Sunday, August 14, 2005

Worry Continued/Sky diving

To add to my entry on August 11th and the piece about son informed me he was going sky diving (1st time) to celebrate his 34th birthday.  He told me it would be at 9am Saturday.  What I didn't know.. was that he was sitting thru a class on skydiving and then he would take his turn bailing out of a plane.  He promised he'd call me when he was back on firm ground but the day went by and no call.  I didn't hear any bad reports on the local news so I'm thinking "well, he just forgot to call and he'll show up at his birthday party, Sunday afternoon and he'll be fine." I did finally call him late Saturday afternoon and left a message on his cell phone that I was just wondering how it went.  Well, at 9pm he calls me from his cell..seems his turn to jump didn't come up until 8pm.  He jumped (and yes it was fabulous and amazing and awesome, etc etc) swooped in for a landing and when he put his booted (not tennis shoes)  feet out to land, a tree root or some sort of wood was sticking out of the ground  and penetrated the heel of his left boot and went into his heel.  His friend was driving him from the landing field to a local hospital emergency room. So about 9:30a I was on my way to the emergency room to see what the deal was.  There he sits, with one crutch (he just happend to have it in the trunk of his car) and his left heel bandaged with a big pressure bandage and the bloody wood piece that went thru his boot in a zip lock bag. It seems there was a bunch of military men there practicing and they not only practiced their jumps but their first aid skills as well. (My thanks to them.) Anyway, we sat there until a little after 11pm when they called him back to see the doctor.  Only 1 person besides the patient could go back, so I bowed out to the girl friend and came home.  At 1:30am he called...they'd x-rayed his foot, cleaned the wound, given him pain meds and antibiotics and he was on his way home.  Still going on and on about how awesome it was to jump out of a plane. He didn't have to have  a tetanus shot, as he had one several years ago when his left hand was sucked into and crushed in the printing press he was working on at the time. That was another call only it was from the emergency room staff at the hospital where his boss had taken him.  Worry ??? Yes, I always will worry, even though many years ago, when he was but a baby...we knew he was a gift from God, given to us to nurture and raise to a man.   That's been done and he's still a gift from God and I know that God has his hand on him at all times...but I'm his mom and I will worry about my children (and grand children and other loved ones) until I draw my last breath.  Now, I've got to go bake a birthday cake.  Until next time.....Linda

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yakima127 said...

Sounds like he gives you good reason to worry!!!  Glad he is okay!  JAE