Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It started snowing last night about 7pm.  Here in the mobile home park where I live, the roads, the yards & trees and anything left out and not under cover turned white very quickly and it stuck !  I probably have only about 2 inches on my yard but the problem is....the temperature dropped and the wind came up.  When I went out to get the morning paper off my porch this morning, there was snow on the north end and the south end , the only place it wasn't covered was right in the middle.   The temperature this morning is 25 degrees.

Now I'm hearing on the TV news, this is being called a flash freeze and that there are still people out there in their cars trying to get home from work from yesterday evening and from the Seahawks football game that was in Seattle last night. They've been out there all night !  Here's what KOMO TV has to say;

Dear Linda,
Updated Tuesday 4:03 a.m.

Seattle got it this time, 2” of snow that actually sticks to the ground and causes major problems on the roads. As soon as the snow fell it “Flash Freezed” and turned to sheets of ICE ! Just as we expected, snow started to fall again Monday. Heavy first on Camano Island, Whidbey Island, all the way to Marysville with widespread power outages.

The Puget Sound Convergence Zone continued to develop and spread heavy snow bands down through Seattle during Monday Evening. Snow Advisories were issued and stayed up all night in many areas.
Bellingham was on the other side of the arctic boundary so they just got the bitter cold and wind that whipped around all of the snow from Sunday.

A VERY Cold morning tops the weather headlines with most of us in the 20's, ICY roads and slick sidewalks will be a problem most of the day! It is still snowing lightly around the South Sound. Tacoma, Olympia, through the SW Interior. Expect very icy conditions.
This is the type of cold that you will want to check up on your neighbors and see if they are staying warm and see if they need anything.

Today will include clearing and a sunny, cold afternoon with highs only reaching the upper 20's and low 30's on average. We will have a North wind around 10 mph.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning the sky will be clear by then, but bitter cold overnight temperatures will drop into the teens and low 20's.

We finally moderate some during the day Wednesday, as temperatures should get up closer to 40 with a mostly sunny sky, but another weather system is heading our way for late Wednesday and Thursday, and with cold air in place, that could spell more snow potential. That should eventually change to rain Thursday afternoon.
Looks like just a few rain showers Friday, and then cold rain Saturday and Sunday with highs in the 40's.

Will it be the 0.09" we need to get over the 15.33" rain total for November that would tie the Federal Building record for wettest month ever? With the overnight system and Thursday's system we WILL be it !

KOMO 4 Weathercaster Jim Castillo

I'm going to go get ready for work...hopefully before I leave someone will call and say "stay home."  They just announced that the local schools will be closed today.  The kids get a play day, unfortunately it's way too cold to be outside playing.  Hope it's warmer where you are.....Linda




ally123130585918 said...

Morning Linda I hope someone calls and say "Dont come in today" but if they don't take care driving to work ~ will be thinking of you ~ Ally

pippa1116 said...

wow.  my daughter's have never seen that kind of weather.  I remember it being that way here when I was growing up, but not anymore. we had to DRIVE 3 hours to show them what a "real" snow looked like.

I hope all those stranded people make it home!  and that YOU get to say in today yourself.

take care and stay warm,


yakima127 said...

My sister sat on 405 by Kirland (Evergreen Hospital) for 3 and a half hours.  She called as she was sitting there, not moving, and I haven't heard from her since.  Also, my son was supposed to return last night from his Florida trip.  His plane was supposed to land at 8; at 9:30 he called from SeaTac saying they were waiting for the shuttle, and was hoping to be back to his friends house around 10 or so, and I needed to pick him up.  Well, I waited and waitied and finally fell alseep with the phone.  At 3 AM (!) he called to say he was just going to stay at his friends overnight, because they STILL were not home, yet. I-5 was a mess!  I am sure he is sleeping and not still stuck out there, or he would have called...what a mess!  Jae

sugarsweet056 said...

WOW! I'd have to crawl back in bed & pull the covers over my heard! The girls & I would be home bound for sure!!! :)
Hugs, Sugar

inquestoftruth said...

half an inch will close my town down...heck...once when in college, there was a THREAT of snow and they cancelled finals scheduled the next day.   Then, as it turned out, there was no snow, and we all got an extra day to study.   Not that we did.....

gotomaria said...

I'm catching up and your journal and had to write....I work near Southcenter area and live in Seatac...man was the snow bad.  I got so busy at work on Monday night I didn't realize it was snowing that bad and when I walked out at 6:00...was I surprised...took me two hours to get home and usually it takes only 15 minutes.  Living on a hill was not the problem...it was all the people in the valley and the buses that hosed up the onramps and roads.   I think some people ran out of gas,  some just left their cars in the middle of the road...it was ridiculous.   I was on pins and needles the whole drive home.   Next time I'm looking out the window more often.....got busy writing an article for a newsletter at work...you know how that goes....totally emersed......All is well now...what a difference a couple of days makes...:)