Friday, October 14, 2005

Warm and Windy Friday

What weird weather today.  When I left work at 4:30pm it was 70* at 6pm it's dropped to 60*.  But, what was weird, was the 70* in October.  And it's windy...from all directions.  They say we're going to get a storm...maybe that's what's going on.  When I crossed the street from the hospital to get to my car, a gal commented on the 70* and the wind, saying if this was the mid-west I'd be looking for the funnel cloud of a tornado.  Hopefully that's not going to happen here in the Pacific Northwest.  When I got home there were a ga-zillion leaves (four of said leaves shown in the picture)  flying in every direction.   Backing my car into my carport....I could hear the crunch of dry leaves as the tires rolled over them.  I think fall is really here. At least tonight I don't need a fire in the woodstove, my house is very comfortable.

As I said in an earlier entry, I was asked to help out on the hospital switchboard today.  It's not my usual job and only rarely do I do that.  I enjoyed the company of a couple of the regular operators  during the day and I had a couple strange calls.  One lady called about every 20-30 mins asking for the phone number of a certain doctor.  None of us could find a number for him (nor had we ever heard of him)...we kept telling her this, she'd say "ok thank you"  then hang up and pretty soon there she'd be back on the phone with the same request.   I also had a man who kept calling our hopital asking for the phone number of the other large hospital in town.  We gave him the number and transfered him  at least 5 or 6 times, finally decided it was just easier to transfer and forget about giving him the number.   Oh well,  I guess that's what you call job security.   And other than the bad chair I had to sit in all day, the day went well and went by pretty fast. 


joolsinwa said...

well I predicted a storm brewing a few hours ago... it's quite obvious ones headed our way, hello wind and rain, yuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stijoan said...

fingers crossed you don't get a tornado! love Joanne x

labdancer51 said...

I love the sound of those leaves crunching! :-)

Sandra xxxx