Sunday, September 3, 2006

This Is Where I Live

This Is Where I Live

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO START VIDEO.  Just playing with the video part of my digital camera. I did not have the memory card in the camera so it's just a few seconds long.  As you can see, it's another bright sun shinny day here in Western Washington.        Linda


stevietwain said...

Wow, I LOVE where you live!!! That's awesome!!!

I would be sooooo tempted to decorate that HUGE tree at xmas!! lol!

Great entry hun..LOVE the accent!!

Lv Stevie

inquestoftruth said...

Very nice and peaceful looking place you got there.   Love the video idea...  my camera will take a 60 sec. video, but I don't know how to load it into my journal.   I'm not real savvy on this 'puter stuff.

queenb8261 said...

Very nice video. Nice getting a look at your lovely home & the beautiful place you live in. You'd think we were in Seattle the way the weather has been for 3 days!!  Sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. We'll see. We needed this moisture SOOO desperately, so I am dancing. LOL I'm freezing, but I'm glad it's raining.
Hope you're having a good Labor day weekend.

lv2trnscrb said...

very nice area; does the tree lose all its leaves come fall? if so, lots of raking I would imagine


robinngabster said...

I'm gonna have to figure out how to do this with my camera and my journal.  Looks very nice there and I love the tree.  Show us it again when there is snow!

jaymact1 said...

What a lovely tree my neighbours have just cut a tree down and it looks so strange outside.  LOve Joan.

ally123130585918 said...

Linda thanks for showing us where you live ~ It looks lovely ~ do you know how old the tree is ? it really is huge ~ Ally

patrice21459 said...

Hi Linda,
WOW !!!  It looks really gorgeous. It's like living in a giant park, all those trees and flowers. Beautiful.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Love n hugs
Pat   x x

angelrose2u said...

How absolutely beautiful!!! thanks for sharing. Never been to washington or anywhere near there, I hope to one day