Friday, September 16, 2005

Rainy Friday Morning

So we finally got some rain...but why today ?? I'm off work and going to the Puyallup (pew-all-up) Fair. It's so crowded on the weekends, so I've been planning all along to go to today and now it's raining.  Oh well, I've got several umbrellas and most of the stuff is inside's just that on a sunny day it's nice to sit on a bench, eat a scone or ice cream and do some people watching.  I'm going with a girl friend, so we can look at all the quilts, hand work, baked goods, etc. things that most men don't really that will make it ok. I'm taking my camera so if it's not raining too hard I'll try to take a few pictures to post later.

Until later, Linda



jeadie05 said...

How lovely ,please take some pictures of quilts ,I do patchwork and quilt it but only in a small way,and thats when Im not busy !!Id love to be coming with you sounds just my thing .Janxx

labdancer51 said...

That sounds the kind of day I would enjoy.  Have fun there and I hope the rain stops for you. :-)

Sandra xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope the rains stays off while you're at the fair so you can enjoy an ice cream. Have a good day and I'll look forward to photos if you get a chance to take any. Jeannette.