Thursday, October 6, 2005

I've Been to England

I've been to England this morning.  I've heard the news that Prince Charles and Camilla are coming to the U.S. on their first official visit.  I've seen inside Windsor Castle, where the Queen and her corgi's spend almost every weekend.  The staff there unpack  the suitcases of guests and hang their clothes in the closet of the guest rooms. And the Queen  oversee's all meals that are served. In 1992.. 105 rooms were destroyed in a fire but 5 years later it was completely restored.   I saw pictures of two almost "normal" Princes'... William and Harry. They like to do what other young fellows do and both said that they even do some of their own shopping when time permits.  Unfortunately, the camera's have also been there to capture their growing pains.  I admire their volunteering spirit, doing things their mother did.... for others. The Queens most exclusive club, the Order of the Garter has had hundreds of members over the years. Past members include Winston Churchill and Lady Thatcher.   I've been to the Queens library, full of wonderfully bound books and amazing art work and I've seen the Crooked Teahouse. I've heard the voices of the young boys choir of St George's Chapel who have been singing for the Royals since the 1300's.  They practice six days a week (early every morning after their 15 minute breakfast and before school) and the twenty members range in age from ages 6-13 years old.  And then there's the kitchen in the basement of Windsor Castle used for over 700 years.  Beautiful (and old) copper pots line the shelves on each side of this enormous dream kitchen.  All of this from the comfort of my home..watching "Good Morning America."  Unfortunately, tomorrow I work 7a-330p so will miss the tour of Buckingham Palace.  For those of you on the west coast it comes on at 7am on ABC television.  You can watch it and report to the rest of us...ok?

I'm off work today, but have lots of things to do, so will be reading my many journal alerts through out the day.  Have a good one...Linda


jeanno43 said...

So glad that you enjoyed your trip

labdancer51 said...

I`m glad you enjoyed the trip.  I saw the smoke from the fire from my house, it was awful.  At the time we didn`t know where it was coming from but news soon started to filter through.  The hall that burned down was wooden inside and therefore completely destroyed.  Prince Andrew came to Windsor and tried to help the fire-fighters who fought the blaze. :-)

Sandra xxxx

ally123130585918 said...

Really happy you had such a good tour - and enjoyed it so much...Ally

angelrose2u said...

awsome, glad it was a good one for you!