Monday, June 30, 2008

Have You Always Wanted Your Own Fancy Outdoor Toilet?

Well, you're in luck.  The city of Seattle is getting ready to remove their 5 fancy sidewalk toilets because they have become  havens for "ladies of the evening" and drug users.  They were a great idea for tourist use but the bad apples have ruined it for everybody.  They are stainless steel looking and they self clean when you shut the door after use. 

The toilets will be removed starting August 1st and be auctioned off on eBay...each toilet will have an auction starting price of $90,000.  (that would be ninety thousand).  So count your pennies and start watching eBay in August if your in the market for an outdoor toilet. 

Warm Again But Not As Warm As Yesterday

It's in the high 80's here today, with a really nice breeze.  Last night it got overcast and the wind picked up, so I went out and mowed the front lawn a little after 8pm.  By 10pm the house had cooled off to a comfortable level.  There was a magnificent "light show" to the east of here between about 9pm & 10pm.  The thunder storms they predicted were a reality.  Fortunately it was near the Cascades, so wasn't close to here.  They are saying there may be another thunder storm tonight in the same area.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if we got a good rain fall overnight.  By Wednesday, I'll have to start my sprinkler in the back yard because the inconsiderate people who live on the other side of the fence from me, let their kids shoot fireworks over into my back yard.  And when it's dry like this, I worry about fire.

I took my P.C. into the shop today.  If it's what I think it is, it will cost $65 to fix.  Either way they will call me & let me know the damage before they complete the work.   I'm just glad I have the laptop.  They said they are attempting to get everything that was brought in thru today, fixed by Thursday afternoon because they will be closed Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I delivered a couple Avon order's while I was out today, went to the hospital pharmacy & picked up a prescription.  Usually I have them mailed to me but decided to make a trip there so I could have a chance to visit with some of my former co-workers at the family practice clinic near the pharmacy. I also stopped at the newspaper office and picked up the tickets I won for the 4th of July evening boat ride.  After reading over the information that came with the tickets....I'm not sure we'll be able to use them.  The boat departs from a totally different area from where we'll be planted along our city's waterfront.  And unless they have a shuttle running between the two places, the tickets will do us no good.  Tuesday, I will call around and see if there is a shuttle.   Also...there are raindrops on Friday's TV weather forecast.  So it's all up in the air at this point.

Starting tomorrow, July 1st there are some changes here in Washington state .  The toll on the newest Narrow's Bridge goes up by $1.00.  The bridge hasn't even been open a year yet and already they are raising the toll.  Also, the new law regarding cell phone use while driving goes into effect.  They won't stop you if your using your phone while driving, but if they observe you breaking another law or if you get into an accident, you'll get an additional $110 ticket.  And I can't find my Bluetooth thingy.  I may have to buy another one.  Although, I rarely talk on my cell phone while driving.  And another bad thing that happens tomorrow is that our gas tax goes up.  I can't remember the exact amount (I think a couple cents a gallon)  but I believe we have one of the highest gas tax rates in the U.S.  All for roads.....but yet some of the secondary roads have pot holes that a PT Cruiser would get lost in.  (Ok they're not that bad but almost....) I got $20 worth of gas today at a Valero station, regular unleaded at that station was $4.319.  I've seen it at other stations for up to $4.70.

Bob and I watched an interesting movie last night.  It was "Jack and the Beanstalk; The Real Story."  It starred Matthew Modine and was quite good actually.  So I was thinking today about some of the other stories we grew up with and what the "Real Story" movies would be like.  Consider "The Old Woman That Lived in a Shoe; The Real Story"  and "Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill; The Real Story"  and the list goes on.....(I bet Jimmy or DB could come up with some real good versions of these two childhood fairy tales.)

If you haven't already, please stop by and leave your condolences with my dear journal friend Barbara (Confessions of an Angel Waitress)...she lost her mother over the weekend.  Barbara has always been so supportive of others in JLand & now is the time for us to shower her and her family with our loving support,   God Bless you Barbara, know that we are standing with you at this time.

Well that's all for now folks....I have no more news to report at this time.   Until next time.........Linda




Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Miserable !!!

It's 94* in the living room.....I've got a big standing fan going on one side of the room and a small fan sitting on the wood stove, on the other side.  Oh and I turned the furnace summer fan on.  They are all blowing the hot air around.  The sun is hidden by the clouds that are rolling in....the TV weather guy says the hot air will be trapped by the clouds, the humidity will rise and we may have thunder storms tonight.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 80's. 

My dream for perfect weather~maximum high temperature...75*, a nice breeze, rain during the night between 12 midnight & 3am, never colder that 45*.  

Gabi has been laid out either on the kitchen floor or the wooden entry way all day.  Once again I have suggested several times that she might consider taking off her fur coat but she just stares at me.

I tried working outside earlier in a shady part of the front yard, but even that was too hot.  I did however manage to get a few of my roses dead-headed before I gave up and came back in the house. 

It's time to get out the Christmas CD's......"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....."

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.  And that it's not too hot where you are.   Until next time, Linda



Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just One Thing After Another

I was on line this morning...then logged off AOL while Bob & I went and had buffet lunch at a nearby Casino (no I didn't gamble).  After that we stopped at a couple garage sales, then he went to Wal Mart...I sat in the car with the AC going.  I came home,tried to log on and got nothing!  The monitor screen was blank, the PC was powered on so I turned it off hoping it would re-boot the unit.  Then it wouldn't turn back on. So after sending Robin a text message (like she could help me all the way in Florida)  I put out a frantic call to my son in law & grandson and after their dinner they came over. They tried in vain to get it to come on.  So they finally disconnected the millions of wires & cords going into the back of the unit and we hooked up my laptop.  Monday morning, I'll be at the P.C. repair shop and hopefully it won't cost me an arm & a leg.

My intention was to show you all what I got at the last garage sale ~for free.  The nice lady there even helped me "gather it" together.  I have pictures and will show you, when my computer is back in working order.  

It was very warm here today, too hot !!!  But don't let Bill know I was complaining...ok?   

So that's what's going on's hot & my 'puter is broke. It's a sad state of affairs.


Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Getting Hot & I'm Not Allowed To Complain

The TV weather guy claims by Sunday we'll see temperatures up to 90° (notice how I made that degree sign?) and the bad thing is Bill (justplainbill) says he doesn't want to hear me complain about warm weather so my lips are sealed. At least for today. LOL

I have accomplished very little today so far, other than making a bunch of business related phone calls, that I've been putting off.  I had 5 places I needed to call about this or that and I finally took the time to do it. Oh and I've done two loads of laundry. Oh and I vacuumed the whole house & scrubbed the floors in both bathrooms.

When it cools off a little, I'm going to go out & mow the front lawn.  The dandelions are getting tall again. The back yard is not too bad because I don't water it as much as the front one sees it if it turns brown, except the Air Force pilots going over my house all day long. 

I've had quite a few comments & emails about my eBay business.  The links to my eBay site as well as my Avon site are on my sidebar.  Under the heading "Favorite Sites." I am going to be re-listing a lot of stuff in the next few days.

Our dear friend Sugar started a new thing today in her journal. And she welcomes anyone to join in. So I will do my part.


My contribution; Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

2 cups sliced strawberries, 2 cups bite size pieces rhubarb, mix in ¼ cup Minute Tapioca, 1 ¼ cup sugar (I have used Splenda~works great) Let mixture stand for 15 minutes then scoop out into a prepared pie crust (either your own or one from the store).  Dot with 1 tablespoon butter and put top crust into place, crimping edges. Cut some vent slits in the top, sprinkle granulated sugar over the top and bake in preheated 400° oven for 45-50 minutes.  Cool and enjoy with some whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   Yummy !!!


 So easy even some of the guys could do it. This recipe is on the back of the Minute Tapioca box too.  I think I hear a strawberry rhubarb pie calling my name. 

Until next time, have a wonderful Friday evening...Linda

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Won Again !! The MS Virginia V

The 4th of July is just around the corner and the Tall Ships are coming to town for that weekend.  And the local paper ran a contest for a free boat ride on the MS Virginia V, the last of the Mosquito Fleet that ran between the many islands in our Puget Sound.  I didn't even see the entry coupon in the paper until last weekend (the deadline for entries was Tuesday June 24th) but I filled it out and sent it off in Monday's mail.  Well, the phone rang this morning and it was a nice lady from the paper informing me I had won 2 tickets for a 3 hour cruise the evening of the 4th to watch the fireworks.  Ya Hoo !!  My grand kids have indicated they want to go down to the waterfront with Bob & I this year, for the 4th of July festivities.  Bob is planning on heading down on the 3rd...parking the truck & camper, spending the night down there and then the kids & I will come down on the bus the morning of the 4th.  That way we'll have a ringside seat for all the action.  Bob & I did the same thing last year.(

But winning these "2" tickets has caused a little glitch.  Two tickets and four people.  I think what I'm going to do is use the tickets for myself  and my grand daughter.  It's her 16th birthday on the 4th and this would be a fun thing for her to remember always.  I called the ticket office and there are no more tickets available for the fireworks cruise, so I can't even buy anymore.  I called my son in law and talked with him....he's going to see how the kids feel about the situation and let me know.  If there's a problem, I'll offer the tickets to my son & his girlfriend.   I don't think Bob will care.  We've watched the fireworks from his boat in the past, so he won't mind sitting in a lawn chair on land watching them.

Right now the weather islooking favorable for the 4th of July weekend....of course that could change in a flash.  I don't want to go down there at all if it's raining.  Even going out on the boat wouldn't be fun in the rain. 

So that's my big news today.    I'm loving this new keyboard.  The mouse is sort of a nuisance because it has this button on the right side of it so magnify things and I keep hitting that button. 

I also wanted to share this link with all of you.  I've always wondered why we have a "$" sign on our keyboard but no "cent" sign.  Well, I found out the other day we do have a way to make a "cent" sign.  Did you know about this?  I didn't....see;    It's all right there.  I can now make a "¢" sign.  Be sure and use the numeric keyboard to the right ......the numbers across the top won't work. 

Have a marvy day......................................Linda

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Solution To The Energy Crisis

A solution for the energy crisis:

"OPEC is selling oil for over $135.00 a barrel.

OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7.00 a bushel.

Solution: Sell grain for $135.00 a bushel.

Can't buy it...Tough...Eat your oil."

The Double Outhouse


  ~Thanks Lynnette, I haven't seen this one for awhile~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Fixed Up With A New Keyboard & Mouse

Well, I headed over to Office Depot this afternoon and ended up with a new Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 comfort curve keyboard and high definition laser mouse. (Wow that was a mouthful!)   It's really nice, however it will take a little time getting to the "comfort curve ergonomic approved" shape of the keyboard. 

Once several years ago, I bought one of those super duper ergonomic keyboards and it actually hurt my hands worse than a regular one.  So I'm hoping this one will be easier on my poor old arthritic hands.

I went to see "Get Smart" around noon today.  It was just as goofy & silly as the old TV show.  I recommend it...but I'm not sure kids would understand the "dry comedy."  And there are just a few places where there are some slightly sexual remarks. Steve Carell and Ann Hathaway were perfect for this movie.  They were so much like Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. 

Now I'm going to go into the "cone of silence" for the evening.

P.S.  By the way~I am so far behind on alerts....yikes!!!  Please excuse me if I don't get to your journals.  And I also have tons of stuff to relist on eBay.  So will be busy on the computer for the next few days, in between my other tasks. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yup It's Shot !!

So I g guess the problemememememem is my keyboard d d d d is shot!  So a a a among all the manananany other important sosososocial obligigigigigations I haveveveve this week, I w w w w will go to Office Dedepot anand get a nenenew one. There's s s s a million of thehehem at the Goodwiwill but how do I know if they ararare any good?  I would rararahter just springngngng for a new one a a and know that it t t works and that  I'm thththe only one to use it. 

I think thisisisisis keyboboboboard hahahas a speechch impediment.

Did you get alalall thatatat ???

Pleasasasase understatand if I don't g get around to comomment in journanananals.... I needeed to get this issue correrected.




What's Going On ?

My keyboard is acting weird.  Double letters, skipping letters even though I'm pressing down on the keys.  

This keyboard came with my original computer back in about July of 1998.  So do keyboards wear out? 

I've cleaned it good with the aerosol dust remover thingy...but it's still messing up. For this entry, I've had to go back and delete or add many letters.  

Monday Morning Question

Have you been approached by a campaign worker, either paid or unpaid, about the Presidential race yet?  I'm not talking about the primaries, but the general election.  As in, have you been contacted by anybody from the Obama or McCain Camp (asking who you were voting for, or giving you information about their candidate)?   

Sorry, that this question leaves out the people in countries other then America.  I don't mean to be so AmericaCentric, but I really want to know the answer to this question!

My answer:  Yes, I had two people come to my door representing one of the presidential nominees.  I don't even know if they were for Obama or McCain.  I was in my pajamas.  I asked them to please leave, they continued.  I asked them to leave again, they finally left.  Gee wiz.

John had somebody call him on the phone from the NRA.  

What's your answer?  Has anybody contacted you yet regarding the upcoming presidential election?

*****This is not a forum to say who you are voting for!  It is merely to see if the campaigning has started yet!  I would never ask you who you were voting for!

Krissy at "Sometimes I Think."


My answer is no...not yet.  I had so many calls a couple months almost drove me nuts.  I finally asked all of them to remove my name from their lists permanently.  So there have been no more calls.   And here in the mobile home park where I live, there are signs posted at the main gate and the back gate stating that no solicitors of any kind are welcome.  So I haven't been bombarded at the door either.  And that my a good thing. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Old

Thanks to my former grade school & high school class mate, Steve, down in Arizona for this one. 


An elderly gent was invited to an old friends' home for dinner one evening. He was impressed by the way his buddy preceded every request to his wife with endearing terms such as:  Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, Pumpkin, etc.  The couple had been married almost 60 years
and, clearly, they were still very much in love.

While the wife was in the kitchen, the man leaned over and said to his host, 'I think it's wonderful that, after all these years, you still call your wife those loving pet names.'

The old man hung his head.  'I have to tell you the truth,' he said, 'Her name slipped my mind about ten years ago and I'm scared to death to ask her what it is !


Well, our friend Robin has made a Sunday morning confession.  The peanut butter cure for removing super glue ~ bogus!!!  She made it up as she was typing her comment.  She would have loved to see me sitting here last night at about 10:30 last night with peanut butter (crunchy no less) on both thumbs and pointing fingers.  LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a good one Robin,  I hope you know "pay back" when you see it !!!    LOL !

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've Got No Fingerprints

Oh, I was using some Super Glue and got it on my fingers.....what an awful feeling.  It feels like my fingerprints are gone.  I tried using nail polish remover but the two kinds I have here, have no acetone in them, so they do nothing.  At least my fingers aren't stuck together...wouldn't that be a fine kettle of fish?

The temperature is in the high 70's again here today and it's so humid.  The TV weather guys say we could possibly have "isolated"  thunder storms this evening.  In this case where is "isolated" ....this side of the state is so big, it goes all the way from the Oregon-Washington border down south to the British Columbia-Washington border to the north.  So I guess it could happen anywhere between Oregon & Canada.

Jimmy sent me a fascinating video.  It's called dueling pianos and features Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino.  It's a little long but worth the time to watch the whole thing.  Be sure and turn up your sound;


Tomorrow Bob and I are going up to the little town of Enumclaw for the first birthday party of his littlest grand child, Marin Rose.  We are both anxious to see her, her “big” brother Lance and of course their mommy & daddy.  We haven’t seen them since the end of April when we were there for Lance’s 4th birthday party.  

Monday, I’m hosting a potluck lunch for the gals that graduated from the high school I did. One nice thing about this mobile home park is that we have a nice clubhouse, with a full kitchen, that the residents can use for functions like that.  I didn’t put an RSVP on the invitation but I’ve heard from about 12 people, that they are planning on coming.  No matter how many show up it will be fun.  We did this last year and I think 11 or 12 gals came. And we had a wonderful time.  So many live out of the area and of course it is summer (at least according to the calendar) so some people are away. 


I’m thinking that Tuesday Barbara & I may try to go to the afternoon movie to see “Get Smart.”  I’ve seen lots of reviews about it and it’s supposed to be a good and even more important, funny movie.  Even the local movie critic gave it 4 stars and he hardly ever gives a movie more than 3 stars.  It's amazing to me that Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway so closely resemble Don Adams & Barbara Feldon from the TV series.


Well folks that’s all for now….hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far….until next time, Linda


Friday, June 20, 2008

Robin Showed You Hers~Now I'll Show You Mine....

..........harvest that is.   With all our cool, damp weather....nothing is doing well except the rhubarb.


these were very teeny tiny starts when I first got them. 

my tomatoes are really pathetic...not enough warm rays to make them grow, let alone turn red

But I do have flowers (can't eat flowers you say~no but they're good for the soul)


Fragrant Cloud

deep purple rhododendron

Calla Lily

several different flowers in this pot on the patio

geraniums & alyssum

So there you have it.  I may not get a bountiful harvest of bright red tomatoes like Robin down there in Florida but I got flowers !!

By the way....Happy First Day of Summer to everyone !  I hope we get some here in the Pacific Northwest however, it's up over 70* here at just after 12 noon today. But tomorrow it could be snowing........

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honor Guard Salute at "Wings of Freedom Tour 2008."

Honor Guard Salute at  "Wings of Freedom Tour 2008"

We were warned that the firing of the guns would be loud...I tried to prepare myself so I wouldn't jiggle the camera when the first volley was fired...but it didn't work.   You can see the camera jump just a little.  

A Long But Fun Day With My Grandson

Today my grandson and I ventured across the Narrows Bridge to the Narrows Airport.  The reason; the "Wings of Freedom Tour 2008."   There were supposed to be four planes but after 4 hours of waiting only three of the planes had arrived.  It was exciting to see these vintage planes circling the field as they came in for a landing. 

The first place to arrive was a B-17 Flying Fortress, the second plane was a B-25 Mitchell and finally a snappy little P-51 Mustang buzzed the field and landed.  They were also expecting a B-24 Liberator but it didn't come while we were there.  We hung around until 6pm and it was getting to be dinner we reluctantly left for home.

Among the crowd was a Tuskegee Airman and his wife.  And another Tuskegee Airman flew in on the P-51.  There was also a local multi-tribe Native American Honor Guard.  They did a 21 gun salute and a blessing of the planes.  It was a very touching ceremony.  These dear veterans travel around the area and provide Honor Guard services at funerals for local veterans.  All of them had served either in the Korean War and/or Vietnam and all had been officers.  There was also one lady, Peggy, who had been a combat nurse in Viet Nam.

Some of the pictures I've included are not that great.  It was very overcast and gloomy for most of the day. Then the sun came out with a vengeance and I actually got sunburned. I think if you look at them in the "large" format they may show up better.

The "Wings of Freedom Tour 2008" may be coming to an airport near you.  Check their web site for fly-in information; .

I'm so glad my grandson had a desire to see these planes today...because otherwise I never would have taken the time to go see them.   It was such a wonderful experience. 

I'm including a short video in the next entry....

Monday, June 16, 2008

If You Build It They Will Come

A family that lives on the outskirts of Anchorage decided to build a sturdy, colorful playground for their 3 and 4 year old sons. They lined the bottom with smooth-stone gravel all around to avoid knee scrapes and other injuries. They finished building it one evening and were very pleased with the end product.
The following morning, the mom was about to wake up the boys and have them go out to play in their new play center. This is what she saw from the upstairs window:


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday This & That

Ok, everybody sit down!  It's been sunny and beautiful here in the Pacific northwest all day !!  Is summer here, at last?  We'll see. 

Besides being Father's Day, it was also graduation day for Bob's #2 grand daughter.  I decided not to attempt the stairs at the venue where the ceremonies were held but I met them all later at our favorite Mexican restaurant across town for a celebration dinner.  Shannon is the only child of his oldest daughter, Cheryl.  They live nearby...just across the Narrows Bridge and I've been in the picture long enough to have had the privilege of watching Shannon grow from an 18 month old toddler to a beautiful 18 year old young woman.  Shannon has had a rough senior year, her beloved grandmother passed away just before school started last fall, she's had numerous health problems this year but she fulfilled all her requirements and graduated.  We are all so proud of her. 

 here she is with her Papa Bob. Isn't she beautiful ? 

Bob's grandson in Pasadena graduates this coming Wednesday in the Rose Bowl.  Oh, how we wish gas were cheaper....we'd be heading down I-5 at the crack of dawn tomorrow to be there to see him walk down the aisle.      Next June he has grand daughter #3 graduating but that will be another local ceremony like the one last June.      His grand daughter in Pasadena won't graduate until June of 2011.    And his two little ones...well they are only 4 and 1 years old now, so we may not be around when they graduate.

Like I said at the beginning, it's a picture perfect day today.  The sun is shinning, there's a slight breeze....the kind of day that makes me happy to live where I am.

I took a picture of  Mt Rainier on the way home today.  It's an obstructed view of our beautiful mountain but still a lovely sight. 

  It's hard to believe that a climber lost his life up there in the last week.  It looks so serene sitting there in the back ground.

On the way to the restaurant, I drove by the hospital where I used to work.  I was hoping to get some pictures of the rose garden but seems the roses are in a non-blooming cycle right there.  Very few were in bloom. 

 But here's a picture of the fountain out in front of one of the buildings.  I see one lone rose blooming there. 

I hope everyone has had a Happy Father's Day.  Lot's of family time complete with BBQ's, potato salad, watermelon, cake....all the good stuff dad's like. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day ~ Sunday

I just want to take this opportunity to say "Happy Father's Day" to all the dads, adoptive dads, step dads, foster dads and to the dads who have had to be both mother and dad to their kids.  Also to all the grand dads who have had, for one reason or another to raise their grandkids after raising a family of their own.  

And for those of you who have not or did not have a good relationship with your dad.....I'm sorry, I can't imagine that pain.  But have a Heavenly Father who loves you, who knows everything about you, will never leave you or forsake you and is always there for you.  All you have to do is reach out to Him.

Have a wonderful day, and give dad all the hugs and kisses he deserves.

Until  next time........Linda

I really miss my dad.  The black & white picture is of him holding me on July 4, 1942..a couple days later he went to Seattle to enlist in the U.S. Army.  He passed away on Sept 14, 1990. 


AOL Community Photo Challenge

Our June Photo challenge for FUN only, is The American Flag.  Find a flag anywhere, on a flag post, a building, painted on something....or just the red, white & blue colors.  You can even use a child's drawing as long as it has the red, white & blue colors.  I want to decorate our Challenge Journal for July 4th, so I am planning to make a quilt of all entries.  So the entry date will be different, it will start today & end on Monday the 23th of June.  This will give you an extra weekend.
Try to make your image into a square, if you can.
Post here in the comment section,  all new entries.  Try to follow guidelines...thanks~

Here's my entry.   I put this Americana bird house up for strictly decorative purposes but some little feathered creatures have moved in this spring.  I've enjoyed watching their comings & goings from my kitchen window.  Linda


Flag Day

Flag day was established to commemorate the adoption of the flag of the United States.   President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation in 1916 that officially established June 14th as Flag Day.

Although, not an official federal holiday, some organizations hold parades and events in celebration of America's national flag and all the it represents. 

Long may she wave~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do You Own An Apron?

I don't think kids would know what an apron is...


The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven.


It was wonderful for drying children's tears,
and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears.


From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs,
fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven.


When company came, those aprons wereideal hiding places for shy kids.


And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms.


Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove.


Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron.


From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables.
After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls.


In the autumn, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees.


When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.


When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch,
waved her apron, and the men knew it was time to come in from the fields for dinner.


It will be a long time before someone invents something that
will replace that 'old-time apron' that served so many purposes.


THE PAST.........
 Grandma used to set her hot baked apple pies on the window sill to cool..


Her granddaughters and great granddaughters set theirs on the kitchen counter to thaw!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Paper

There's a daily section in our local paper called "Looking Back."  Featured are local news stories from 100, 50, and 25 years ago on each days date.  Usually accompanied by a picture from the past. Being born, raised and still living in this town, that's one part of the paper (after the Obits) I read first thing every morning.  Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the paper and went to the "Looking Back" section.  There was a picture of an accordion band at a recital on June 12, 1953.  I have a copy of this picture in an old scrap book, because I was in that group. I remember this evening well.  I was so intimidated by having to play a solo piece.  I did well with the group and in my own home but not out there on the stage by myself.  So where am I?  I'm in the middle row, second from the right, with black shoes & no socks~ my mother was furious because I took my socks off  backstage, I wanted to be cool. The gal sitting to my left went to the same high school that I did and we used to joke about our days in this accordion band.

I don't have that beautiful red accordion anymore, sold it for $25 back in the mid 1960's when as a single mom...when I once needed the money worse than the accordion.   But years later, my former husband & I were at the local Swap Meet and there was a little lady there with a small sized 120 bass accordion for sale and he bought it for me.  I still have that accordion and frequently get it out and play it.  In fact on our recent road trip, I bought a large stack of accordion music at a Thrift Store in Carson City, NV. 

Today I am actually going to leave the house and do some shopping.  I've been home bound for several days (after spending $40 filling up my car) just puttering around here, listing stuff on eBay and going thru boxes of stuff.  I feel since I'm not working and on a fixed income I have to make a tank of gas last a month.  No extra running around allowed.

Until next time.....Linda

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #136


Here's the photo shoot topic for this week.  I'm just posting it now, because alerts were down earlier in the week, so I thought I would wait until they were working again, to make sure you all would get this.
I think we can still have this done by Saturday.  That's Saturday, June 14, at 11 PM EDT. We're talking almost midnight, an hour before Sunday, for those of you who are getting confused. :) 
our subject for this photo shoot is:
(two cows, two flowers, two cats, etc.)

After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please come back here and put the address of your entry in my Comment Section below.  If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below.

Instructions for JLand Photo Shoot

Thanks, and we can't wait to see your photos!

From Krissy :) 

Here's my two of of one thing~two of my three old milk cans.  My third one is a rusty old thing out on the porch with flowers in it.  I've had it since the late 1980's when my stepson, Tim, brought it to me. He had spent a few days with a family member at their farm and found it in an old shed. There's still an empty 7~Up can down inside of it, that Tim emptied that hot summer week.  Tim passed away in November of 1994...the rusty old milk can is very precious to me.   The two pictures here, sit inside the house.  I love them too but not as much as the old rusty one. 


Here's the old rusty one....obviously not as attractive as the other two but more valuable in my mind.

My Tax Dollars At Work !

Twice everyday this big school bus comes into the park with one little kid on it.  I can see the school from my's not even across a busy street.  I could walk there in 2 minutes.  What's the deal?  This is not the handicapped bus so I'm assuming the child is not handicapped.  It just seems crazy...........

Can't kids walk to school anymore?   I walked 11 blocks each way to school from kindergarten thru the 4th grade.  My mom didn't drive then and my dad had the only car at work.   Rain, sun, whatever....I walked each way.  I'm glad school's almost out, because this gets to me everyday.   Maybe I'm just an old grouch.....



Is it over ?? June-uary !!

The wind blew a little most of yesterday, but late in the afternoon it & the rain really picked up.  Bob had made a fire in the wood stove and after dinner I was sitting there on the sofa reading the paper and the stove pipe from the top of stove up thru the ceiling kept making popping noises.  I hollered at Bob and he came to investigate....then went out side and he could see the top of the metal chimney flexing with the wind gusts.  Meanwhile, we've got a pretty good fire going, trying to warm up the place and in my mind, I'm seeing the outside part of the chimney coming off and the place burning down.  I hear him banging around outside and step out on the porch to see him propping the tall extension ladder up to the side of the house with two boards tied to it, to help block the strong wind gusts we're getting from the southwest. 

   It worked because there were no more creaking sounds from the chimney pipe.  While we were having these 40-50 mph gusts it was also pouring rain~sideways.  Stuff was flying down the street in front of the house & it was good to be cozied up in the house.  Meanwhile in the mountain passes the snow was coming down like crazy.  The Dept of Transportation had the snowplows out and trucks loaded with sand for ice control.  They say it's the first time in 30 years they've had to use snowplows in June.   At noon today it's 30* and still snowing in several of our passes.  Apparently, 6-10 inches of new snow fell overnight at high elevations.  Will ski season open again?  Who knows....

Our friend Robin is home recuperating from a recent surgery and she wants to see what's on our night stands.  So Robin here's mine;


Let's see we've got a scratch pad, a couple pens & a pencil, the same lip balm as the one I sent you, dental floss, eye drops, a phone,  a little pot of intensive lip balm, some lavender lotion,  some regular lotion, my mother pig w/piglets paper weight, cuticle remover, old AA battery clock radio, emery board, nail clippers, New Testament, and my lamp. And lots of books in the background !!!   There you have it. 

So how about you~what's on your night stand?  Let Robin & I know.....until next time Linda

P.S. As many of you know, alerts were done for most of yesterday.  I'm hoping to get around today, gradually catching up.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Potato Salad~Everybody Makes It Different

I was just throwing together some potato salad and I was thinking about all the different ways people make this traditional summer dish. When I say "throwing together" that's the way it is for me.  I boil some potatoes...if I buy them special, I buy the white or red potatoes but on days like today (or yesterday because that's when I thought of it) I just boil some old brown Russet spuds.  And of course some eggs.  Once they cool off in the refrigerator, then I throw the salad together. Peel and chop up the spuds & hard boiled eggs, a squirt or two of mustard, some dill pickle juice (I can't stand cut up pickles in potato salad), cut up little green onion, add a dash of salt, pepper, garlic powder and celery salt. Put in a small can of drained sliced olives and a few blops of Best Foods Mayonnaise (Hellman's on the east side of the Rocky Mts) and mix together. Scoop out into a suitable bowl, sprinkle paprika on the top, cover & back into the fridge until time to eat it.  It never tastes the same because I don't measure the wet ingredients.   That's the way my mom cooked, and in most cases I do the same thing.  Oh and if I'm taking it to a get together, I do boil extra eggs, slice them and place them neatly on top for decoration (or something?)

When Bob makes it, he takes a separate bowl and puts the mayo, etc in it and carefully adds the other wet ingredients, keeps tasting it to make sure it just right.  He spends at least an hour or more making a batch of potato salad, when I throw it together in like 15 minutes.  He carefully dices up dill pickles, again making sure he has just enough.  Drives me nuts!

I've been to picnics and potlucks where some people put diced celery, etc. in it.  And the stuff you buy at the deli counter in the store is so always has a bitter taste from whatever they add for a preservative.  I never buy it from a deli counter.  I'd rather go without.

I guess you could say potato salad is as individual as we are, all a little different in some way.   By the way, there's no picnic here today, it's windy & rainy again and not that warm.  But if I wait for summer to make a batch of potato salad, it will never happen.    Besides it will taste real good with the broccoli  and salmon steaks I'm cooking for dinner tonight.   Until next time......Linda

P.S. the potato salad in the picture is not mine.

P.S. #2  I haven't gotten one single alert today, so don't be mad if I don't get by your journal to comment.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

For Women Of All Ages



Only women of a certain era will fully appreciate this true story.

(if you don't understand this, tell your mother, she'll get it)

A Michigan woman and her family were vacationing in a small new England town where Paul Newman and his family often visited.

One Sunday morning, the woman got up early to take a long walk. After a brisk five-mile hike, she decided to treat herself to a double-dip chocolate ice cream cone.

She hopped in the car, drove to the center of the village and went straight to the combination bakery/ice cream parlor.

There was only one other patron in the store.  Paul Newman, sitting at the counter having a doughnut and coffee.

The woman's heart sk ipped a beat as her eyes made contact with those famous baby-blue eyes.

The actor nodded graciously and the star-struck woman smiled demurely.

Pull yourself together! She chides herself. You're a happily married woman with three children, you're forty-five years old, not a teenager!

The clerk filled her order and she took the double-dip chocolate ice cream cone in one hand and her change in the other. Then she went out the door, avoiding even a glance in Paul Newman's direction.

When she reached her car, she realized that she had a handful of change but her other hand was empty.   Where's my ice cream cone? Did I leave it in the store? Back into the shop she went, expecting to see the cone still in the clerk's hand or in a holder on the counter or something. No ice cream cone was in sight

With that, she happened to look over at Paul Newman.

His face broke into his familiar warm friendly grin and he said to the woman,

"You put it in your purse."

Maxine~Gotta Love Her !


Friday, June 6, 2008

Cold & Rainy Friday Evening

Cold & Rainy Friday Evening
~Click the picture to get warm

It has been so incredibly nasty today, I finally broke down and brought in some kindling & pieces of fire wood and started a fire in my wood stove.   It's just barely topped 50 degrees today and with the rain & wind...a person feels chilled to the bone. Notice the fan set off to the left in the video.  I sit that on the stove & turn it on when it get too warm in here like it did a few weeks ago. I've turned the thermostat on the furnace up to 62 degrees and it's been coming & on today.

There was 10 inches of new snow up at  Paradise Park on Mt Rainier today and most of the passes over the Cascades have new snow falling.  Also I saw there was snow falling today at Timberline Lodge down at Mt Hood in Oregon.

So if it's cold where you are, enjoy my fire ~ for the rest of you who are sweltering...sorry !   Linda

Happy Birthday Little Brother !

In looking back in the "archives" I've never posted an entry in honor of my little brother's birthday.  What a rotten older sister I am !  So here goes...

I was not quite 8-1/2 years old, my mom & dad kept telling me that there was going to be a big surprise.  I don't remember any "pregnancy" talk at all...just a big surprise.  When the time came, I was dropped off down the street with an older lady who was not only our neighbor but was also a member of our church and a dear friend.  She'd never had any children of her own so I was very special to this lady.  The one thing I remember about her house was the old phone on the wall.  She was very tiny and she had to get up on a stool to talk on the phone. 

  So when "the call" came I actually remember her helping me up on the stool to talk to my mom.  Mom was calling from the hospital to tell me that I had a baby brother.  His name would be Stephen William.      I don't remember much about those first few months after he was born.  I'm sure I was totally enthralled with this baby...what little 8-1/2 year old girl wouldn't be?  

As he got older he was fun to play with but then a time came when he wasn't cute anymore.  Even when he was 5 and we made our road trip trek to southern California in the back seat of the car he began to annoy me.  It got worse as we both got older.  By the time he was 7 or 8 years old...I could hardly stand the sight of him.  It seemed his only goal in life was to harass his older sister. LOL  When I graduated from high school he was 10 years old and I was so happy to get the job at the phone company, get out of the house and into an apartment with a girlfriend and away from that little "brat" as I so rudely referred to him.  He started being likable again when he was in junior high and high school. I began to realize he really was a nice kid with a tender heart.  And I can remember being so proud of him when he graduated from the same high school I did.  He was well liked by all his peers and the teachers.  He was in band and during his senior year was drum major when the band marched in our local Daffodil Festival parade. 

He was a hard worker, helping dad and mom with tasks around the farm and during the summer months always had a job on the outside.  When he went off to southern California to college I remember how distraught my mother was with him gone.  They made several trips a year to California to see him and visit with family.  I remember when he came home for Christmas in December 1971, he had a girl with him.  It was then that I realized we were both adults...he was so different that visit.  However, he paid more attention to the girl than he did the rest of us.  Although my son Jim was 4 months old then and he thought Jimmy was pretty cute, spending time bouncing him on his knee.  Steve had always been very fond of my daughter Julie as they were 9-1/2 years apart...I guess she may have tormented him like he'd done to me.

Anyway, time went on...he married that girl (Joan) and they chose to live in Pasadena, CA.  He worked in downtown Los Angeles, they had two beautfiul daughters and I rarely saw him. But I remember in 1976 my former husband & I left the kids home and took a trip to southern California ~ I loved visiting my "little" brother and his family in their home.   In the late 70's they decided they wanted to move to the northwest. This was sort of a difficult move for my sister in law as she was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA (one of the most beautiful places on earth) and that's where her folks and family were.  My brother flew up here, and along with a friend in Real Estate we went house hunting for them.  Steve had the old movie camera with him & after looking at several houses we found one that we (him & me) thought was perfect.  So he took the movies of each room, the front yard, back yard, the neighborhood and  flew home.  It was decided that the house was ok so from California they completed the deal and after selling their house packed up two little girls and headed north. A couple years after they moved north, a 3rd daughter joined their family.   Long story short~they still live in that house but have added on here & there, and remodeled to make room for the addition of sons in law & grandchildren.

Of course of the years we've grown close...he's been the most wonderful brother anybody could ask for. During those times that our folks passed away, he was a pillar of strength.  He & Joan are active in their church, and love times with their 4 grandchildren.  I tell people that Steve is the kind of guy I'd like even if he wasn't my brother.  He's just an all around nice guy.  

Yesterday, I went by the house and dropped off his gift and a homemade had a picture on it of our mom holding him in a standing position when he was about 6 months old.  (Picture #1)

Oh and my "little" brother....he's 6 foot 5 inches tall....and as gentle and loving as can be.  Thank you dear Lord for my little brother....Happy 58th birthday Steve, may you have many, many more.   



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday AKA Hump Day

Hi there everyone.  I just got back from book club.  Sheila Roberts was delightful as usual.  She encouraged every woman who's ever been on a diet to buy or get from the library her new book "Bikini Season."  I took my copy and she autographed it for me.  She was telling us that it's flying off the shelves and is now in it's second printing.  Her next book comes out next spring and it's entitled "Love in Bloom." In her early days, Sheila wrote under the name of Sheila Rabe.

Next month we won't be having a visiting author because it will fall on the 2nd of July and a lot of people will be away that week because of the 4th of July holiday.   In October, Debbie Macomber will be our special guest. We all love Debbie...she's so down to earth & a great author of books for women.

I don't think she'll mind if I tell you.....I got a text message from our dear friend Robin (The Yellow Brick Road) this afternoon.  She had surgery this morning...she said that she was ok, the surgery went well and that she would go home tomorrow. This text message came in at 11:40am Pacific Daylight time so it would have been 3 hours later... that would have been 2:40pm there in Florida.  I'm sure she'll back on line in a few days.  Best wishes to Robin for a speedy recovery.

It's another cool, windy day here in western Washington today.  The temp finally reached 60* but with the breeze we're having it doesn't feel that warm.  I actually had to turn the furnace up for awhile this morning.  

Well, that's all folks...have a good evening.   Linda

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coke Bottle Caps

Somebody out there is saving them & I can't remember who it is.  Please let me know...I have one & will be happy to give you the code.

Krissy's JLand Photo Shoot #135

It's a new week!  So it's time for a new topic for the JLand Photo Shoot.  Sorry I am a day late in posting the subject.
Let's try to have our photos in by Saturday anyway.  That's Saturday, June 7, 2008, at 11 PM EDT.  We're talking about Saturday night, an hour before midnight, for those of you who are getting confused!   
Photo Shoot Subject 
examples: river, stream, ocean, rain, faucet, etc.
After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please go back to Krissy's journal and leave the link to your photo entry.
Here's mine;  
Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls, WA  just 50 miles north east of me.
 Puget Sound off Titlow Park in Tacoma, WA 
 The Narrow's Bridge over to the right.
Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska~very cold glacier water

Tuesday Update

There was no Tuesday movie today because tomorrow is book club day.  Plus on the first Tuesday of the month, Barbara has Bunko and tonight it's actually at her house.  She said she was going to put out a taco bar...I should slip over there and get me some taco's.  (I don't play Bunko).  I don't think there is anything out now that we want to see anyway.  I have no interest in the "Sex & the City" movie, I never watched the TV program, and the movie doesn't hold any interest for me, either. She & her husband are leaving Saturday on a 7 night Alaskan cruise, so if I go to the movie next Tuesday, I'll have to go alone.  The one movie I'm looking forward to is coming out the end of June and that's the "Get Smart" movie with Steve Carrell

So Wednesday is book club. The visiting author for tomorrow is Sheila Roberts.  She also came a few months back, telling us about her book "On Strike For Christmas."  Her new book is;

 and I went to Target today and got a copy so I can get her to autograph it tomorrow.

After some dry, relatively cool days, it started raining last night.  It's supposed to continue thru the weekend.  Which I don't mind as it saves me from dragging the hoses around watering everything.  However between the wind & the rain..the rhodys are becoming bare of their flowers.     By the way, I never did get up to the main entrance to take a new picture of the rhododendrons that line the entrance of the mobile home park where I leave.  So here's one from last year...that's my Toyota Rav 4 parked next to them, they must be over 12 feet tall & we enjoy their brilliant pink color, every year at this time.

I've been doing some work around the house, de-cluttering, throwing some things out, getting other stuff ready for drop off at the Thrift Shop, etc.  But I'm not even close to being done,  I've barely scratched the surface.  What started all this was that when I moved in here in Sept 2001...I took a few days off to move out of a huge house where I'd lived for over 13 years, boxes were literally dropped into each room and I started shoving stuff into closets & cupboards.  Then I went back to work, working full time until I retired in February 2007.  Who wants to spend their days off & vacations sorting thru stuff?  You want to be out having a good time.  And after I retired last year, I wanted to play some more after working for almost 47 years.  Now it's time to get down to business and take just a day off now & then to play.  So I'm, determined to finish this project even if it takes a year or more.  Meanwhile there's the day to day stuff of normal activities. So it can't be done in a week or even a month.

Well, that's all for now.  I need to get off here and go do at least one constructive thing this afternoon.   Linda

Ughhh...just heard on the news that gas reached $4.59 a gallon on Orcas Island, which is part of the San Juan Islands here in Washington state.  Diesel at the same Shell station is $5.46.

Monday, June 2, 2008


A woman said her son found his license plate missing
so he called the police to file a report. They told
him people were stealing the plates to get free gas.
Given the rise in gas prices, people have taken to
stealing license plates, putting them on their car,
then getting gas and running. The gas station will
have 'your' license plate # and you could be in
trouble for 'pump and run.' Check your car
periodically to be sure you still have a plate. If
you should find it missing, file a report
immediately!!! Keep an eye on your license plate!
Make sure you always know it's there!    When the
license plate is reported as the 'drive off
vehicle', it's YOU they contact! Be aware!!!! Be
aware of your license plates, most of us never look
to see if the plates are there or not.

                    Pass this along...

Sand & Stone

I got this from a fellow I went to grade school & high school with.  He & his wife live in AZ and he's fighting a valiant battle with cancer.












'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet
is fighting some kind of battle.'