Friday, September 29, 2006


Asparagus is something you either love or you hate.  There's no middle ground with this yummy (at least I think so) vegetable.    My mom grew up during the Great Depression years in Sunnyside, Washington (over on the east side of the Cascades). Her dad was a hop farmer, that's where the money came from to feed his wife and 4 children.  Mom used to tell me they never went hungary during those lean years, they raised chickens, beef, and had a garden. They not only never went hungary but they also helped many in their area who were less fortunate.  Also the railroad tracks cut thru grandpa's land so there was an endless stream of hobo's hopping off at their house looking for a handout.  He would always find something for these men to do, didn't want them to loose their self-respect anymore than perhaps they already had.  And they never turned anyone away.  Back in the 1920's and 1930's asparagus grew like weeds along the irrigation ditches surrounding and traveling thru their property.  So grandma got real clever cooking asparagus (and other things) various ways for a little variety.  The following recipe has been handed down from my grandma Stern, to my mom & her siblings  then to me and my cousins and  recently I passed it along to my sister-in-law and her two daughters. So now dear J-Land friends I pass it to you...this is so good, especially if you like asparagus.

Grandma Stern's Escalloped Asparagus

1 bunch of asparagus (cut away tough ends) 3 hard boiled eggs, 1 pint white sauce, heated, grated cheddar cheese, and cracker or bread crumbs.  Cook asparagus until tender. Add cut up hard boiled eggs to white sauce and mix in grated cheddar cheese, until melted. Layer asparagus in oven proof baking dish, pour white sauce mixture over the top of the asparagus, making sure it's completely covered.  Sprinkle cracker or bread crumbs over the top of the casserole and bake for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.'s so good !!   Let me know if you try it and what you think.  The only problem is asparagus is so expensive.  The other day at the store it was $2.49 a pound and to think it grew like weeds on grandpa & grandma's eastern Washington farm.


I heard on the news they are raising bridge decks up to the new Narrows Bridge span today.  Here again is the link if you's like to take a peek;

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A little of this and a little of that

Thursday was another beautiful, warm, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.   I was off...did not have to work today and I don't have to go back to work until Monday.  But then Monday is going to be a 12 hour day ( another seminar Monday night).  At least it's in town and I don't have to cross the Narrows Bridge to get to it. This one is on "foot & ankle" problems.  I did get some errands ran today but haven't managed to accomplish all I wanted to here at home.   Oh well, there's still a few hours until bedtime.


Friend Bob was finally able to fly out of Seattle-Tacoma airport Wednesday morning.  He called me at work as he was boarding a Delta airplane for a non-stop flight to the JFK airport in New York.  He was happy that they had assigned him to a first class seat for the cross country flight.  After a two hour lay over in New York, I got another call as he was boarding another Delta plane for Amsterdam.  Again..assigned to first class for that long flight over the pond.  He's really going to miss these flight priveledges when they go away the end of October.  Going to Europe was one of his dreams when his daughter first went to work for Delta.  And now that she is not going back to work after a long leave of absence...he's finally realizing his dream.  I figured that he'd arrive about 6:30am Thursday (Amsterdam time) which would be about 9:30 pm Wednesday here in Washington.   This morning I was sitting here at my computer about 8:30am and my phone rang and there was the "World Traveler" calling me from the Amsterdam Holiday Inn (it was 5:30pm there.) He'd rented a car but still had not slept since he left Sea-Tac Wednesday morning, so at this point he'd been up over 24 hours.  His plan was to sleep, then take off driving to Munich, Germany for Octoberfest.  He took a duffle bag with a tent & sleeping bag in case he ended up having to camp out.  Anyway, he plans on traveling around over there, coming back to Washington about October 12th (or this weekend if he chickens out & catches a return flight right away.)  I have to say...I admire his courage, I can't see myself takingoff  like that by myself, not speaking the language or knowing anyone in those foreign countries.   I wish him safety, I hope he takes lots of pictures and remembers to bring me back a small delf windmill.


Daughter Julie asked for a recipe that has gone missing from her kitchen.  It's a recipe for a yummy apple cake from our long time friend Ginny.  It's quick and easy and a good way to use that last little bit of coffee that's always left in the pot.  So I've decided to share it with all of you.   Thanks dear Ginny for passing on this recipe so many years ago.

Ginny's Apple Cake
1 1/2 cup sugar,  3/4 cup shortening, 2 eggs, 2 1/2 cup flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 3 cups peeled & diced apples, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 3/4 cup warm coffee, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
Cream sugar & shortening, add eggs & beat mixture.  Combine flour, soda, 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon & salt.  Gradually add to sugar,shortening & egg mixture, alternately with coffee.  Fold in diced apples & nuts. Combine brown sugar and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and sprinkle over top of mixture.  Bake in greased & floured pan at 350* for 45 minutes.
I've had this funny little spot on the top of my right hand for many years.  Many times my doctor has "frozen" it and it seems to go away but then sure enough it comes back.  Sometimes it would get all red & inflammed and even bleed, then it would disappear only to return again.  Several moths ago she "froze" it again and at that point said that if it came back I should see a dermatoligist.  When  I was on the cruise, it flared up again, so I called and got an appointment on September 18th with a skin doctor.  He numbed it and took a scapel thingy and sent a piece of tissue in for a biopsy.  This last Wednesday, the nurse called to tell me that the results had come back as basal cell carcinoma.  So now I have another appointment Monday morning (yup before my 12 hour work day starts) to have the rest of it removed.  I'm not looking forward to this...the spot where he took the biopsy is still not healed completely and it hurt something awful !    I wasn't going to even talk about this in my journal but decided I should... as a public service.  I guess what I want to say is.....if you have a weird spot, anywhere on your body...have it checked out.   You just never know what it might be.
I think Barbara and I will will probably go to a movie Friday, we'll have to check the movie section of the paper Friday morning first but I'm sure we'll find something to go see.  We still haven't seen "Little Miss Sunshine."  We had planned to go weeks ago but I was still coughing so bad, I felt uncomfortable going to a movie theater.     So that's all for now...until next time  Linda

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Much Is Your Life Worth ?

Well, I'm disappointed....thought mine would be worth more....... maybe it's because of my advanced age ?!? 

***Your Life Is Worth...***


How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I can't believe my eyes...there's a recipe for good old tuna noodle casserole in the "Life" section of today's paper.  I just throw stuff together when I make it, trying to copy what my mom served on a regualr basis when I was a kid.   I think almost all of us grew up eating it at least once a month.  Next time I make it....I'll use the recipe and see if it tastes any different.


1 cup milk, 2 cups frozen peas, 2 cans (about 12 oz each) of drained tuna (I use albacore), 4 cups hot, cooked medium egg noodles, 2 tablespoons dry bread crumbs (I use Progresso, Italian bread crumbs or crushed potato chips) 1 teaspoon melted butter.   Stir soup, milk, peas, tuna and noodles in a 3 quart oven proof casserole dish.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until hot.  Stir.  Mix bread crumbs with butter and sprinkle over tuna mixture.  Bake 5 minutes more.  Makes 6 servings


Cheesy Tuna Melt:  in place of bread crumbs, sprinkle 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese over top of hot casserole.

Chicken Noodle Casserole; substitue about 2 cups cooked, diced chicken (or turkey would work, too) in place of tuna.

If I didn't have a beef roast in the crock pot today, I might mix some TNC up right now.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I too have been sent this question thingy in the form of an email by many of my journal buddies.  So I, like some others, will use this forum to answer them , rather than send it out in email form. 

1.  First Name? - Linda

2.  Middle Name? - Lee

3.  Are you named after anyone ?- not my first name; it came about  because my mom thought she was being original, little did she know when I got to school...the room would be filled with Malinda, Gelinda, Lorinda, Balinda and many Linda's over the years.  My middle name was from my dear, sweet great grandfather Franklin Lee Olmstead.

4.  When did you last cry? - hmmmm, can't remember.  It wasn't over spilt milk that's for sure. I've learned there are some things you just can't change, no matter how much you want to.

5.  Do you like your handwriting? - it's ok..not as good as it was when I was younger.  Too much arthritis in my hands now.

6.  What is your favorite lunch meat? - thin sliced turkey

7.  Children ? - one of each

8.  Would you be friends with you? - Yes, I think I would

9.  Do you have a journal? - yes, I am writing in it at this very moment.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot? - from time to time...if the situation warrants it.

11. Do you still have your tonsils? -nope

12. Would you Bungee Jump? - Heavens NO !!

13. Favorite cereal? - Kashi Crunch

14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? - all my shoes are slip ons

15. Do you think you are strong? - phyically not really anymore  and emotionally, sometimes.

16. What is your favorite ice cream flavour? - Dryers Grand Light French Silk

17. Shoe size? - 9

18. Red or Pink? - Pink.

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?  - too heavy

20. Whom do you miss the most? - My parents and my first real love.

21. Do you want everyone to send this back to you? - no, they don't have too....that is why I am answering on my journal.

22. What color pants and shoes are your wearing? - I'm wearing jeans, no shoes at the moment just blue light weight socks

23. Last thing you ate? - A scone from the Fair with a glass of milk

24. What are you listening to right now - just my outdoor wind chimes softly tinkling.

25. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? - Lavender

26. Favorite smell? - Baking bread, oh and how about a freshly bathed & powderedsleeping baby?

27. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? - Barbara (Robin before that)

28. The first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? - Their eyes.

29. Do you like the person who sent this to you? - Several people sent it to me and I like them all.

30. Favorite drink? - Milk

31. Favorite sport? - None.

32. Hair color? - Blond with highlights from Mother Nature

33. Eye color? - All American;  red, white & blue

34. Do you wear contacts? - No

35. Favorite food? - Mexican

36. Scary movie or happy ending? - I don't like scary movies anymore, give me a good old fashioned mushy love story anytime.

37.  What color shirt are you wearing? - Blue denim blouse

38. Favorite dessert? - Any cake from Costco

39. Who is most likely to respond? - anybody can leave a comment if they wish.

40. Least likely to respond? - who ever doesn't read my journal and those who have their alerts turned off.

41. What book are you reading? - I'm reading two books right now,  "6 RainierDrive" by local author Debbie Macomber and also "A House Divided" the 2nd book in a series of 5 by Michael Phillips & Judith Pella, called "The Russians." Takes place in the 1700-1800's.

42. What's on your mouse pad? -a picture of  "M-I-C-K-E-Y    M-O-U-S-E"

43. What did you watch on t.v. last night? - nothing, I was at the Fair

44. Favorite sounds? - The singing in church and my grandkids giggling

45. Rolling Stones Or Beatles? - The Beatles were ok

46. The farthest you have been from home? - San Diego, CA (however I don't know how far Juneau, AK is from here)

47. Where would you like to be right now? Back on a cruise ship heading for Alaska

48.  What do you wnat to do when you retire? Travel around the US and Canada in a comfortable motor home (as long as I could take my kitty with me)

49. Do you have a special talent? - Not that I know of

50. When and where were you born ?  On January 4, 1942 at  Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. 1942 ???....oh my gosh !!! That means I'm going to be 65 soon.    WOW, that's practically older than dirt.


OK, I'm I'm going to go mow the back lawn...Until next time,  Linda

Friday, September 22, 2006

Frying hamburgers and onions at the Puyallup Fair

Frying hamburgers and onions at the Puyallup Fair

Click on the picture to start the video.

Out to The Fair To See The Beach Boys

Well, I promised I'd report on the concert we saw tonight.  Ya know...sometimes some people need to just retire and live off their past successes.  What can I say.  First of all we were seated way over to the far right of the stage, down in the infield but way on the back.  It was so loud, my chest was vibrating.  I was only able to take a few decent pictures and they were off the big screen pointed in our direction.  The two original remaining Beach Boys are ok, but it's just not the same as it was back in the 1960's.  Other than those two, the rest of the band was very young.  We sat there for about 20 minutes and I could tell Bob wanted to get out of there, so I agreed it was time to go.  We went out and got something to eat and then stood outside and just listened to the music for awhile.   Then we decided to go back in and stand way in the back.  That was wasn't so loud.  My feeling is that this fragmented group is sadly trying to re-capture something that's gone.     There was a young couple that walked out when we did and we were talking to them, I suggested that they go to a music store and get a CD of the original Beach Boys music and they'll see what the attraction is/was.  One of the local Chevy Car CLubs had a great bunch of old Chevy's on display.  If I ever win the Lottery, I will have another 1954 Chevy like I did back in the early 1960's. They are beautiful cars.

We both really enjoyed a free concert that we watched by a group called Vocal Trash ( .  They were so good, talented, funny and very energetic.  Two of the guys were in a group that was called The Shoppe that used to perform at the Fair back in the 1970's.  I still have some of that group's cassette tapes. 

We then walked around the midway for awhile, the place where all the kids spend their money on rides and trying to win giant stuffed animals by throwing rings on bottles, etc.  Then toured the floral building.  One of our favorite places that we happened to miss the last time we were out there.

It finally dawned on both of us that we were exhausted, so headed out to the Blue gate to catch the bus for the mall, where my car was parked.  

I took a little video of the two gals in the hamburger stand...they were singing and frying hamburgers and onions....doing their best to make their greasy job fun.  They were a joy to watch.  One girl was celebrating her birthday today and she was wearing a tiara while frying burgers.  I'll post their video in a seperate entry.  I told them I was going to put it on AOL Uncut Videos and they were both excitied. 

No more trips to the Fair until April when the Spring Fair comes for just 4 days.  It's a little different and only uses about 2/3 of the Fair grounds.

Well, it's now after 11pm.  My dear friends in England will be up and on their computers soon but this tired old woman is going to bed.   Until next time........Linda

Do They Still Look the Same?

Do they still look the same?       I'll find out in a few short hours.     linda

Gas Prices Going Down ?

They keep saying gas prices are coming down.  I guess in some parts of the U.S.   it's actually down to $1.99 a gallon.  I gassed up the other day after work and it was $2.79 for just the regular unleaded.  I usually get the regular every other time becuase my car just runs better that way.  But the next grade was a little higher at $2.90 at the station I was visiting.  And I had slipped out of my habit of filling up every Sunday afternoon, no matter how much I needed...and my car took a little over 12 gallons.  I think I was close to running on fumes.  

So, I'd be interested in prices where you are.....they say we are "one headline" away from the prices jumping up again......i.e. another hurricane in the south, something happening with Iran, etc. 

By the way, if you look at that Narrows Bridge web site link I gave you in the previous entry.. right'll see both the present and the new bridge side by side, in the daylight.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I made it over to Gig Harbor...good old Bob came and picked me up at my office at 5pm and took me over there.  It was bumper to bumper traffic and raining cats & dogs on the trip over. I'm so glad I wasn't driving.   We found the place where the seminar was being held (a beautiful new hotel) and settled in for the evening. It was my job to sit at the registration table and check people in.  They had wonderful snacks...all kinds of fruit, cheese and crackers, veggies.... and great coffee.  I drink decaf and usually that's not used up very fast , so is rarely good.  Theirs was wonderful !   The presentation on sleep problems (insomnia, sleep apnea, etc) was very interesting.  The health system does have a Sleep Study Center....actually it's right across the street from where I work and the doctor giving the lecture was from there.  It's amazing how many people suffer with sleep problems....I can't remember the figures but it's up in the millions.   He also talked about the different levels of sleep and what processes our bodies goes thru during those levels.  I was surprised to learn that a lot of people with a weight problem actually also have a sleep problem.  If we are not sleeping properly, our bodies produce a higher level of cortisol (bad stuff & causes weight gain). Also sleep interruptions can cause serious problems like high blood pressure, even heart failure.  He said it's important for all humans to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted   sleep.  That's just some of the facts I learned.    He also talked about the benefits of CPAP machines, for people with apnea.  (I should have taken notes but I didn't.)   Anyway, sleep is very important to all mammals (I guess I have to quit bugging Gabi when she's sleeping)

When we left it was as clear as a bell.  No rain what-so-ever  !!   Coming back across the Narrows Bridge was breath taking...the new bridge being built, is lit up with huge is so very beautiful.   I think they may have actually been working on it, even at night.   If you go to the following web site when it's night time here in Washington, you can catch a glimpse of it;    There seems to be several cams out there available for public viewing.  They are in the process of lifting the decks that will be the road on the new bridge.  They are being built in South Korea and transported across the Pacific ocean to our area.  It takes approximately 4 hours to lift each section into place.  But you can read all about that too, at the web site I've given. 

Well, it's been a long day....time to go down the hall with my book and my kitty.      Until next time......Linda

P.S. Mr Bob has agreed to go to the Fair with me again on Friday (9-22-06) afternoon and then to the Beach Boys Concert at 7 Friday night.  I'm going to take my camera along and see if I can get some night time fair pictures.  The midway, where the rides are is especially beautiful at night.

A Different Kind of Thursday

Normally I work Monday thru Thursday, 7am to 3:30pm.  Well, here it is, Thursday at 10:20am in the morning and I'm sitting at my computer in my night gown. 

The health system that I work for has different health related evening seminars from time to time and one of us in the office where I work, have to attend these seminars to "check" people in, as they have pre-registered via the phone to attend.  Well, tonight is my turn.  It's a "Sleep Better" seminar  (Robin it starts at 7pm) and so I'm working 1:30pm to 9pm today.  And I have to travel from the office to Gig Harbor (across that clogged up Narrows Bridge) between the hours of 5 & 6pm.  And get some dinner, somehow, or wait until I get home which will be close to 10pm.  Also, my night vision is absolutley horrible and if it's raining (which it has been) it's even worse.  So I may end up sleeping in my car tonight, over in the parking lot at the seminar location in Gig Harbor.  I don't mind working at the seminars that are held at the hospital, it's easy to get home after dark.  But to have to travel on the freeway and across that bridge at night, perhaps in the rain, will push me to the edge. 

Thank you for your responses to the prayer request for our friend Ruth's son David and my co-worker Susan.  J-Landers can always be counted on to answer the call.    I'm off to the shower...have a good Thursday.  Until next time.......Linda

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I just, moments ago, got this email from Ruth, a friend of mine.  It's a prayer request for her son David.  David is a wonderful fellow, married with children...a teacher, in his mid-forties.  She doesn't mention the date of his surgery but I imagine it will be soon.  Please remember David & his lovely family in your prayers in the next week...I'll keep you updated.  Ruth's email;
"Well, the reason for the prayer request, is for David, he is going in for surgery on his colon to remove a large polyp they can not remove in a colonoscopy, the other two were biopsied and came back cancerous. This one is too big and they are removing it in surgery. They also found 2 spots on his  liver that they are saying are cysts, and a mass of what they are hoping is just a mass of blood vessels."  
You may remember that some time ago I asked for prayer for my co-worker Susan who was recently diagnoised with lymphoma.  At the present time she is undergoing radiation and so far is tolerating it with not too many bad side effects.  She has missed a lot of work, however, for other reasons and hopefully will be able resume her regular work schedule, soon.  Thank you for your continuing prayers on behalf of Susan. 

Friday, September 15, 2006


Wow, I got a lot accomplished today.  However, vacuuming wasn't one of them as yet, anyway.  I did laundry all morning while waiting for them to call me about my car.  They called at 9:30am, told me what was wrong and that they had the parts on hand and asked if I would ok the repair.  I said go for it. The Toyota guy told me it would be ready shortly after the lunch break.  Bob was at his house so I told him I'd need a lift to come get the car.  No problem, they have a shuttle service.  He called back at 1pm, said the car was ready, transferred me to the gal that drives the shuttle for directions to my house.  She picked me up about 1:20pm, and I was driving out of the Toyota Service lot at 1:50pm on the dot.  Went out to the emission place, got the car passed with flying colors. Then off to the vehicle licensing place and got my new license tabs, good until September 2007. 

Then a few blocks drive to the mall where I caught the bus back to the Fair!  I had my one free ticket with me, so it just cost me $3 for the round trip bus ride.  You see Bob saw a couple things he seemed interested in (he's very hard to buy for)so I wanted to get back out there alone to buy these items for his birthday and/or Christmas gifts.  Well, anyway, I got out to the Fair grounds shortly after 3:30pm , at the Blue gate.  But the free ticket I had was only good if you went thru the Gold gate, so after a brisk 4 block walk, I got into the Fair grounds.  My first stop was to get one of their chocolate dipped ice cream deals, then off to find the two booths I was looking for.  Finally found them , purchased the items, stopped and bought one scone for coffee break at work tomorrow and was back on the 4:15pm bus that took me back to where my car was parked at the mall.  Whew !!!!!!!!!!  

Then I raced thru the grocery store getting soda and water for the office and something for dinner tonight.  Oh and I had to stop at this great little jewelry store that sells watch batteries for $3, because my watch had died.  And now I'm home.  Bob is supposed to come for dinner tonight, but is not here yet, so all of my purchases are stashed and the scone in concealed in my work tote bag.   If he saw that it would be a dead give away.    I knew I'd be out there next Friday for the Beach Boys concert but don't want to carry a bunch of stuff around  and if he happens to still be in town, he'll be with me. 

Yes, he's still trying to get out of town on standby on Delta.  It seems the airlines are flying fewer planes and packing the ones they do fly with people who aren't flying free.   He was told that this coming Tuesday looks promising for getting to either to New York or Atlanta and from there to....Germany, Italy, Spain...where ever he can go. 

Ok it's time to fix dinner so until next time.............Linda

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I got a magnet in the mail today from a far corner of the United States.  It's from Orlando, Florida (and I've never been there so this is cool) and it was sent to me by Bill at;   Actually Robin fixed it so I got his name & he got mine...a true magnet exchange (she's so clever!)  I had to take it outside and put it on the little portable BBQ because I was getting so much glare of the fridge I couldn't get a good picture, so before anyone I do not have a black refrigerator.   Thanks's right dead center on the door to the freezer section and I love it!

Well, a few weeks back my "check engine" light came on in my car.  Of course it was right before I left on the cruise and then I was sick and now the license tabs expire the end of September and it's the year for an emission test in order to renew my tabs.  Well, guess what?  I went over to the emissions test place today after work and my car flunked the test.  So now I've taken it to the Toyota dealer for them to check and see what's the problem.  I have Friday off and now no car to go do my errands and I have to work Saturday.  Bob is still in town, so he came and got me from the Toyota place and brought me home...and said he'd come & take me to work Saturday if they don't get it done by then.  But, I WANT MY CAR !!!!   I just hate being without a car.  I guess I can't complain, all I've ever done to any car for years and years is have the oil changed.  They told me just to put it on the machine to check & see what's going on will be $85 and then there's the repairs.  YIKES !!!   And once it's fixed I still have to go back to the emissions place, have it tested again and then if it passes, mail their form in along with $65 for my license tabs.  Money, money, money.   My back yard is big enough, I think I'll get a horse.   Anyway Friday I'll be waiting by the phone for them to call me & tell me the good and/or bad news.  Then hopefully they'll have the parts needed to fix it and get it done by tomorrow afternoon. 

Well, Miss Gabi is sitting here looking at me with that "I want to eat right now look" so I guess I'd better get off here and fix her Fancy Feast, before she passes out. Thanks again Bill !       Until next time............Linda

 P.S.  I found a recipe for the Puyallup Fair Scones...I'll post it in my next entry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We got a memo at work the other day saying that September 10-16th is National Environmental Services Week (that's a new fancy term for the housekeeping department at the hospital).  The memo states the following;  Between all the buildings that belong to the our hospital system, the staff clean more than 678,500 square feet on a daily basis.  In the past 12 months they have placed; 56,000 rolls of toilet tissue, 88,000 packages of paper towels and 6,770 cartridges of liquid hand soap.  They have also recycled 339,322 pounds of paper and cardboard in the last year.  They have processed 1,170,000 pounds of trash during the first 6 months of this year..that's over 585 tons!  They also handle more than 7,800 "Do It Now" calls throughout the year.  Members of the department come from over 10 countries across the globe.  These people are really dedicated and in my opinion, not often acknowledged for their hard work.   The next time you go into a hospital and you see one of the housekeeping staff....tell them thanks for a job well done.                 Linda             

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Like the bag says, they have been a tradition since 1915.  I don't know what they cost back then but I do remember when they were 25 cents apiece.  Now they are $1.00 each.  And actually you can buy the Fisher's scone mix at any grocery store in the area but there's something about getting them at The Fair, along with a cup of coffee...they just taste different out there.

They are a type of short bread dough, cut into a triangle, baked and then filled with a nice pat of butter and raspberry jam. Strawberry jam doesn't get has to be raspberry.   I always bring a couple home and then, like this morning, put one in the microwave for a few seconds and have it with a cup of coffee.  YUM !!!!!!!!

I just "Googled" fair scones and came up with the following;

"FISHER SCONES - A Northwest Tradition - The original famous fair scone mix
For more than 80 years, Fisher Scones have been a tradition at fairs and festivals throughout the Northwestern United States. These triangular shaped biscuits, baked fresh and smothered in honey-whipped butter and tart raspberry jam, have created unparalleled loyalty.

Fisher Scones was created by the Seattle-based Fisher Flour Mills in the early 1900’s to promote its flour at various events. What started as a promotional tool eventually became a signature item at more than 39 fairs and festivals throughout the Northwest.

William H. Paulhamus, president and general manager of the Puyallup Fair (Western Washington State Fair), discovered Famous Fair Scones in 1915 at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. While browsing for new products, Paulhamus noticed a crowd of event goers waiting anxiously to sample these triangular shaped biscuits. Curious to see what the fuss was about, Paulhamus tried one for himself and found his soon-to-be star attraction.

Thrilled with his discovery, Paulhamus made arrangements to debut Fisher Scones at the 1915 Puyallup Fair in the very same corner booth where they remain today. So confident about their future success, Paulhamus donated the jam for the scones from his own business to attract the Fisher Company and sold the first scone at the Puyallup Fair for a nickel."

There's a great shop called the Pacific Northwest Shop at the other end of town from me that sells, among other things, Fisher Scone mix.  Here's the link to their website.

Now remember, if you get the mix and make them...they have to be triangular shaped and filled with raspberry jam or they won't be any good.     :)

Until next time....Linda

Monday, September 11, 2006


Several places in the area have had contests for free tickets to one of the shows being held at The Fair this year.    Well, actually they do that every year,and I always enter but I never win.  Today in the mail were two free tickets to see the show by the Beach Boys on Sept 22nd, plus two free tickets for admission to The Fair grounds.   Now I understand the Beach Boys are no big deal to some of the younger crowd...but these guys are my age (maybe even a little older) and I did enjoy their music back in the days when they first came on the scene.  I even remember watching them on American Bandstand.

So now....let me see.....I won that free admission ticket yesterday and now I get to go on the 22nd for free.  Gosh, that means I have to go to The Fair 2 more times before Sept 24th.  Plus I have to find someone to go with me on the 22nd because old Bob is not going to be in town. He has flight privileges on Delta that are going to run out the end of October, so he's flying out in the next few days (as soon as there is a seat for him on stand by) to Germany or somewhere in Europe. He wants to do that before his flight privileges are gone.  And I don't blame him.  I'm just sorry he has to go alone..flying alone to L.A. to see his daughter & family is one thing but across the pond into another country is quite another story.  Anyway, I will have to find someone who is free to go with me that day or I can go alone and put my purse on the empty seat. What a dilemma !


Happy Birthday To A Dear Friend

I want to take time today to say Happy Birthday to my friend Jan.  It must be hard to be happy today... about anything with the reminders of 5 years ago all around us.  It's not that we don't remember...but we must go on, we must be happy, we must celebrate other events or the enemy has won.   So today..I'm remembering my friendship with Jan. 

We first met in January of 1982 when I started a new job at a little 35 bed hospital, Doctors Hospital.  Jan was secretary to the head nurse, and then she worked in the operating room at the desk scheduling surgeries.  When I became the admitting clerk, I decided to start pre-registering surgical at least once a day I would go up to the o.r. desk and sit and go thru Jan's big surgery book, writing down names, addresses,and dates of surgery so I could get a pre-admit form out to each patient in a timely manner...thus the paperwork would be ready when they walked in the front door.

Eventually Doctor's Hospital was swallowed up by the bigger health system and things changed.  I went on to the admitting deptartment at the main hospital and Jan took a job in the Human Resources department.  She continued there until an early retirement was offered  one year in the mid 1990's and she decided to retire. She retired from the health system only to go on working at another job in the world of bingo, where she still works to this day. ( She's the one behind the window selling you all those different cards.) 

Over the years we have continued our friendship, along with some others who worked together back in the late 1980's.  I remember one time Jan and I along with two other co-workers took the train to Portland for the day.  We had such a blast, laughing and talking all the way down there and all the way back.   I also remember when I was scheduled for gall bladder surgery and friend Bob was working out of town and I needed a ride to the hospital.  I called Jan to see if she could take me and she said absolutley !  I was thinking just a ride to the hospital but she parked and came in with me.  She stayed...waited with me until the surgical nurse came to walk me down the hall to that scary room with the big light in the ceiling.   When I was brought back to my room from recovery, there she was...smiling and ready to sit and hold my hand during those few ugly hours after any surgery.

When I moved to the mobile home 5 years ago, I ended up just about 6 blocks from Jan and her husband.  We don't see each other very often, as I work days and she works evenings.  But when we do get together, it's always fun to be with her. 

I want to wish Jan the best birthday ever and to thank her for 24 years of friendship !!!    Linda


Sunday, September 10, 2006


We did get out to the Fair today.  It was a lovely day, sunny and maybe it got up to 75 degrees. Both Bob and I left with jackets on and within 30 minutes were shedding them because it was warm enough without them.  We took the bus, just a dollar for the round trip with our pre-purchased  Fair tickets.  There are several places in the area where you can catch it and it takes you straight to the Fair grounds and then when you're ready to go home, you just go out and get on the appropiate bus and go back to where your car is parked.  I noticed parking within a block or so of the Fair grounds was up to $15 this year. YIKES !! The cheapest parking we saw was $8 and that was like 5 blocks from the gate.  That's why I prefer the bus.  We got there a little after 10am and caught the 7:45pm bus back to where my car was parked.  So for a couple of old people we had a full day. I actually won a free admission ticket today in a contest so I will no doubt go again before it ends Sept 24th......and since Bob is planning on leaving the country this next week,  I'll either go alone or find a gal friend to go with me.  I don't mind going that's what I may do. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, most of them speak for themselves.   There are a lot of commercial exhibits there, but there is still the old fashioned country flavor with the 4-H and Grange displays and entries.   And I wouldn't miss it..........Linda


P.S. after I posted this entry, my daughter left a comment that my grand daughter was the only girl who entered a model in her catagory, so her 1st place was a win over all the boys who entered in her age group.  WAY TO GO SWEET LITTLE GRAND DAUGHTER OF MINE !!



Friend Bob called tonight and asked if I wanted to go to the Fair on Sunday, no not really because there will be a ga-jillon people out there, but on the other hand....I've never turned down an offer to go to the Fair in over 50 years. So I guess, I'll put on my sunscreen, grab my camera, a bottle of water and my tote bag and head out for a day at the Fair.  I'll do a report on Monday folks.           Linda   

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Welcome A New Journal to AOL

Please take time to visit and welcome my long time friend Joni to AOL Journals.  Joni and I go way to 5th or 6th grade and all thru high school ...way back.   I've mentioned my friend Barbara, well Joni was in on a lot of those good times we had too.  I can still remember Barbara and I riding over to Joni's house on our bikes. The little white house is gone now...a K-Mart and other stores, even Gabi's vet's office is along there in that area where she once lived, but whenever I'm over there, I remember fondly the good times we had so many years ago.

So I'm pleased to invite you to visit Joni's journal and tell her hi.

Be sure and tell her Linda said to stop by........


I read this quote recently, I do not know who wrote it but thought it was something to think about.

"A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses"


Last night I experienced another "first" in my life.  I was privelged to attend a Bill Gaither Homecoming Concert at the Key Arena in Seattle.  I went on a chartered bus from here in town on the busy I-5 highway to Seattle's Key Arena (just blocks from the Space Needle).  I'd never even been in the "Key" before so that was an experience, in it's self.

For those of you not familiar with Bill Gaither, he and his wife Gloria have written literally hunderds of great gospel songs and choruses over the last 30 years. One that almost everyone has heard of is "He Touched Me."   A lot of them have a southern gospel sound that sets your toes a tapping and your hands a clapping. 

Among those present and singing at the concert last night were of course, the Gaithers, the Gaither Vocal Band members, the great Jesse Dixon,  Russ Taff (formerly of the Imperials), Jeff & Sheri Easter with Charlotte Ritchie, a newer gospel quartet of young men..Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and last but not least...Ben Speer, at age 76, the last of the original Speer Family gospel singers.  There was a beautiful tribute to some of the southern gospel singers that have passed on and also a loving & moving tribute to their former piano player Anthony Burger, who at age 44 had a fatal heart attack while playing at one of their concerts last fall.

This was their first concert stop for the fall  (they had just returned from an Alaskan cruise Friday morning....Kathy can you imagine being on that ship?)  So they were fresh and crazy and full of fun.  They played and sang for 4 hours...yup from 7pm until a little after 11pm.  It was truly wonderful.  I have their fall concert schedule so if anyone is interested I can let you know if they are coming to your area between now and the end of December.

Uncil next time.............Linda

Friday, September 8, 2006

Sleeping Kitty

Sleeping Kitty

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO START VIDEO.  Was I mean to wake her up ?  Believe me, she was out like a light again within a couple minutes.  The TV can be on, the door open and slam shut and she never even flinches.  Wish I could sleep like that.    Linda

Thursday, September 7, 2006




CLICK THE PICTURE TO START THE VIDEO.  Sorry it's on it's side.  I can not figure out how to rotate it. 


Hello on another sunny (at least here in western Washington) Thursday.  They are saying we will get some rain this weekend....of course it will happen this time , because the Puyallup Fair starts Friday.  Anyway, I took my camera to work today and after I got off.......I stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful plaza that seperates the hospital and the children's health center where all the out patient clinics are located.  It really is a paradise and for those employees and visitors (and some patients) it's a beautiful, soothing, relaxing place to just sit and reflect.  The only time I get thru there is when I have to go to the main hospital building on some errand.  Our office is 3 blocks form the hospital and I don't get over there very often.  The grounds keepers do a beautiful job with the flowers and shrubs. There are several hunderd varieties of roses and other plants.  And even in the's beautiful and peaceful. I also took a video of the fountain that's seen in the pictures and if I can figure out how to get it from vertical to horizontal I will post that too.

I'm off now until Tuesday...I thought that was nice until I looked closer at the schedule and saw that I'm scheduled to work Saturday, Sept 16th.   WHAT ??? WORK A SATURDAY ??? I haven't had to do that in over a year.  My normal schedule is Monday thru Thursday, 7am-3:30pm. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures....until next time,   Linda

P.S. How about that full moon ?  Isn't it magnificant ?

Monday, September 4, 2006


I was saddened to read of the death of Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) while he was filming off Batt Reef in Queensland, Australia.  I'll admit he did some reckless and  crazy things but I can't help feel sympathy for his wife Terri and the young children who will now grow up without their dad.  The report states; "He came on top of the stingray and the stingray's barb went up and into his chest and put a hole into his heart,"  Again my sincere sympathy to his family and friends for  this tragic loss.

It seems a lot of people were having "ALERT" problems over the weekend.  I did two entries Sunday and wondered if there were any alerts for them, but I think maybe they went out a little delayed.  Anyway, hopefully everything is back to normal now.  

I have to finish my ironing today, as tomorrw it's back to work.  The first day back since returning from my cruise.  The bronchitis and ear infection I came home with, has continued to keep me home because my hearing has been so poor do to the ear infection.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be greatly improved, as I work in a call center and take phone calls all day.......I need to be able to hear clearly.

It's supposed to be another hot, dry day here in western Washington but I have lots of fans to keep me cool while I iron away. 

Have a wonderful Monday, and until next time......................Linda

Sunday, September 3, 2006


I just named today  "No Alerts Sunday."   What's the deal ?  Is everyone out having a good time ?  I've only had a very few alerts for new journal entries and just a few comments on my entries. 

Anyway, I hope this doesn't continue or no one will be reading journals anymore.

This Is Where I Live

This Is Where I Live

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO START VIDEO.  Just playing with the video part of my digital camera. I did not have the memory card in the camera so it's just a few seconds long.  As you can see, it's another bright sun shinny day here in Western Washington.        Linda


I've known about this web site for a long time and I may have shared it with you before.  But I just happened on it again and thought I'd put the word out.  Some cute pictures of Cats In Sinks;

Here's another one that's fun to look at on a hot day;

Or this one of one of my favorite pier amusement area (Santa Monica) in southern California;

Or is it time to start baking for the Holidays ?

Or maybe take a virtual look at the United States of America;

Or watch a volcano;

Or dream about a lifetime supply of ice cream;

Or contemplate Christmas at a gas station;

Or travel down a dirt road;

Or have a little fun with your friends;

Hope you've enjoyed this special spots......Linda

Saturday, September 2, 2006


I decided to go to a movie this afternoon.   I've been home with this bronchitis & ear infection crud since returning from Alaska and am definitely getting cabin fever.  So I decided to go out to a movie.  I think it was a very good movie and hopefully can get the DVD when it comes out, so I can watch it again and hear the dialog.  The problem was my ears are still so messed up, I could only hear about half of it.  I was about to scream out "turn up the volume" but when I looked around one was cupping their ears trying to hear so I figured it was my problem alone.    Anyway, it was "The Illusionist."  Set in 19th-century Vienna, I loved the setting and the costumes, etc.  Jessica Biel was beautiful and Edward Norton as the magician was very handsome.  I recommend it to all you movie lovers out there.

As we celebrate the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.    Let us not forget those who may not get a three day weekend.  Those working in law enforcement, hospitals, fire fighters and the many others who labor around the clock to keep this country running.  I'm also thinking of those dear folks on our east coast who are getting deluged with rain and wind.  May they be safe. 

Until next time.........Linda

P.S. the popcorn was delicious and well as the Coke !