Friday, December 1, 2006

A Dry Friday

Hello out there...well here in my neck of the woods, the snow & ice is gone and it didn't rain today.  Tomorrow, hopefully I can get that front yard of mine cleaned up with the lawn mower.  The weather guys are saying it's supposed to stay dry for awhile now.  YIPEE !!!!!  No rain, no snow, no ice rain, no hail, no sleet !!!!!!!

It took almost two hours to do a little grocery shopping this afternoon.  Today, I shopped at Fred Meyer which is a combination store...besides groceries you can find shoes, electronics, photo processing, hardware items, furniture, a garden shop, they also sell clothes for the whole family, towels, bedding, toys, you name it....... "Freddies" usually has it.  Sort of a "one stop shopping" if you will.   Anyway the place was packed, the isles crowded and I left my list at home, to wandered up and down each isle in the grocery section so I wouldn't forget anything. 

My son, Jim had his appointment with the plastic surgeon today regarding the injury to his nose in last week's car accident.  He called me after the appointment and was thrilled to report that the doctor says he sees no need for surgery.  He examined him thoroughly and said it's still very swollen up inside there but it's not out of alignment so should heal fine on its own within 3 or 4 months.  So that's good news. 

I'm still working on those Christmas letters for the cards I send to out of town family.  The rest are done, sealed, stamped and ready to be mailed.  I'll start mailing the ones that go across the ocean the first of the week and the other ones soon after that.  Then my next project is dragging all the bags out of my closet and sort thru the items that have been purchased for Christmas gifts.  I shop all year long, as I never have a big wad of money in December to do all my Christmas shopping. Besides, if I'm somewhere and see something that looks like it would be a good gift for someone, I get it.  I may not ever come back to that store again  (Example; being in Alaska this summer, I bought several Christmas gifts there).  I've always done that unless it was clothing items for my own kids or grand kids when they were growing like weeds. Then I would wait until the end of November before I started buying those items.  Now that they are teenagers, they don't want clothes from Grandma anymore.  Gift cards work just fine for teenagers.

Well, folks my break is over.  I hope everyone had a good week and those of you in the mid-west are doing ok with the storms coming thru that area.   Take care, stay warm  and more later..........Linda


sugarsweet056 said...

Ice, snow, & COLD temps here. BRRRR
Glad to hear your son won't need surgery.  :)
Nice you have most of your Christmas shopping done.
Have a nice weekend,

radar446 said...

I'm jealous of your winter weather.  It was 78 here today, and 75 yesterday.  I was in shorts and sandals...and sweating.  It should be cold here by now, I think the weather is broken.


sonensmilinmon said...

Now it's the midwest that is having weather woes.  I'm happy to see our normal weather back.  This time of year, I hate going to any store - they are all crowded.  The worst to me is Costco - the parking and the people drive me crazy.  When I go, I just want to get back home and hide under my bed!

Have a good weekend and I'm glad your son received good news.


jonibooks1991 said...

That's so good that you have your shopping done.  I've bought a few things but then I forge what I bought and buy more.  I'm so glad all that weather is gone for now, it is so stressful for everyone.  We are getting really busy in the store.
Glad your son won't need surgery.  It will be good that you can get out in the fresh air today.  Have a great day!  Joni

pharmolo said...

Glad to hear of the break in the weather - we're up for it next, in the UK. One vicious storm on its way. Have a good weekend.

jeadie05 said...

I hope the awful weather has gone now ,and you can get your lawn sorted out ,I like the sound of Freddys,we have shops like that here too , it does save going from shop to shop ,I try to buy through the year too ,but dont seem to have done very well this year Jan xx

yakima127 said...

It was nice to get back to "normal".  We still have some icy slush, especially in our parking lot, but for the most part, it is easy driving.
My sister works at "Freddies."  I was at Safewy, yesterday, and it wasn't too bad (but it is groceries only).  When I was at the Mall (Everett) on Thursday, it was busy, but not packed.  I will not brave it on a weekend, though...Jae

mrsm711 said...

Our lawn mowing days stopped in Mid Oct.   Smart shopper the way you do it.  Its always fun at the end to see what you all got.  19 degrees here/wind chill 7.     Tracy