Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Does Anyone Out There Have this Baby Book?

I am looking for a copy of this baby book. I don't need one~I just need copies of some of the pages in this book. (That is, if they are not already filled in). Please let me know if you have one or if you know of someone who has one. Thanks so much.......

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been so long since I posted an entry, I almost forgot how.  Thank heaven for Windows Live Writer!

Other than my birthday at the beginning of the month I’ve always dreaded January.  It seems like it goes on forever. Usually January in Washington state includes; short dark days with low temperatures, rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow and more of the same.  But for a couple weeks this month we were blessed with temperatures in the mid to high 50’s and glorious sunshine.   While rain was pounding southern California, Nevada & Arizona we were basking in rays.

jan 15 sunset2

But this morning I woke up to our normal winter weather…rain, gloom and 43* has been the highest temperature.  At least keeps me indoors being productive.

January brought the start of some winter TV shows. American Idol, The Bachelor and other’s are back for their 6-8 week run.  Also this month we’ve witnessed the big deal on NBC between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Even David Letterman got in on the controversy.  Personally I’ve always like them both~but prefer Jay Leno.  And I was so happy when they moved his show to 10pm. Since I’m not into the 10pm high drama shows, I loved to end my day with a few 10pm giggles from Jay’s show.  I’ll miss him when they move him back to the 11:35pm time slot. I stayed up last Friday night and watched Conan’s final show.  He left with remarkable grace and dignity. I wish him well and I’m sure he’ll find his prime time niche by fall.  Meanwhile he’s got the 43 million dollars that NBC gave him as a severance package.

The morning of January 18th I heard helicopters and the wailing of sirens very close by.  It seems that a group of 3 businesses were on fire, about 4 blocks due west of me on the main street thru the area.   The one at the end of the row was a tire shop and the fire departments from Lakewood and surrounding areas fought valiantly but were unable to contain the fire before it reached that end.  There’s a floor covering store that’s been there for about 40 years just past the tire shop, they were spared because of a firewall in between their store and the tire shop.

The fire started in this second hand shop & quickly spread to the two adjoining businesses.

fire january 18 20102

fire january 18 20103

The smoke, especially as it was spreading was incredible.

fire january 18 20106

In the picture below, you can see that the tire shop is starting to be involved. The white pick-up was being loaded with tires and wheels but shortly after I took this picture, the flames spread and they had to move it.


fire january 18 20109The sun looked so eerie thru the cloud of smoke.

fire january 18 201013

This picture was taken from my driveway~once the tire shop caught fire, the acrid smoke drifted in our direction. I shut the front door, of course but it still seemed to get into the house.  I opened my slider on the far side of the house and turned on a fan for awhile & that seemed to work. 

fire january 18 201017

Later in the day the entire complex collapsed into a burned out pile of rubble.  Fire personnel remained on the scene that night until the next day.  They thought it may have been started by an electrical malfunction in the Second Hand shop but I haven’t seen any final determination in the paper.  Several days later I went by and the area was fenced off and guys in suits were walking around.

Bob left for southern California, the morning of January 19th.  He went down to help his Pasadena daughter & son in law move.  I decided to stay home this time~mainly because the weather here is so unpredictable this time of the year. I felt I couldn’t risk having my plumbing freeze up if the temperature dropped or the carport cave in if we got a heavy snowfall.  He encountered a little difficulty this trip due to winter weather in northern California.  He ended up holed up in Yreka for two nights because Interstate 5 south of there was closed due to snow and fog.  We kept hearing that the Grapevine just north of Los Angeles was also closed due snow too but once he got to that point of his excursion, the highway was wet and bare.  Once he crossed that pass he was happy to see that the Los Angeles area had not floated away….as they’d been having record breaking rainfall for days.  The house deal isn’t quite completed yet so meanwhile he’s helping with the cleaning and painting at the house where they’ll be moving.   Hopefully by weeks end they’ll be able to move and get settled in their new home.   Bob took his skies and is planning on coming home thru Carson City, Nevada where he’s hoping to ski with his cousins.  He hasn’t been able to ski here in Washington yet because of being busy and then the weather hasn’t been very co-operative.  At his age, he likes the snow and weather conditions to be just right before he spends a lot of money on a lift ticket plus he doesn’t want to risk a broken leg or hip in mushy snow.

I had all these grandiose plans for de-cluttering while he was away.  The weather hasn’t cooperated.  It’s really hard to stay in and tend to business when the sun is shining and it’s 58* out there.  But I must get busy…the mouse can not continue to play because eventually the cat will be back.   I did start on my project the other day and found a bunch of stuff in a box that I thought contained empty boxes.  I spent parts of two days listing those items on eBay.  My plan is to really dig in and be able to call St Vincent de Paul or some other organization to come in about 2 weeks and pick it up. 

Meanwhile plans for my son’s March 12th wedding continue & I haven’t lost an ounce of weight.  That’s discouraging but I realize (or at least I hope) no one will be looking at me.  They’ll all be focused on the bride and groom.  About the time of the wedding, the questionnaires that are being sent out in my 50th class reunion packet will be coming back.  I’m doing the Memory Book for our reunion  so once they come back, I’ll be busy, busy pounding away on this keyboard.  We’re sending out over 200 packets so I hope they come in a few at a time and not all at the last minute.   I’ve already done the preliminary work with the print shop and told the gal that I hope I can bring her a handful each week, rather than a big stack of them all at once. She, after all has other business to attend to.  

So that’s what’s been going on here.  I do get around to your Blogs every few days and try to leave comments as I can.  I know some of you are having trials and health issues and please know that I’ve been praying for you. I’m especially happy that our dear friend Ally in the U.K. is back home after a hospital stay. I also want to say “thank you” again to Bill at (Just Plain Bill)  for the squished penny he sent me. It brightened my day and is a great addition to my collection.   I’m really looking forward to the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver and Whistler, BC.  It was just a year ago in February that we spent a few days at a resort in Whistler and Bob was able to ski the same slopes that the Olympians from all over the world will ski this February.  With all the tensions and terrorist scares in our world~I pray the games will be safe and a happy time for all who come here.

Take care and I’ll be back again before too long….until next time~Linda

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Very Sweet Story in My Local Paper Today

There's a story in my local paper today. It's a little long but I hope you'll take the time to read it. A real story of the goodness of mankind, in my opinion.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Can It Really Be 68?

The morning of January 4, 1942 I drew my first breath. It hadn’t even been a month since Pearl Harbor was bombed, my mom’s parents were afraid that she’d have the baby in the street here in Tacoma, WA. Near so many military bases, this area was sure to be bombed next. But that didn’t happen and I was safely born in Tacoma General Hospital, the hospital where my mom had worked as a RN in the new born nursery and where in February of 2007 I would retire.

linda as a baby

I can remember when I was a teenager, I thought anyone over 40 was as old as dirt and now look at me…..what a whirlwind these many years have been. And I’m so blessed with two wonderful kids…my daughter (Julie) and her husband have given me two grand children, now teenagers (Harrison is 18 and Meghanne is 17) and my son (Jim) is about to marry in March and give me a new daughter and two grand cats. I have so many other dear family members and friends….I am truly blessed.

This afternoon, we’re going to dinner with two friends of mine and their husbands (Joni and Barbara) both of which, I’ve known since grade school.

Many of you have sent “Happy Birthday” wishes and I want thank each one of you. I wish you were all here and we could have one giant party this evening… instead I’ll be taking each one of you with me in spirit.

Until next time……Linda

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year at Seattle’s Space Needle


I would never go to Seattle and get involved in the giant crowd of people who gather to watch the New Year’s Firework’s show from the Space Needle ~ but I love to watch it on TV each year.  The following pictures were taken off my television. I hope they give you hint of the wondrous display we see each year.

space needle1 

space needle3 space needle4

space needle6

space needle8

space needle10

space needle12

space needle13

space needle14 space needle16

space needle17

space needle24

We had experienced rain most of the day but the rain stopped a few hours before the magic hour and the show proceeded without the dampening effects of a downpour. Happy New Year to all of you! Until next time, Linda

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.....