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, cranberries (they're good with ham, too) and various salads.  Dessert ? I haven't decided yet.  I'm not a pumpkin pie fan, so it won't be that for sure.

25. Do you have Jesus in your heart this Christmas?  Yes, that's best gift of all, one that's free....Salvation thru Jesus Christ.   I asked Him into my heart when I was 8 years old...that was over 55 years ago.        


What Santa Does In His Free Time

Visit the following site and log on to do a little "Elf Bowling."   It's actually quite fun.  Be sure and turn your sound up before you start bowling.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Movie

The movie was a cute one...again two girls heartbroken over lost loves.  One in Los Angeles, the other in Surry England.  The one in Los Angeles decides to leave town for a couple weeks during the Christmas holidays.  She goes on line and finds a lovely little home in Surry advertised in a "House Exchange" internet ad.  They email back and forth and decide to trade houses. That's all I'm going to say, other's a sweet story and brought a tear or two as I recognized similar situations in my own life both past and present......and that it's strictly a "chick flick."  The guys won't like it (although there were a few men in the theater, no doubt brought there unwillingly by their wives or girlfriends.)  Now it's dark and I'm starving, ready to warm up some left overs for dinner tonight.  Hope everyone had a good more day off and it's back to work. Monday will be another long day for me...I have to work a "Back Pain" seminar from 6-8:30pm after working my regular 7a-3:30pm shift.  At least this one is in town and not across the bridge.  Although I hate to use the gas to come home and then go clear back across town to the hospital for the seminar. Speaking of gas...the prices are going up again.  I paid $2.39 a gallon the other day for regular unleaded.

Ok, until next time........Linda

Saturday Off To The Movies

Yesterday, I got so much done...I made it to Wal Mart and Costco and was back home in 2 hours !!!  Almost unheard of this time of the year.  The trick to my success (I think) was the time of day..I left home at 3pm and believe it or not, there were not big crowds at either store because it was a work day for most and they were all still working.   Both stores are approximately 12 miles from my home and I stayed off the freeway (I could see it was stop and go traffic) so I think that helped too. 

So today Barbara and I are off to the movie.  We are going to see "The Holiday" with Carmen Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black (oh, he's such a cutie).  This is a story of two women, one in Los Angeles and the other in England who exchange houses for the hoilidays to get a new lease on their lives.  Both women suffer a bit of culture shock at first but then settle into their new temporay lives.  Of course a romantic comedy would not be complete  without men coming into the picture.   Thus  the roles played by Jude Law and Jack Black.  Of course the movie critics only give it 3 stars but that's because it's not action filled with buidlings and cars blowing up.  I've been seeing the previews for months and Barbara and I are sure it's going to be an enjoyable movie.  We sort of made a more blood & guts movies for awhile. It's too hard on the blood pressure.   LOL  

It's been sprinkling here all morning but now at noon the sun is out and shining brightly.  You just never know what the weather is going to be from hour to hour here in the northwest.  The temperatures has been holding right around the 40 degree mark for several days now.

I've also noticed the last couple days...the big Air Force planes from the local airbase are really doing alot of touch & go's.  When they come over my house they are 200-300 feet off the ground.  Most times I don't even hear them but when they come over every few minutes, you begin to notice.  Usually there are 3 or 4 of them up at a time...all in a row.  I live about one and half miles from the end of their runway. so when they are practicing I really hear it.   Two of them have gone over just while I was writing this paragraph.   I really don't mind it unless it's late at night and I have to get up and go to work in the morning. However,  I know they need to practice in all kinds of conditions so they can do their job when the time comes.  

Well, it's almost time to leave for the theater so until next time............Linda

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Will The Papers Even Mention It ?

It seems every year the remembrances get put farther back into the local newspaper, if there are any at all.  Will it be mentioned on the evening news ?  Watch and see....look at your calendars in your homes...does it mention what happened 65 years ago on that sunny Sunday morning ?   I only have one calendar in my house that mentions "Pearl Harbor Day."  And that's one that came from Hawaii.  I bet the people over there remember....thousands of men and women lost their lives because of what happened that day.  God help us to never forget. I was a month from being born that Sunday morning and 6 months later it took my dad away from my mother and I, when he went into the Army.  He returned safely but many didn't.  Again.....God help us to never forget.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The pictures are back

I was able to get into my Monday Decmber 4th entry, regarding my daughter's birthday and put the pictures back into it.  If you have a moment, hop back a couple days and see what a little cutie came into my life on December 4, 1961.

Monday, December 4, 2006

They've all disappeared

As I look thru prior entries I see all the pictures I've posted in the last four or five days are gone. I've looked clear back into my November entries...gone...they're all gone!   Has that ever happened before?  What's the deal ?

Where Did They Go ?

I see the pictures I put in my entry for my daughter's birthday have disappeared.  Also for the second time...the sunset picture for Sunday afternoon has disappeared.  WHAT'S GOING ON ???????????

Monday Morning Question


Fruitcake.  Delicious or doorstop?

What's your answer?  Krissy at;

Linda's answer;  I love it made from my mom's recipe.  I made some a few weeks back, it will be ready in a couple weeks.  It has rum "flavoring" not the real stuff.  I really believe that's why people don't like it, because often times it's soaked in booze and the alcohol gives it a weird bitter taste. 


Sunday, December 3, 2006

December 4, 1961

I have to do this entry tonight as I have to go to work in the morning.  Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to wish my daughter a very happy birthday.  It's appropiate that this year...45 years later... her birthday falls on a Monday, the day of the week she was born.   She was born on my dad's 48th birthday and for many years  (28 to be exact) they shared a birthday cake.  My grandmother (my dad's mom) was born on December 11th, so until she passed away the three of them had one family party.  My grandma and my dad were both railroad emplyees and Julie loved several years there were cakes with little trains and horse pastures decorating their tops.  One year after Julie was married, her husband was working a lot of overtime and he asked if she'd mind ordering her own cake and then he'd pick it up.  So she stopped in at the local bakery department to order the cake.  The lady asked her what she wanted it to say and after a moment she said "write across the top..Happy Birthday Queen Julie."  Boy did we get a chuckle out of that and her husband was surprised when he picked it up.

Anyway, happy birthday daughter dear and I hope you have many more.    Love Mom

Another Beautiful Sunset

It's just barely 4:30pm and there's another beautiful sunset today.  But I also see a cloud bank down low in the western sky, so that will probably be what brings the rain that's predicted in the next day or so.  The temperature has not gone above 40 degrees on my porch today. But once again, I've gotten a lot accomplished today.  Take care........Linda

Do you feel like baking ?

If so...check out this web site;

Cold Sunday Morning

Once again it's very cold here this morning.  The thermometer on my porch is down to about 28 degrees.  But once again the day will warm up and according to my early morning weather email from KOMO TV in Seattle, rain will visit us in the next day or so.

Dear Linda,
We just have a few areas of patchy fog this morning. Most of western Washington will start the day under partly cloudy skies. Clouds will increase during the day ahead of a soggy system that will pass through tomorrow. Highs today will hit the low to mid 40s.

Cloudy skies and showers are on the way for Monday and into Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon we break back out to some sunshine.

For Wednesday through Friday we build in some high pressure and go partly to mostly sunny.

Updated Sunday 7:00 a.m. more...

KOMO 4 Weathercaster Theron Zahn

I have a very busy day today and will get on the computer off and on to read alerts, etc. Later this afternoon, or early evening I will be doing another "very special" entry.  Until then have a good Sunday............Linda



Saturday, December 2, 2006

I Was Finally Able To Clean up The Front Yard

Even though it was a cold 40 degrees this afternoon, I was finally able to get the front yard cleaned up.  It looks so much better.  I also sweep leaves from my car port and driveway, thankfully there wasn't even the slighest breeze so I was able to get all deposited into the bin without them blowing away again.  I nearly filled the yard waste recycle bin with what I cleaned up.  I took advantage of the dry weather to install my plastic Christmas soldier on the lamp post that holds my mail box.  Most of the people here in the park have either the soldiers or snowmen and I see more of them appearing every day.  I have a big red weather proof bow I'll put out there too as soon as I find it.   The sunset was so glorious tonight.  I wish I could have been down at the beach to watch the sun dip into the ocean.  It would have been cold but beautiful.   Have a good evening........Linda & Gabi too

P.S. this was my third attempt at this entry this afternoon/evening, what's going on AOL ?

A Hallmark Original Movie

For those of you in the U.S., tonight on the Hallmark Channel is the premier of a new movie called "The Christmas Card."   Their movies are always so good and family friendly.  Gabi and I will be on the couch tonight with our popcorn and apple juice watching this new Christmas movie.  Check you local newspaper or TV Guide for the time.  Here in my part of Washington state, it's on Channel 19 at 9pm.     Linda

Friday, December 1, 2006

How can she breathe ?

I was sitting at the card table working on my cards and I looked behind me and saw Gabi laying on her blanket, sound asleep with her face down on the blanket. With her little smooched in Persian face she snores at night. So, I was amazed that with her face clear down on the blanket like that, that she could even breathe.  She didn't even flinch when I took the picture.  

A Dry Friday

Hello out there...well here in my neck of the woods, the snow & ice is gone and it didn't rain today.  Tomorrow, hopefully I can get that front yard of mine cleaned up with the lawn mower.  The weather guys are saying it's supposed to stay dry for awhile now.  YIPEE !!!!!  No rain, no snow, no ice rain, no hail, no sleet !!!!!!!

It took almost two hours to do a little grocery shopping this afternoon.  Today, I shopped at Fred Meyer which is a combination store...besides groceries you can find shoes, electronics, photo processing, hardware items, furniture, a garden shop, they also sell clothes for the whole family, towels, bedding, toys, you name it....... "Freddies" usually has it.  Sort of a "one stop shopping" if you will.   Anyway the place was packed, the isles crowded and I left my list at home, to wandered up and down each isle in the grocery section so I wouldn't forget anything. 

My son, Jim had his appointment with the plastic surgeon today regarding the injury to his nose in last week's car accident.  He called me after the appointment and was thrilled to report that the doctor says he sees no need for surgery.  He examined him thoroughly and said it's still very swollen up inside there but it's not out of alignment so should heal fine on its own within 3 or 4 months.  So that's good news. 

I'm still working on those Christmas letters for the cards I send to out of town family.  The rest are done, sealed, stamped and ready to be mailed.  I'll start mailing the ones that go across the ocean the first of the week and the other ones soon after that.  Then my next project is dragging all the bags out of my closet and sort thru the items that have been purchased for Christmas gifts.  I shop all year long, as I never have a big wad of money in December to do all my Christmas shopping. Besides, if I'm somewhere and see something that looks like it would be a good gift for someone, I get it.  I may not ever come back to that store again  (Example; being in Alaska this summer, I bought several Christmas gifts there).  I've always done that unless it was clothing items for my own kids or grand kids when they were growing like weeds. Then I would wait until the end of November before I started buying those items.  Now that they are teenagers, they don't want clothes from Grandma anymore.  Gift cards work just fine for teenagers.

Well, folks my break is over.  I hope everyone had a good week and those of you in the mid-west are doing ok with the storms coming thru that area.   Take care, stay warm  and more later..........Linda

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Not Sure, But I think.....'s going to be a better commute for me this morning.  Yesterday they were predicting more of the snow/ice stuff, falling all night, then warming up slightly and turning to rain by this morning.   The hospital even cancelled the Back Pain seminar last night, and as I was calling all the people who had signed up, they all seemed relieved to have it rescheduled for a later date.  I heard the pitter patter of something about 8pm, looked out and it seemed to just be rain. So I get up this morning and the temperature is 38 degrees and all the snow in my front yard is gone.  YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!   It seems a nice south wind came in and warmed my area up, so the snow/ice fell as rain.  Now up north of here they did get some of the icky stuff and I'm sorry for them.  They are still making school closure announcements on the local morning news for areas in northern, western Washington,

Jim went back to work last night, and was supposed to work 4pm to 12:30am.  He said he'd packed a bag, because in case the weather got bad, he was going to come here and sleep.  I live about one mile from where he works and his place is 12 miles away.  He called me about 5:15pm and asked if my power was still on and I said it was.  It seems the whole business complex where he works was totally dark.  They were going to call the power company and see what was going on...certainly it wasn't weather connected as nothing was going on at that hour.  My guess was that someone ran into a power pole.  Anyway, about 6:30pm I heard a vehicle in the drive way and it was Jim.  The power company told told them, they'd get it fixed as soon as they could but all their repair people had gone home for the day, so they had to call them back into work.   So all the employees were told to go home.  He stayed for about 30 minutes and then took off for his place.  His face looks pretty good.  The steri strips are still on his cheek where it got cut open but the yellow bruising and the swelling is almost gone.  He sees the plastic surgeon about his nose on Friday. 

Well, I'm off to get ready for work...I hope everyone has a good day.  Linda

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Good Morning, it's a dark, cold winter morning here in the Pacific Northwest.  The weather guy tells us we hit a record low temperature in this area last night.....18 degrees.  The last record  lowest temperature was in 1975 when it went down to 22 degrees.  I believe most of these temperatures are measured at Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport, so some areas may be a little lower and some a little higher.

They're forecasting another nightmare commute this evening.  More snow is predicted late this afternoon and thru the night but sometime early Thursday morning it's supposed to "warm" up a little and the snow will turn to rain.  So the Thursday morning commute could be ugly and then hopefully after that it should get better.    

There are still hundreds of abandoned cars littering the highways and side roads.  And thousands of houses and businesses are still without power.  My heart goes out to those people with no power in this very cold weather. 

Well, folks have a good day....I'm off to brave the very slippery streets and get to work. Linda

P.S. I did go out in the dark and the cold last night and cover those outdoor faucets...hopefully not too late.  When it warms up, I'll know.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Please follow the link to this very important request for mail, cards and specific items requested by some of our men and women serving in the military this holiday season.  Thanks to Elizabeth for posting this very important entry.  I plan on emailing this list to people in my address book, that aren't necessarily journalers.

Here's the link to Elizabeth's entry;


It took me 50 minutes this morning to get to the office.  At no time did I go over 20 miles an hour.  The drive normally takes about 20-25 minutes.  It was ugly.  The roads I used had not been sanded as yet so were solid compact snow & ice.  Tonite the forecast is for temperatures between 12-20 degrees, so anything that melted today will be frozen in the morning.  And it just dawned on me, now that it's dark and 22 degrees out there, that I had not put the protective covers on my outside faucets.  Gosh, I hope they don't freeze and break open.  If they do, once it warms up, I'll have water spurting everywhere.  According to the weather people, Wednesday afternoon, evening and during the night will be more of what we experienced Monday night.  An ice snow storm, and guess what folks ?  I'm supposed to work at another seminar Wednesday evening.  I tried to get ahold of the person in charge of this one, to see if she planned on cancelling it but could not reach her. Hopefully she'll get ahold of me in the morning and let me know one way or the other. If it's going to be cancelled, I'll have to call the 36 people signed up for it and let them know.

The son of one of my co-workers went with some friends to the Seattle Seahawks game (in Seattle) last night on the bus.  They left from Tacoma (30 miles to the south of Seattle).  The snow started just before kick off and by the time the game was over, it was very cold and snowy.  The guys, went out and got on their bus for what should have been, at the most, a 1 hour ride.  The bus left Seattle about 10pm and they finally got into the transit center in Tacoma at 3:30am this morning.  They said it was horrendous.  There were accidents everywhere, buses, cars, trucks...every manner of vehicle in all directions on the freeway and in the ditches along the freeway.  I heard on the radio coming home tonight that the Seattle police responded to over 600 calls for aid in about a 12 hour time period.

I haven't talked to my son today, so I don't know if he's going to try and work tonight or not. I'd like to see him stay home this entire week....but since he's 35 years old...I can't tell him what to do anymore.  In other words...I'm no longer the boss of him.  LOL

Thank you all for your kind words of concern about the weather conditions here.  I actually felt a real peace as I drove (slid) into work this morning.  I knew my friends all of the US and the British Isles were thinking of me.   You're all the greatest !!!

Until next time..........Linda & Gabi too


I Gotta Go

Well, I got a call from the boss...she made it into the office and sort of suggested I should try it.  So I'm ready to go...the only thing that will save me is call saying that all non-essential employees can stay home.  I realize a hospital can't run without it's employees...but I'm not a nurse or a doctor so those of us who are non-essential should be off the roads, without a black mark on our record for an unexused absence.  So at 7:20am...I'm on my way.  Hopefully I can get there before 8am, working until 4:30pm and still get my 8 hours in today.   Again, I hope it's warmer where ever you are.....Joni and Monica, be careful going in today.   Linda


I just talked to the acting supervisor (our regular supervisor is on vacation), and she said "Linda, stay home."  I just feel very uncomfortable driving in today.  I have several good size hills that I have to go up or down in order to get to the office.  I know the road crews do their best to get them sanded but when it's like this they can't be everywhere.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to be even colder tonight, so if the sun comes out today and melts anything, it will just freeze.   Anyway, I asked the boss to call me when & if she gets into work and if she doesn't have too bad of a time I may chance it a little later in the morning.  She lives about 4 miles due east of me, so she has hills to travel, too.  She normally picks up the freeway not too far from her house, but with last night's commute still out there, she said she'll probably stay off the freeway this morning.     Again, the weird thing around here is..... that what's going on weatherwise 4 miles from here could be different than what's in my neighborhood.  You just never know.   I just heard on the news that the Narrow's Bridge is a mess this morning...I can imagine.  Bob and I drove across there once in an ice storm and big pieces of ice were falling off the cables onto the bridge deck.  They closed the bridge that day, just after we crossed.  That was about 6 years ago, the day after Christmas.  

Ok...well I think I'll take my shower and at least be ready to go in if it warms up a little.  

Here's a link to the traffic cams in Washington state.  If you have nothing to can sit and click on each little camera and see what's happening.  Of course I am writing this at 6am and it's still dark out there, but in a few hours it will be lighter.


It started snowing last night about 7pm.  Here in the mobile home park where I live, the roads, the yards & trees and anything left out and not under cover turned white very quickly and it stuck !  I probably have only about 2 inches on my yard but the problem is....the temperature dropped and the wind came up.  When I went out to get the morning paper off my porch this morning, there was snow on the north end and the south end , the only place it wasn't covered was right in the middle.   The temperature this morning is 25 degrees.

Now I'm hearing on the TV news, this is being called a flash freeze and that there are still people out there in their cars trying to get home from work from yesterday evening and from the Seahawks football game that was in Seattle last night. They've been out there all night !  Here's what KOMO TV has to say;

Dear Linda,
Updated Tuesday 4:03 a.m.

Seattle got it this time, 2” of snow that actually sticks to the ground and causes major problems on the roads. As soon as the snow fell it “Flash Freezed” and turned to sheets of ICE ! Just as we expected, snow started to fall again Monday. Heavy first on Camano Island, Whidbey Island, all the way to Marysville with widespread power outages.

The Puget Sound Convergence Zone continued to develop and spread heavy snow bands down through Seattle during Monday Evening. Snow Advisories were issued and stayed up all night in many areas.
Bellingham was on the other side of the arctic boundary so they just got the bitter cold and wind that whipped around all of the snow from Sunday.

A VERY Cold morning tops the weather headlines with most of us in the 20's, ICY roads and slick sidewalks will be a problem most of the day! It is still snowing lightly around the South Sound. Tacoma, Olympia, through the SW Interior. Expect very icy conditions.
This is the type of cold that you will want to check up on your neighbors and see if they are staying warm and see if they need anything.

Today will include clearing and a sunny, cold afternoon with highs only reaching the upper 20's and low 30's on average. We will have a North wind around 10 mph.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning the sky will be clear by then, but bitter cold overnight temperatures will drop into the teens and low 20's.

We finally moderate some during the day Wednesday, as temperatures should get up closer to 40 with a mostly sunny sky, but another weather system is heading our way for late Wednesday and Thursday, and with cold air in place, that could spell more snow potential. That should eventually change to rain Thursday afternoon.
Looks like just a few rain showers Friday, and then cold rain Saturday and Sunday with highs in the 40's.

Will it be the 0.09" we need to get over the 15.33" rain total for November that would tie the Federal Building record for wettest month ever? With the overnight system and Thursday's system we WILL be it !

KOMO 4 Weathercaster Jim Castillo

I'm going to go get ready for work...hopefully before I leave someone will call and say "stay home."  They just announced that the local schools will be closed today.  The kids get a play day, unfortunately it's way too cold to be outside playing.  Hope it's warmer where you are.....Linda