Thursday, August 18, 2005

Weekend Assignment #73: Your Best Entry

Journals Two-Year Anniversary Graphic

From John the AOL Journal Guy:

"This sunday marks the second anniversary of the official beginning ofAOL Journals, and this year has seen some exciting changes, including the addition of the AIM Blogs to our community. To celebrate another year of AOL Journalers doing their thing (along with the other anniversary things planned by AOL-J members themselves), I thought bring the Weekend Assignment into play.

Weekend Assignment #73: From your own AOL Journal or AIM Blog, pick your own favorite entry from the last year (from 8/21/04 onward). Link to it in the comment thread below, so we can all see what it was. You can alternately, of course, create a new entry where you link to your favorite entry, but that seems a bit overly complicated. Linking directly to your favorite entry will be fine. If you want to include any thoughts on the entry in your comment, well, that would be great, too."

Since I just started with AOL Journals this last spring I don't have a lot of entries to choose from. But without a doubt my favorite entry has to be the tribute to my dad during the Father's Day weekend. "My Tribute to Bill Smith, My Dad"

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