Thursday, August 11, 2005

John's Weekend Assignment #72: The Ultimate Battle

Oh my gosh...what a dilemma ???? John, I think this is almost impossible. Let's see what I come up with.

           CAKE                                                 PIE

1. angel food w/choc frosting               1. lemon meringue

2. Costco's carrot cake                         2. pecan

3. Costco's chocolate w/choc               3. apple

frosting & bavarian cream filling

4. white cake w/white sour cream        4. strawberry/rhubarb

frosting w/coconut topping

5.                                                             5. chocolate cream

6.                                                             6. banana/butterscotch


Gee, I guess my favorite is pie. So.....for my favorite type of cake, I choose #3  Costco's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a bavarian cream filling (Yum !!)

1 comment:

monponsett said...

Bavarian creme filling works for me....