Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mom's Day to all

First of all I want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.  My son Jim, and his fiance Carrie are taking her mom and me to brunch at some mystery place.  My daughter Julie will be spending the day with her family.  My son-in-law brought me a beautiful hanging fuchsia basket a couple days ago.  I have a perfect place for such things...right outside my kitchen window. So it's hanging where I can enjoy it all summer.

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been fantastic this last week.  Sunny with moderate temperatures each day. The weather man is saying that Monday it will get up to 80 degrees....we'll see if he's right. 

I took my camera to work this last week and snapped some pictures of co-workers.  I'm including one of me, complete with my headset on, sitting at my cubicle with all my "stuff" around.  Some might say it's cluttered but I spend so much time there, I like pictures and things around to make it easier to put in my time each day.  

I am so behind on alerts...right now there are 184 unread emails showing.  Not all alerts of course but none the less, all unread. So please forgive me, if I have left no comments lately.  Usually I have Friday off , so can get caught up on them but this last week I worked Friday and I have to work all 5 days next week, it will be the same story.

Hope you all had a good Saturday,  have a wonderful Sunday and until next time.............Linda

P.S.  there's a 76 station about 5 blocks from my house that still has regular unleaded for $2.99 a gallon.  Most other stations are up to  $3.05 and as much as $3.10 a gallon.  Yikes !  Where will it end ?


angelrose2u said...

Happy Mothers day Linda, I pray its a blessed one. First time I seen a pic of you :)


astoriasand said...

Just found your journal today,i will be back to read more you,not enough hours in a day to do as I would son lives in Dallas Texas and yes it's  very hot thier  too! I am going to send you my Simple Rhymes Journal if that is possible,as I am only just learning myself the pooter.Si I hope you don't mind.Please feel free to pass on my link,and maybe I might find new friends through aol.journals who knows? What would we all be without one.God Bless You.
Best Regards .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.   my link!!

ally123130585918 said...

Happy Mothers day Linda ~ still havn't got the cam back on line will let you know when we have ~ Ally

jeanno43 said...

Happy Mother's Day - enjoy your brunch.

jlocorriere05 said...

Have a lovely brunch, where ever it is you get taken to! Sounds like you've been really busy with extra work days to cope with. Have a great weekend! Jeannette xx

labdancer51 said...

Have a great brunch Linda and have a very Happy Mothers Day. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

jeadie05 said...

Hope you enjoyed your brunch and indeed your day .Iknow what you mean about being behind with alerts lol .....Jan xx