Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It woke me up off and on all night....the wind.  I was afraid the roof of my house would come off......or like Dorothy...the whole house would be lifted up and go sailing only to land in the Land of Oz.   I'm so surprised there's power this morning, usually when it blows like that the power goes out.  So...I'm going to get off of here quick, go make my toast and head for the shower.  Then off to work...I have to work a 9 hour shift today, alone with no one to even give me breaks...oh well, I guess I'll survive.  Have a wonderful Wednesday, until later..Linda  

Here's the latest from KOMO TV in Seattle;

Dear Linda,
Updated 4:20 am

Today another rainy and windy storm moves in and a Wind Advisory has been posted for the entire area around Puget Sound from 6 am until noon for a South wind @ 20 to 35 with the strongest gust up to 50 mph. This includes Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Bellingham, Bremerton, The San Juans, Whidbey Island…..

Other Storm Advisories/Warnings for Today:

High Surf Advisory today and tonight along the coast again. Seas 20 to 22 ft. today and up to 30 ft. tonight.

Gale Warning is in effect for all Waters.

Heavy Snow Warning for the Cascades. The snow level will drop from 4,000 ft to 2,500 ft. 1 to 2 feet today into tonight. Snow Advisory for the Olympics.

Avalanche Warning for the Olympics and the Cascades. High danger of Avalanches mainly around 3,000 ft and above.

Another Big Punch coming Thursday evening into Friday morning. The forecasting models are warning of a potentially very strong wind event with the third storm coming in late Thursday and into Friday. A High Wind Watch has already been issued for the Coast and NW Interior for Late Thursday and Thursday Night.

This has the potential to be the strongest windstorm we've seen this year...and possibly in several years. Forecasting models today have the storm's center coming into western Washington around Forks and then moving northeast to about Vancouver. That is the bad scenario for getting strong winds around here. And with the forecasted strength of the storm, it could bring damaging winds to all areas.

Timing on this would be the coast and North Interior would start to get windy late Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening, and then the winds would roll through the Puget Sound area in the early pre-dawn hours of Friday morning.

Expect rain with the wind and highs in the 40s.

Once that storm passes, we go into a very cool and showery pattern for the weekend. Snow levels will be dropping down fairly low -- around 500 feet-ish, but not too much moisture to work with, so might see a few rain/snow showers but nothing anywhere close to the snow event of late November.
Friday into early Saturday would be the day some area could see a mix at lower levels. Something else we will be watching . Highs will only be in the upper 30s/low 40s both weekend days, with lows near freezing.

**So you've got a good two-day head start here to at least get prepared for possible power outages and other problems with wind. Best to make sure you have a full tank of gas and have your flashlights and batteries at the ready. Remember that candles should not be used as an unattended source of light due to fire hazards, and make sure any generators are ventilated. We see stories every year of carbon monoxide poisoning with people using grills or generators indoors. Some Great advise from the KOMO Weather Team. more...
KOMO 4 Weathercaster Jim Castillo


jeanno43 said...

Glad your roof stayed put lol.  I hate strong winds, we have them here at the moment and it has also turned bitterly cold as well.  Hope work goes well, it sounds very tiring.

pharmolo said...

This sounds like our forecast lol

sonensmilinmon said...

I must've really been sleeping soundly because nothing woke me up last night. The night before I woke up a few times due to the wind and rain and I don't think it was as bad! Go figure.  We've had a few power surges this morning - we shall see if we lose power.


jlocorriere05 said...

The weather sounds bad where you are Linda. I hope the power stays on for you, and also your roof! Jeannette xx