Friday, January 6, 2006

Robin's Friday 5'er


It's Friday and it is time for what I call "THE 5'er!"   If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal. When you have answered them come back and leave a link in my comment section.  On the following Friday I will post your links and a new set of questions! Have fun!


This weeks theme is...potatoes. I don't know why...I am just thinking about them.

1.  When was the last time you had mashed potatoes?  Were they regular mashed potatoes or some kind of fancy version?

I haven't had mashed potatoes in at least a hundred years.  I remember gagging on the instant kind, since I remember them being good...they must have been the real thing.

2.  Do you grow your own veggies? Have a garden? If so are potatoes one of the things you grow?

I have had gardens in the past but have not grown potatoes...I think they grow at the grocery store anyway because that's where I always find them.

3. French fried you like natural cut fries, with skin still on or the McDonald's kind?  

This is a tough one.  I absolutley love those unhealthy McDonald fries the best of any of the other fast food chains.  But....when in Southern California or Reno, there's nothing like those hand cut fries from In-N-Out.  Some resturants have the kind with the skin on them and those are usually good, too.

4.  How about potato salad?  Do you like it? Have a family recipe you have used for  years?

I love potato salad, in fact I made some last week to accompany a beef roast. Who says you can only have potato salad in the summer ?   I have my own recipe (in my head)  and it tastes just a little different each time. I do not like chopped up pickles in mine but I do put a little pickle juice and sliced olives in it.  I have had many compliments on my potato salad over the years, so I guess I'm not the only one who likes it.  I can't stand the stuff from the store deli''s got some sort of preservative in it that gives it a icky bitter taste.

5.  Did you have a Mr. Potato head as a kid?  Ever purchased one for someone else's kid?

No...I just had a birthday and I'm older than dirt.  I don't think Mr Potato Head had been invented back then.  But, I know my kids  had one (or two).

Bonus question just cause I think potatoes are cool...did you ever put a potato in a glass jar with water and watch the roots grow in school. Like a science experiment?  And does anyone know what the purpose of that experiment is?

Yes, I have done that.  And I just did it for the fun of it. Kind of like an avocado pit...have done the same thing there.


lv2trnscrb said...

Totally agree with you on the fries - McDonald's are one of the best! This last week when we were in San Diego, we ate at an In-and-Out burger place. First time my son did. He wasn't as impressed as we were (or wasn't letting on he was impressed with it). I love their fries too.

Happy weekend!


jeadie05 said...

This was inspired ,who would have thought you could do an entry based on a  potato,The mashed potatoe one was~ yes on the top of my shepherds pie ! years ago we grew our own and they were the best . and yes we had a mr potato head .Heres a question you didnt ask .Have you ever been potato picking ?Ihave and jolly hard work it was too,we each had a stretch to pick and the machine would keep coming round far to quickly,I remember the Autumn sunshine on my breaking back  .................Jan xx