Sunday, January 8, 2006

Sunday Evening

Well, my four days off are over.  No,no,no !!! I don't want to go back to work.   Saturday I didn't leave the property but today I decided to venture out.  First I took Gabi ( my smooched face cat) to Petco to get her "nails" done.  She keeps sticking to to the sofa, rug, etc because her claws are so long.  I called them and they said it was $8.00 to trim them.  I thought that was a good price, since I've never done that and I would be afraid I'd hurt her if I tried.  So I left her with the nice groomer lady and went off to Safeway for a few groceries and to fill up my gas tank ($2.04 a gallon).   When I went back to get her, the lady said she was very co-operative and remarked about how cute she was.  So then I took her home and got her some treats and went to Home Depot.  I wanted to get some of those ornamental cabbage plants that look so nice right now.  But all they had in was a new batch of Primroses.  So I got 8 (79 cents each) in different colors to plant in those dreary, empty hanging baskets and the planters on my porch.  I think I may get some more....I still have some empty pots and they certainly bring a nice touch of color to the dreary landscape. 

I watched a great movie tonight.  It was called "Mrs Brown" and was about Queen Victoria after Prince Albert died.  Judy Dench did a wonderful job playing the role of the Queen. 

I wanted to share a website with you.  Christmas is over but it's still winter and snowflakes are a winter thing.  So check this out and let me know what you think.

Well, my alarm is set for 4:45am so I'm going to submit my Avon order and then start thinking about heading down the hall with my book and my kitty.  I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, until next time....Linda


jeadie05 said...

Well done Gabi ,first time getting her nails done and behaving well .Ilove that film ,Billy Connelly plays a good part too ,oh dear ,back to work ,hope it goes well and that your co workers pull their weight !..........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Sounds like you'll have to be dragged screaming into work, I know the feeling!! I loved Mrs Brown too, Judi Dench is a great actress and Billy Conolly was good as well. Gabi was very good wasn't she, I always cut my two cats nails myself, they stay quite still for me.......probably frightened I'll chop their toes off!! Jeannette.

ally123130585918 said...

Gabi was a good she won't get caught up on the sofa or rug.  The plants will look lovely when they come out - and all the colours will brighten up your porch....Queen Victoria was a brilliant film and Judy Dench played the part well.   I enjoyed thought about it snowing somewhere all year round......enjoyed it thanks for the link.....Take care...Ally

robinngabster said...

I get so nervous trimming my dogs nails...I do it but I hate it.  8 bucks sounds like a much better deal!