Sunday, October 2, 2005

Easy Like A Sunday Morning #26

EASY - like Sunday Morning!  From; Kelly at

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Tell me.....

"What does fall mean to you?  Not everybody in J-land has 4 extreme seasons, so what does the season change mean where you live?"

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is much like it is in Kelly's part of the country.  As I look out my window this morning, I can barely see the asphalt road in my little mobile community.  What I see are gold, brown and bronze leaves on the road.  The wind and rain this time of year, scatters them everywhere.  On my front lawn I see more leaves (from the neighbor's trees), debris from my huge cedar tree and rose petals from my bushes that were in full bloom, a couple days ago.  Even tho the air is crisp and's also a sad time.  I know that soon my beautiful hanging baskets will wither and die from the cold.  The roses will stop blooming and become dormant and with the first freeze, the dahlias will turn black and be gone until next summer.      Fall means those little goblins will be knocking on my door for a handout in just a few weeks (maybe I'll give them toothbrushes this year) and that the Christmas decorations are up in the stores at the mall.  I walked into Costco the other day and was greeted by an array of decorated Christmas trees, strings of Christmas lights, and lighted reindeer nodding their heads as I passed by.  Now, once again, if we could just skip winter....then fall would be delightfully followed by spring !


jlocorriere05 said...

I love all the colours of Fall but it's the thought of the winter after it that I don't like! Still, you seem to have sorted it for us to go straight into spring!! Jeannette.

walkinfool51 said...

I agree with Linda's comment that it would be nice if fall could be followed by spring, but please, let's go back to fall again and skip the 80 degree plus summers!