Thursday, October 6, 2005

Thursday Evening

Well, I got a lot done on my day off today.  I got my hair cut at 10:30am, came home and watched Ellen and then off to a 12:30pm doctor's appointment.  From there I went out to the mall in Puyallup to pick up an item that I had on hold (my son's Christmas present), did a little shopping for myself at Gottschalk's (gosh I love that store).  Then stopped at Albertson's and got milk and a few other things for the weekend. Meanwhile, it started pouring rain, so by the time I got home I was soaked and cold.  There is now a nice fire going in the woodstove.  You see the grandchildren are spending Friday night with me, apparently their parents want to spend their 16th anniversary alone, without two teenagers about.    Yup, 16 years ago was rehearsal night.  I looked thru my pictures and they weren't all that great.  I obviously did not have a good camera then.  But, I found one that show's the soon to be wed couple kneeling for the prayer, at the direction of Darlene the wedding consultant at the church. After rehearsal we all went out to pizza.

 picture #1 is Julie and hubby-to-be practicing their kneeling (this is an Assembly of God church, so it's not something we did frequently)

picture #2 was taken at the Godfathers Pizza place.  Those shown are, left to right..Mary Kay (matron of honor), Amy (one of the bridesmaids), Joe (Amy's husband at the time), my son & Julie's brother Jim (what he did to his hair a couple weeks before the wedding is a story in itself) and last the blonde guy is my "little"  brother & Julie's uncle Steve. 

I have a very special picture that I will post after I get home from work Friday from that beautiful day, 16 years ago.

Until then....Linda


yakima127 said...

Have fun with the teenagers!  Food!  Make sure you've got lots of food!  JAE

jeanno43 said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I bet you will have so much fun tonight with the grandchildren.

ally123130585918 said...

Have a lovely night with your grandchildren, how nice there parents want to spend their 16th anniversary alone..Pictures are great..looking forward to seeing the next one..Ally

labdancer51 said...

Thanks for sharing those pics Linda!  have a nice evening ...:-)

Sandra xxxx