Sunday, October 16, 2005

Patrick's Sunday Seven - Episode 7

From Patrick at;

Pull a couple of items off your pantry and cupboard shelves.  Pick items that you eat fairly regularly.  (You might be able to get seven answers from one single item, depending on what you choose.)  Now list up to seven things in the Ingredients that you don't recognize.  It's an interesting way to see what you're eating...whether you like it or not!

I took two items off the shelf and I think I can come up with seven ingredients that are basically unknown to me. The two items are a can of Nalley's Original Chili and Pillsbury's Vanilla Funfetti cake frosting.

1. polysorbate60

2. potassium sorbate

3. disodium inosinate

4. disodium guanylate

5. thiamine mononitrate

6. autolyzed yeast extract

7. hydrolyzed soy protein

Pretty scary !!!!!  There's more but that's enough. 


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