Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It took me 50 minutes this morning to get to the office.  At no time did I go over 20 miles an hour.  The drive normally takes about 20-25 minutes.  It was ugly.  The roads I used had not been sanded as yet so were solid compact snow & ice.  Tonite the forecast is for temperatures between 12-20 degrees, so anything that melted today will be frozen in the morning.  And it just dawned on me, now that it's dark and 22 degrees out there, that I had not put the protective covers on my outside faucets.  Gosh, I hope they don't freeze and break open.  If they do, once it warms up, I'll have water spurting everywhere.  According to the weather people, Wednesday afternoon, evening and during the night will be more of what we experienced Monday night.  An ice snow storm, and guess what folks ?  I'm supposed to work at another seminar Wednesday evening.  I tried to get ahold of the person in charge of this one, to see if she planned on cancelling it but could not reach her. Hopefully she'll get ahold of me in the morning and let me know one way or the other. If it's going to be cancelled, I'll have to call the 36 people signed up for it and let them know.

The son of one of my co-workers went with some friends to the Seattle Seahawks game (in Seattle) last night on the bus.  They left from Tacoma (30 miles to the south of Seattle).  The snow started just before kick off and by the time the game was over, it was very cold and snowy.  The guys, went out and got on their bus for what should have been, at the most, a 1 hour ride.  The bus left Seattle about 10pm and they finally got into the transit center in Tacoma at 3:30am this morning.  They said it was horrendous.  There were accidents everywhere, buses, cars, trucks...every manner of vehicle in all directions on the freeway and in the ditches along the freeway.  I heard on the radio coming home tonight that the Seattle police responded to over 600 calls for aid in about a 12 hour time period.

I haven't talked to my son today, so I don't know if he's going to try and work tonight or not. I'd like to see him stay home this entire week....but since he's 35 years old...I can't tell him what to do anymore.  In other words...I'm no longer the boss of him.  LOL

Thank you all for your kind words of concern about the weather conditions here.  I actually felt a real peace as I drove (slid) into work this morning.  I knew my friends all of the US and the British Isles were thinking of me.   You're all the greatest !!!

Until next time..........Linda & Gabi too



inquestoftruth said...

go wrap some towels and garbage bags around those faucets!    Glad you're home safe!     The nerve of our kids thinking we are no longer the boss!

yakima127 said...

I am so relieved that you made it there and back...Jae

jonibooks1991 said...

Glad you made it to work and back.  We closed at 5:00 tonight very nice, thinking of employees and customers safety.  I certainly hope your company does the same and cancels wed night.  For everyones sake.  It was very dangerous out there this morn and tonight.  I will be glad when this mess is over.  Joni

beckerb6 said...

I was glad to hear you got to work and home safe. I will be praying for your safety tomorrow as well.

ally123130585918 said...

Linda glad you made it OK yesterday ~ will be thinking of you today ~ really felt for the people who went to the Seattle Seahawks game that ride home must have been horrendous five and a half hours to get home ~ glad they all made it safely ~ I hope your Son decides to take the rest of the week off ~ Can't understand why he don't take orders from you anymore LOL ~ Ally

pharmolo said...

Sounds pretty dreadful Linda, take care on those icerinks, passing as roads