Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I just talked to the acting supervisor (our regular supervisor is on vacation), and she said "Linda, stay home."  I just feel very uncomfortable driving in today.  I have several good size hills that I have to go up or down in order to get to the office.  I know the road crews do their best to get them sanded but when it's like this they can't be everywhere.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to be even colder tonight, so if the sun comes out today and melts anything, it will just freeze.   Anyway, I asked the boss to call me when & if she gets into work and if she doesn't have too bad of a time I may chance it a little later in the morning.  She lives about 4 miles due east of me, so she has hills to travel, too.  She normally picks up the freeway not too far from her house, but with last night's commute still out there, she said she'll probably stay off the freeway this morning.     Again, the weird thing around here is..... that what's going on weatherwise 4 miles from here could be different than what's in my neighborhood.  You just never know.   I just heard on the news that the Narrow's Bridge is a mess this morning...I can imagine.  Bob and I drove across there once in an ice storm and big pieces of ice were falling off the cables onto the bridge deck.  They closed the bridge that day, just after we crossed.  That was about 6 years ago, the day after Christmas.  

Ok...well I think I'll take my shower and at least be ready to go in if it warms up a little.  

Here's a link to the traffic cams in Washington state.  If you have nothing to do...you can sit and click on each little camera and see what's happening.  Of course I am writing this at 6am and it's still dark out there, but in a few hours it will be lighter.     http://wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/default.aspx


jeadie05 said...

It would be wise to stay at home or at least wait awhile to see if conditions improve ..love Jan xx

pippa1116 said...

yeah, i think you should stay home too.  just think of all the repercussions if you were to slide off the road or into something else.  just make the most of your "snow day" there at home!


pharmolo said...

Main routes look well cleared and salted, Linda, but there's no telling what it might be like on lesser roads. Take it easy, and if you decide to go out, take care

yakima127 said...

Ice is impossible to navigate.  I was shocked at how many people were out on the roads this morning, especially given the fact that there were still people out there sleeping in their cars from trying to get home LAST NIGHT!  You are smart to stay home...Jae

sonensmilinmon said...

The freeways are fine as they put sand down.  HOWEVER, it's getting to that point and once you get off the freeway that's hard.  It was pure ice earlier when Sonny took Kim to work - she refused to drive in it.  I'm laying low at home.  Our employees were to stay home also.  Keep warm and dry ... and SAFE!