Saturday, June 11, 2005


John, the "Journal Guru" talks about his experience with an In-N-Out  "double double".  For those of you who are not familiar with this establishment, it's a burger place orginating in So. Calif.  I understand there are some in Phoneix, AZ, Las Vegas & Reno NV and along the I-5 corridor starting at least in Redding, CA  and working south.  The really do make a good burger.  Their regular burger sells for $1.60, hand cut fresh fries for $1.09 topped off with a soft drink for as little as 99 cents.  They have great T-shirts for sale in their establishments and on their website ( you can buy all sorts of items featuring their famous logo.  I'm proud to have an In-N-Out license plate frame on the back of my car.  (Not too many of those up here in the Pacific Northwest.)  Hopefully, someday the company will expand and I can drive a few miles and enjoy one of these great burgers.  If you're interested the picture above shows the towering sign you should look for.  If you're lucky enough to get one for me too as I don't know when I'll get south again to enjoy this treat.  Enjoy......... :)

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