Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday night finally answering "My 7 Things"

Quite awhile ago I was tagged by Jules for "My 7 Things"

so here you answers.

7 Things I plan to do before I die: 1. retire from my job 2. learn to knit (after reading Debbi Macomber's book, "The Shop on Blossom Street.") 3. learn to play the violin 4. go on a cruise to Alaska  5. do some volunteer work  6. take another train trip 7. loose some weight.

7 Things I can Do: 1. say "hi" and a few other simple things in sign language  2.still play a few tunes on my accordian  3. make good lasagna 4. drive a stick shift 5. milk a cow (I did it as a kid, it's something you never forget) 6. copy and paste 7. touch my toes

7 Things I Can't Do:  1. write my name in the snow (that's a guy thing) 2. make good pie crust  3. play a trumpet  4. do a cartwheel (never could, even as a kid) 5. change the oil in my car (that's why God created Jiffy Lube) 6. get pictures into my journal  7. win the lottery

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:  1. Christian values 2. a great sense of humor 3. tall (6 feet at least) 4. being a non-smoker  5. being a non-drinker 6. good manners 7. big brown or hazel eyes

7 Things That I Say Most Often:  1. "good morning, this is Linda (at work before noon) 2. "good afternoon, this is Linda (at work after noon) 3. "what's your due date?" (I register couples for their childbirth classes) 4. "is it pay day yet ? 5. "oh my gosh, I only have a half tank of gas left." 6. "messages of a various nature I leave on my son's voice mail because he never answers his phone." 7.  my prayers each night before I go to sleep

7 Celebrity Crushes 1. John Wayne ( I met him in 1955 and he was so nice to a shy 13yr old girl) 2. Kevin Costner 3. James Garner 4. Robert Redford 5. Harrison Ford 6. Hugh Grant 7. Tom Brokaw

There I did i'm going to bed and say my prayers.  :)


jeadie05 said...

I couldnt find your quilt entry,fancy meeting John Wayne ooooooh,cant you knit?Id be lost without my knitting,if you were nearer I would teach you,say one for me  Jan xx

fisherkristina said...

You can play the accordian?  I have never found anybody who could do that!!!