Monday, July 4, 2005

Monday evening, July 4th

I've always disliked the date of my birthday (Jan 4th) right after the holidays and so easy to forget because everyone is all partied out.  When my mom was alive, she always made a big deal out of it.  She loved to celebrte birthday's anyway and I guess I got that from her.  After she passed away, I kept wishing that I could change it to a summertime date....hey maybe the 4th of July instead of the 4th of January. So back in the late 1980's I started celebrating my half birthday on July 4th.  The lady I worked with at the time thought it was a great idea and for several years, she would give me a half of a birthday card every year at this time.  The last 10 years or so, another co-worker has sent me a whole birthday card but always writes a "half birthday" greeting on it.  Well, 13 years ago today, something wonderful happened.  I got a half birthday gift at about 11am on that rainy 4th of July, 1992.  This special gift was my grand daughter, Meghanne.  To make it even better, she's blond and blue eyed like me.  Her mom and dad both have dark hair as does her older brother.  When she was little she'd say "I have "laa low" hair like my grandma.  Anyway, I want to use this opportunity to wish Meghanne a very happy birthday.  She's a very sweet girl and I'm proud to be grandma to her and her brother, Harrison.   Happy birthday Meggy..I love you !!   And Happy 229th Birthday to the USA !


fitzzer said...

That's awesome. Happy Birthday and a half to both of you! ~ Lori

labdancer51 said...

Happy Half-a-Birthday to you Linda!  :-)

Sandra xxx