Sunday, August 7, 2005

Sunny Sunday

In just a little of an hour I have to call a special phone number to see if  I'm to report for jury duty tomorrow.  After church today I did some ironing, finishing up just as the sun burned thru a little fog we had this morning.  Now, it's sunny and breezy out there, after I get thru here I'm going to write up the Avon orders that I have, post the debits from my checking account to my checkbook roster and relax for the rest of the day.  Monday will be a long day, if I'm not required to report in, I'll be going to work and then tomorrow evening I have to check people in at a Back Pain Seminar the hospital is having, so won't be getting home until about 9pm.  That's why I decided to relax this afternoon & evening.  I'm looking forward to writing a very special journal entry, possibly Tuesday evening.  It will be about an event that I'm sure took place either this last Friday or Saturday.  I just have to get all the details together first. Hope the weekend has been good for you....until next time,

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