Thursday, July 14, 2005

JOHN'S Weekend Assignment #68:Viva la France!

I've never been to France but my dad was there during WW2.  And my niece went to school in Aix,France several years ago and my brother and sister-in-law traveled there the Spring of 2002.  The picture is actually the postcard they sent me.  My brother said on the card, "See the guy in the middle of the card?  The caption under him reads; A gallon of gas is how much?"  Every picture or film I've seen about France shows a very beautiful country and how about that lavender?   Yes, I agree with John, those of us in the US should be very thankful for France's gift of our grand lady in New York's harbor.  She has greeted hundreds of thousands of people seeking freedoms they could not find in the countries of their birth. Until next time.....Linda


smjr43 said...

Never been to France either.  Never been outside the U.S. for that matter.  The only French connection I have had as of late, is my daughter taking French in school, lol.


dragonrose637 said...

I've never been to France either. I plan to visit before I die I loved the pictures.

madmanadhd said...

I was in France my sophomore year of High School briefly. What a fantastic country. The food, culture, history. Paris is such a fantastic place with so much beauty and history. Could have wandered around the Louvre for weeks. Also enjoyed to Roman ruins in southern France.

Not a weekend assignment but please come on over and take a trip to the fair? Thanks.

sonensmilinmon said...

Hi, I'm new to your journal, I found you by following a link. :-)  I've been to France and enjoyed my visit there.  Spain was by far my favorite.  Paris kinda scared me as I felt like I was wearing a shirt with a bulls eye for the cars to hit!  Lot's of history and culture.  Lots of fun if you stay away from those mad drivers.