Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday Evening

I was off work today and thankfully it turned out to be a nice day weather wise.  This afternoon I got both the front and back yard mowed.  I had a doctor's appoinment this morning, on the way home from there I filled up the gas tank...$2.60 a gallon for regular unleaded.  I think the price is  down a little.  I can remember back in "the good old days" a dollars worth of gas would get you half a tank.  After a little lunch I went to an afternoon movie (I have a large theater just a few blocks away) and saw "North Country."  Oh my gosh !!! What those poor women went thru at their jobs in the coal mines in northern Minnesota in the late 70's.  They filed the first class action sexual harrasement lawsuit in the US.  It made me think of some of the experiences I had working in an automobile dealership in the middle to late 60's.  I worked there for 6 years and none of suffered the abuse those gals did, but some of the stuff that was said to us was not appropiate.  I was tall, slender but rather large busted (and very self concious about it) and my boss called me "Chester."  I was mortified but could do very little about it...I was young and afraid to stand up to him because he was the boss and I needed my job.  That would never be allowed in today's workplace.  Well, I have a salmon steak out to cook for dinner tonight, so I guess I better get cooking.   Have a good evening, until next time.......Linda


angelrose2u said...

I hear ya about he gas, I paid $2.44 for it today, alot better than it has been recently. I can remeber as a small child my grandfather got so upset(which he rarely ever did, maybe 3xs all my life) , anyways he was angry that gas was 35 cents per gallon,lol, wonder what he would say now. :0


aniracj said...

Oh if only fuel was that cheap here.....we pay rough £4.00p a gallon which I believe is about $9. to $10. Do me a favour and send me some in a bucket, its getting that I cannot afford to run the car!!!!

fisherkristina said...

Wow!  $2.60?!