Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Wind Is Howling

It's 40 degrees, pouring rain and the wind is blowing...well here's what KOMO TV weather email had to say earlier this morning;

"As of 6:30 this morning we've had gusts of 68 mph on Whidbey Island, 47 mph in Everett and 51 mph in both Friday Harbor and Richmond Beach.

The strongest winds are going to occur during the morning into early afternoon. Sustained winds will range from 25 to 45 mph. Gusts of 75 mph are possible along the coast and north of Everett. Gusts could reach 60 mph for central and southern Puget Sound, including the Seattle metro area. Wind gusts from 45-55 mph are likely farther south from Olympia to Portland.

Since the ground around here is already saturated from January's rain, a blast of wind can easily topple trees. Don't be surprised if you lose power today. And the power outages should be widespread across western Washington.

The wind is set to die down later Saturday afternoon. Temperatures will drop through the day, falling into the middle 40s by the evening. We'll have some periods of heavy rain early followed by lighter showers."

I live in the southern Puget Sound area, so we could be getting those 60 mph gusts.  The street in front of my house looks like a battle zone, right now.  There are tree limbs, paper of all sizes and descriptions and other debris.  Remarkably my big cedar tree is swaying in the breeze but the little limbs, etc are heading for the neighbors yard.   I am a little concerned about the fiberglass panels covering my main porch.  They are really crashing and banging about but so far none have come loose.  My windchimes (about 10 of them) that are hanging around the edge of my porch are certainly getting a work out.

Well, I'm going to get off here and turn my computer completely off for awhile.  It is plugged into a surge protector but don't want to take any chances of it getting ruined if they power should suddenly go out.

I wish we were out at the ocean again, like New Years watch the big waves, but I have a dentist appointment at 4pm this afternoon for a cleaning, so I have to stay in town.    


More later.........Linda


ally123130585918 said...

Linda it must be quite scary with such strong winds gusting all around you...I hope your Porch stands up well to the buffeting it is getting, Bet the Wind Chimes sound great....Hope you will able to watch the "Superbowl" (That is if you want to watch it) !!!!......Hope everything calms down with the weather....Ally

jlocorriere05 said...

It sounds really bad, I hope your porch will remain intact. I had a letter today from the water authority saying we were in the middle of the worse drought in a hundred years!! We've had no rain for ages. Hope your power stays on for you! Jeannette.

mllevl said...

Hope you get through it without any damage to your property. ...that goes for the rest of the neighbourhood too!  Having said that I have to admit I love strong windy days watching the waves crashing over the harbour wall.....

jeadie05 said...

Linda this all sounds scary ,Idont like wind as heavy as that ,keep safe and let us know how you are as soon as you can !!............Jan xx

sonensmilinmon said...

I guess I'm blocked by most of this by the hills - opps, just as I wrote that a BIG gust of wind blew and really shook everything! Spoke to soon.  An I have to drive to Olympia this afternoon! Yikes.  Hey, can you send me your # again - I have some avon I wanted to order. :-)  I found a catalog.


queenb8261 said...

We have lots of wind here all the time.  Only instead of blowing blows dirt.  I'm SO sick of blowing sand.  101 days of no rain.  This is getting ridiculous. Stay in and warm.  Barb