Friday, November 11, 2005

Washington admitted as a state

Not only is it Veteran's Day it's a special day for the State of Washington.  I found this information on the web regarding this important day for my beloved home state.

Washington admitted as a state

On November 11, 1889, U.S. Secretary of State James Blaine sent a telegram to Miles Moore, the last governor of Washington Territory stating: "The President signed the proclamation declaring Washington to be a state in the Union at 5:00 and twenty-seven minutes this afternoon."

On October 23, 1889, Territorial Governor Miles C. Moore dispatched a certified copy of the Constitution of the State of Washington by courier to be delivered to the President who had to approve it before he could proclaim Washington to be a state. Days went by with no word, and finally on November 4 a message was received saying that because Governor Moore had forgotten to sign the copy the President could not approve it. Overnight a new copy was prepared in Olympia (in long-hand since there were no copying machines in 1889, signed by the Convention delegates and Gov. Moore and it was sent to the President by courier the next day.

On November 11, 1889 the President approved the Constitution and issued the proclamation declaring Washington a state. Secretary of State James Blaine sent two telegrams to Washington announcing the news.


lv2trnscrb said...

interesting bit of history :)

Happy Washington admitted as a state day! Wonder if Hallmark has a card for such a occasion? :)


jeadie05 said...

 How many states at that time? .......interesting .................Jan xx