Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Baby It's Cold Out Side"

This morning when I looked out at the thermometer on my front porch it was 26 degrees.  Now they are saying we are getting a "Cold Arctic Blast" from Canada...thanks a lot you Canadians up north of here !  Well, they just said on the Seattle TV news that the folks up north of Seattle will get the coldest blast (sorry Jae, that's what they said). Some areas will be down in the teens...

I worked by myself again today.  That's always interesting in a call center.  Yes, you can only answer one call at a time but they do tend to pile up in the voice mail.  The health system has a lot of seminars & programs in the works right now too, so it's been busy.  Tomorrow will be another "alone" day and then Friday...well, that's my day off and I won't be there to worry about it.  The gal that usually works with me on Wednesday and Thursday is real sick. So was out all last week and again this week.  If you think of it...say a prayer for Susan's recovery. 

We have a long weekend coming up, but think staying home is what I'll be doing.  It's way too cold to be thinking about going camping, even though Bob's camper has a nice furnace in it.  And since my schmoosed face cat (Gabi) is still on moist food twice each day, I can't really leave her here for more than just a day, since she hasn't mastered the can opener as yet.

Thursday evening I'm going with a friend from work to the local Little Theater to see "Ain't Misbehaving."  It's a musical and the reviews in the paper have been outstanding.  So I'm looking forward to it.  I'm just hoping that when I get out of there after the performance, that my car isn't frozen to the parking lot surface.  I do have plenty of anti freeze in it, so I'm not worried about the engine. AND......I filled up the gas tank yesterday.  They say when it's cold like this you should keep your gas tank as full as possible.  Don't let it get too low.   By the way, a couple weeks ago regular unleaded was $2.18 a gallon in most stations that I passed.  Yesterday it was down to $ even though that's still too high and the oil companies are making record high profits, it'slower than it was a couple weeks ago.

Well, I'm going to go find something for dinner.  I still have some of that left over chicken enchilada casserole from Saturday but I have to take some of it for lunch tomorrow, so really don't want it for dinner tonight.  Maybe some toast and a dish of cottage cheese with pears or peaches mixed in it.  Yummmm........Linda


jlocorriere05 said...

It sounds cold there where you are!! I do hope Susan will be better soon and back at work to help you. I hope you enjoy the show on thursday, and your car isn't too frozen to the spot!! Jeannette.

lv2trnscrb said...

that's true about the gas; we try not to get below 1/2 tank here in Montana. We're getting the arctic blast here too.

Enjoy the play; it sounds like a good one


jeadie05 said...

Hope Susan's better soon and back to keep you company .Idont like to think of you frozen to the spot in your car ,,enjoy the show ..........Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Linda however do you manage on your own in a call centre, I always imaginged them lined up with people waiting to answer calls... How different you make it sound.....Hope Susan is better and able to join you to clear those voice mails...Long weekend at home sounds good to me.....Gabi hasn't learnt how to use a tin opener LOL....she may surprise you one day and do just that.....Hope you enjoy the musical - and the car keeps ice free...Ally