Monday, August 8, 2005

Monday Evening

Well, I reported for jury duty as requested this morning.  There were so many people they had to use two big rooms to do the orientation.  They reason given...there's a lot of cases coming up.

Shortly after they finished the orientation, the clerk came out with the 1st jury call for 35 people.  My name was not called.  Then about 30 mins later she came out again and called another 35 people but not me.   And then just before the lunch break, she called another 35 people and told the rest of us we could go for the day, and to call the special phone number after 4:30 this afternoon.  So it was off to work for me.  A lot of companies just pay their employees two weeks pay when they are called up, and they consider them off doing their civic duty for that time period.  But, the health care system I work for expects you to come in to work if you are released, during the day.  When I called in this afternoon, the recording only said groups 1-7 have to report in Tuesday morning and the rest of the groups call the recorded line after 4:30pm Tuesday. I'm in group 8,  so that means I will be at work Tuesday all day. 

It was another beautiful day in here in the great Pacific Northwest. It is truly a beautiful place to live in the summer (well I like it all year round actually).  However, some people complain about the gloomy days in the winter and the rain...I just tell them that's why it's called Washington.

Until next time.....Linda

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labdancer51 said...

Most companies in the UK pay people for the two weeks, but some, like the company I worked for, would expect you back if you finished early.  A friend of mine would come in after a full day at the court and still have to finish his shift!

Sandra xxxx