Thursday, September 8, 2005

JOHN'S WEEKEND ASSINGMENT #76: I (Heart) the South

JOHN'S WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT #76: "The American South -- particularly Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama-- were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. But the American South has alsoresponded to the tragedy with strength and generosity as well, openingcities and homes to those displaced in Katrina's wake. So this week'sWeekend Assignment travels below the Mason-Dixon line for its topic:

Weekend Assignment #76: Tell us something you love about or from the American South. From sweet tea to Lynyrd Skynyrd, William Faulkner to the French Quarter, whatever makes you heart long for southern skies belongs right here.

Extra credit: In your opinion, which Southern state has the best barbeque?

I have never been to the South Eastern part of our great country and John didn't mention Georgia in his list of states but from where I sit...Georgia is indeed in the south. favorite part of the south would have to be Atlanta during the "Gone With The Wind" era.  The beautiful southern mansions, the beautiful ball gowns the wealthy women wore, the peach orchards.  Very nice...until it was burned to the ground during the war, of course.  Since I've never been there, I have no clue where you can find the best barbeque.  Unless...we move over to Texas.  There's a great little barbeque place in Gonzales, Texas.   And I've been there.    :)


joolsinwa said...

I vote gonzales as the best BBQ TOO!

pixiedustnme said...

Ah, I can just picture myself sittin on the Veranda drinkin sweet tea

monponsett said...

You forgot "black slave being bullwhipped in the field."

dragonrose3911 said...

Why is it when people mention the south they always talk about bullwhipping slaves? Just shows how stubborn they really are.