Monday, June 23, 2008

Yup It's Shot !!

So I g guess the problemememememem is my keyboard d d d d is shot!  So a a a among all the manananany other important sosososocial obligigigigigations I haveveveve this week, I w w w w will go to Office Dedepot anand get a nenenew one. There's s s s a million of thehehem at the Goodwiwill but how do I know if they ararare any good?  I would rararahter just springngngng for a new one a a and know that it t t works and that  I'm thththe only one to use it. 

I think thisisisisis keyboboboboard hahahas a speechch impediment.

Did you get alalall thatatat ???

Pleasasasase understatand if I don't g get around to comomment in journanananals.... I needeed to get this issue correrected.





lv2trnscrb said...

yep, got that all!! have fun shopping for a new one!


beckerb6 said...

LOL Yeah I got it. At least they are not super expensive, I know you can get them for 10.00 or less here. Looking forward to your new keyboard with out the speach impediment :) Have a good evening.
I am looking forward to seeing the picture of your grandparents house when you find it.

mariealicejoan said...

It's so frustrating when your keyboard or mouse goes and you need a new one!  I hope you are able to get one soon!

jeanno43 said...

I am on keyboard number six or seven.  I can certainly wear them out lol.

jlocorriere05 said...

I know they wear out although I've had this one for three years now. They're inexpensive so have fun getting a new one! Jeannette xx  

nightmaremom said...

LOL  yeap that happens...  a new one won't break the bank so have some fun... some have some pretty cool gadgets.

deshelestraci said...

Ha!  I guess it is time!

carouselqueen70 said...

i have been through the key board problem myself. It is frustrating!! UGH!! I hope you get a new one, Christine

immeadow5 said...

hee hee hee You do keyboard impediment very well!!  The only problem I have ever had with my keyboard is when it would partially become unplugged...  Took me several minutes to figure that one out, but lucky for me I did!!  I don't think the on-call I.S. guy would have been pleased to be paged to come in for a loose connection...  ha ha ha

Happy shopping and enjoy our beautiful sunny day!!  xoxo MeMeadow

jjdolfin9 said... least it made me laugh.  Sorry, I know it's not funny.  Good luck finding a new one soon.
Hugs, Joyce

justplainbill said...

We all got a laaugh out of thie entry. Leave it to you to make it funny. We probably all had the problem and most of us just cried.

Look at the wireless ones with a wireless mouse, They are neat and it haas worked well for me since Christmas. It is a Dell unit but I hooked it up to an eMachine. Only problem is they each take two AA batteries. Replaced the keyboard once and the mouse about every month. Wireless are probably more ex[ensive. I think the cheapest keyboaard I have seen is about $18 and will work well.

swmpgrly said...

lol I got it!

wwfbison said...

Oh gosh, this is funny.