Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Friday 5'er


From Robin at;

      Hi guys!!! 

It's Friday and it is time for what I call "THE 5'er!"     

If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal. (there is no deadline as to when you can do "The 5'er) When you have answered them come back and leave a link in my comment section.  On the following Friday I will have a new set of questions! Have fun!


This week's theme is mish mash!



1. If given the choice to go up stairs or up a ramp which would you chose?

It depends...if I've got eight 12 packs of soda & water for the office on a hand truck..I'll take the ramp.  If it's just me, my creaky old knees go up the steps.


2. What is the worse kind of weather you have ever been in?

In 1949 this town was hit with a blizzard, I was 7 years old and was sent home from school (10 blocks).  My dad was at work and my mother didn't drive then so myself and Patty, the neighbor girl headed out on foot.  I have no idea how long it took but I remember being very cold and very scared...and very glad to finally get home to the warm arms of my mom.

3.  When I move to California who is gonna come visit me? Meet me at Disney Land!!! 

I come to Pasadena I'll meet you there, or Downtown Disney or at Universal City walk.  I love both places for shopping.


4. Do you like peanut butter chunky or creamy?

Hmmm..."choosy mothers choose Jiff" either creamy or crunchy.  Depends on what you're using it for.

5. What was the last bill you paid late?

I haven't had that happen for years & years.  I don't have a huge income but thank God I have enough to pay the bills. And I keep track of them real close, so they are not late. If gas prices keep going up there may not be any $$ for anything but gas.  The last gas I got on Wednesday was $2.71 a gallon for unleaded regular...YIKES !



jeanno43 said...

I do not like Peanut butter, but then I cannot eat it anyway.  Enjoyed reading your answers

queenb8261 said...

Great answers.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

robinngabster said...

A blizzzard!!!! Yikes!   Jiff is actually my brand! Guess I am a chosey mother. LOL