Saturday, January 7, 2006

I Was Tagged On January 2nd

I was tagged on Monday, January 2nd by Jae at:  to do "the 5 weird things about me" assignment.  I started to do it the other day and didn't finish or got interrupted or something.  Anyway, in the spirit of the New Year...I will complete this task. 

1..I like lots of different shower gels, so at this time I have 11 shower gels (all different) hanging from 2  shower caddy's in the shower stall.  (Most of them are Avon, since I'm my own Avon lady) Plus there's 2 bars of Dove and one Avon's Skin so Soft soap.

2..I don't like to sit with my back to the door in a restaurant.  And I like to sit way in the back row at church and in a theater. 

3..I don't like to drive on the freeway, so I take the side roads everywhere.  In the morning, going to work I travel a road that parallels the freeway and usually I'm going faster than they are anyway.  Occasionally, if the weather is nice, I'll hop on the freeway to come home from work.

4..I like the TV going, whether I'm watching it or not.  And I leave it on all day for Gabi (my cat) on whatever channel she wants.  I don't want her to feel lonely while I'm at work.

5..I'm a calendar and clock freak.  I have a calendar and clock in every room of the house (yes including both bathrooms) and the only time it's a hassle is when Daylight Savings time ends or begins for the clock part.  And then I agonize at the end of each year what calendar to hang where.  Once again this year I have a cat calendar in my kitchen, the Australia calendar (from my friends Harry & Helen in South Austrailia)  is hanging here next to my computer, there's a small lighthouse calendar in the main bathroom (it's in a nauticaltheme anyway), the new Avon calendar is in both bedrooms and in my bathroom there is actually 3 calendars. Yup...a wall calendar from Hawaii, that Bob brought back to me, a Mary Engelbreit calendar where you tear off a page each day, that sits on the counter and a very small American Wildlife calendar hanging down near the counter that a co-worker gives me every year.

So now that everyone knows about my weird quirks...I'm going to go get busy.  And also in the spirit of the New Year....I'm not going to tag anyone.  I will give you the freedom to do this exercise if you choose to. Just be sure I know about it, so I can see if you are more weird than me.......Linda


mllevl said...

Avon reminds me of Topaz perfume which reminds me......but thats another story!Hahaha. Eve

lv2trnscrb said...

I like to sit in the back at a movie and at church too. I love reading these "weird" things in people's journals.


jlocorriere05 said...

I did this last week and now I'm getting scared!! Every one I read in other journals has two or three that apply to me! Does this mean I'm weirder than I first thought??!! I have clocks and calendars in every room and about twenty (I'm frightened to count) body lotions, all different!! I also sit right in the back of the theatre. Lucky for me I don't have a TV or a car else the men in white coats would be breaking my door down to get me!! Jeannette.