Thursday, July 21, 2005


The first thing on the local TV news this morning is about another attempted attack in the London subway system.  My heart goes out to all the people in that area.  We need to go on about our daily business and not let these kooks get the upper hand but golly we are only human and it's got to be scary at times.  Be strong and God bless !!!!

On a personal note, Friday and Saturday are the days of the annual "approved" car port/yard/garage sale here in the mobile park where I live. So today is preparation day for me. It's supposed to be about 83* today, so I hope the nice breeze continues or that carport of mine will be a little warm today as I set up tables and start hauling out the junk. I wish you all could come and help me for a couple hours and then after it was done we could go out in the back yard and run thru the sprinkler.   Take care, until next time......linda

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labdancer51 said...

I haven`t listened to the news all day Linda, I`ll have to have a look at that.....the world is going mad.  It`s scary of course, but I really TRY to forget about it as much as I can, though it`s not easy!

Sandra xxxx