Wednesday, February 1, 2006


It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday. It's rained most of the and night.  One night I was laying in bed listening to the rain and thinking..."it's not only raining cats and dogs but elephants and chickens."

The Superbowl hype is growing...teams of reporters from local newspapers and TV stations are already in Detroit..reporting on what's going on behind the scenes before the big game this coming Sunday afternoon.  It's interesting that many local churches are bringing in big screens and inviting their congregations to stay after morning services and watch the big game as a church family.  I drove by a house here in town the other day and they had painted "GO SEAHAWKS!"  in big red letters on the end of their house.  I thought that was a little overboard.   Oh well, each to his own. 

I've been  reading two books lately and one is called "Mrs Miracle" by my favorite local author, Debbie Macomber.  It's a delightful book and easy reading.   Each chapter is prefaced with a little saying by "Mrs Miracle" or some other character in one of Debbie's books.  Anyway, the one I liked the best is a "Mrs Miracle" quote and it goes like this;  "It's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and then.  Just be sure to flush when you're finished."  Boy, did that speak volumes to me.... The other book I just finished is "The Preacher's Daughter" by Beverly Lewis.  She's a Christian fiction writer and a lot of her books are about the life of the Amish community.  Now that I've finished that, I'm going to start book 1 in the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers..this book is entitled "Voice in the Wind."  I got a little out of order with this series, having already read book 3 "As Sure as the Dawn."  Yes, I'm blond. 

I had my taxes done at H & R Block this afternoon.  I think their prices are going up, although I did have a couple things that were different this year.  It cost me $16 for the page where I declared my $40 in earnings from serving on Jury Duty last year.  Last year it cost me $100 less to have my taxes done and I got back $1,000.00 more than I will this year.  Somehow...that doesn't make me very happy.  And then I find out they tax Social Security...I think that's outrageous !!!!  People work their whole lives and pay taxes and then have to pay on their piddly little Social Security  income, that most people can barely live on.

Since my daughter-in-law to be is working in an accounting/tax office this is a busy time for her.  She's working long days and even some weekend days.  But her and my son, Jim did go check out a possible wedding site, last weekend.   It's a beautiful place called Windmill Gardens down in the little town of Sumner.  It's one of those really neat places that sell all sorts of gift items, plants, trees & shrubs of every kind.  One of those places where you could spend an entire day looking at all they have to offer.  And they have this beautiful gazebo type building where they hold classes and also is available for weddings and such. 

Well, I think I'm going to tidy up around here a little and then head down the hall with my new book and my kitty.  So until next time....GO SEAHAWKS !!!!!!       Linda


queenb8261 said...

Are you having a Super Bowl Party?  We have a family one every year.  We make all kinds of snacks and treats and spread a quilt out on the floor and use the coffee table for food...or a card table.  Sometimes there' s only a few of us.  But we have a blast.  It's the only game of the year that my granddaughter (9 this yr) is up for.  LOL   I love the quote about the "pity pot" .... wow good thing for me to think about.  Dreading tax time.  We'll probably have to pay.  Ugh.  
Have a good Thursday.

jeadie05 said...

Hi Linda ,great entry ..elephants and chickens ,strange rain you have over there lol ,,now you've got some that is ,pleased to hear the wedding plans are progressing well ,the pity pot quote was very apt ,will have to look out for that one,'Mrs Miracle '.............Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I like the pity pot quote, I love to read on a cold wet winters night. Sumner sounds a lovely place to have a wedding, hope we see pictures! The town I live in got to the FA Cup Final about twenty years ago, we're not one of the top division teams so everyone in Brighton was so excited. The nickname of the team is The Seagulls and you'd be surprised how many people painted pictures of seagulls or blue and white stripes on their houses!! Before you I didn't!! Hope the rain stops soon for you. Jeannette.

ally123130585918 said...

laughed at your "Raining  Elephants and Chickens"  could just imagine that...hope you stayed indoors.... You will have to explain Superbowl I've heard of it but know little about it.......I liked the Pity pot quote........The wedding site sounds really lovely "Windmill Gardens"
brings a lovely image to the mind....Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda, you`ve had an awful lot of rain there this year, where is it all coming from?  Perhaps you`d better start building an! :o))

Sandra xxxx

yakima127 said...

I'd be a little suspicious of the whole H&R Block thing, too.  Just doesn't sound right.  You can get on-line and use their program to file your taxes on your own.  Or, there are several others you can use.  They walk you right through it, ask all the same questions, and it is either free or very inexpensive.  And, you can e-file, and get your refund back in about 10 days...GO SEAHAWKS!  (I don't do football, but it's hard to ignore all the excitement around here!)  JAE