Saturday, August 27, 2005

WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT # 74 Tell us about something you want...

From John the AOL Journal guy;

Weekend Assignment #74: Forget about the things you need -- Tell us about something you want. Preferably something useless and/or expensive. In other words: Toys! Something fun and/or sparkly and/or indulgent that you don't already have but wouldn't mind getting, if someone were offering.

Extra Credit: Do you really think getting that toy would make you happier?

My wish is simple, a winning Lottery ticket.  Just one little piece of paper, really, that's all it is....I could help my kids and grandkids, donate to my church and other worthwhile charities.  And I could pay off my car and other bills and finally retire after almost 45 years of working.  I'd probably buy some "toys", too maybe even get a little newer car and for sure a medium sized motorhome for the traveling I'd like to do after retirement.  I'd for sure help my son get a better car.  His "nickle & dimes" him frequently.   And I'd help him go to school for "worker re-training" like he wants to do.  I'd see to it that my daughter and family had a bigger car to accomodate growing teenagers.  And also a bigger house to accomodate those same growing teenagers.  And then take the grandkids to Disneyland and Sea World & the San Diego Zoo.

Extra Credit:  Yes it would make me very happy to retire and help my family and others.


monponsett said...

I won the French lottery... a dollar a year, for a million years.

gdireneoe said...

OOOO!  This is a really GOOD one!  Dang!  Why didn't I think of that?  Then i could buy...what's over at my journal...teehee. ;)  C.