Wednesday, July 5, 2006

July 5th

Well, it's over for another year.  Bob and I ended up driving about 27 miles to this Indian Casino to watch their fireworks.  We got there late and were starving, so went in and got something to eat and while we were eating we could hear the fireworks going off outside.  By the time we got outside there was only about 15 minutes of fireworks left.  That was ok, we had a good supper and except for the hundreds of people to contend with it was a nice drive out there.   Bob went on home and said he'd be back this morning to help vacuum seal the fish.....ya right. He got called to one of his daughter's place and I haven't seen him all day.  My friend Barbara happened to came over and she helped me with the fish.  Anyway, it's all vacuum sealed in the freezer except for the halibut I left out to cook tonight. 

It's very cool here in western Washington today, probably only reaching to about 65 degrees.  That's fine with me, as I am de-cluttering and I worked out in one of my storage sheds today.  I filled the whole back end of my car with boxes of stuff and dropped it off at the thrift store. It was a good feeling to drive off and leave that stuff behind. Finally out of my hair, gone, never to be seen again...unless of course I go shopping there next week. LOL

I'm really angry at some of the families that live just outside the mobile park.  They shot off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks last night and left the debris all over the road.  Even the boxes that the fireworks came in are out there laying around, why are people such slobs?  The one family has 5 boys...they should be out there sweeping that stuff up and putting it in the garbage can.

Well, I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful, safe and sane holiday.  Now it's back to the real world.  No more holidays or long weekends on the horizon until Labor Day, September 4th.  Until next time, Linda


yakima127 said...

Iheard there was a lot of debris left at one of the public elementary schools, too.  I do wonder why people feel so entitled to not have to clean up after themselves!  Hope you enjoy your halibut!  Jae

rayne1123 said...

very  pretty pictures. i hope you enjoyed you weekend and the 4th

robinngabster said...

I found it is very hard to get a good picture of fireworks in the sky.  We almost went to one of the near by casinos to watch fireworks but headed to the place that canceled them.

We found out why they didn't have them this year like they have in all the years past.  Last year they had an incident where a girl's leg was lost after a firework that didn't explode landed by her foot and blew her foot off.  She then had to have her leg amputated and they said dozens of others were also injured.

Hope your neighbors do the right thing and clean up THEIR mess!

mastersblynn said...

People can be so inconsiderate!  I think they should be fined for not cleaning up! Barbara

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you enjoyed all the celebrations ,pity about the inconsiderates leaving all their mess behind ,pleased Barbara helped with the fish ........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you had a good time and enjoyed the meal and firewroks at the casino. People are such slobs when it comes to clearing up their mess and litter, they make it look so bad on the whole neighbourhood. I'll bet Bob was pleased to find all the fish packed and put away! Have a good rest of the week, wel done for all the decluttering too! Jeannette xx  

astoriasand said...

I would have liked to know what you were saying to yourself,when you ended up doing the fish job LOL!!!!
Men at times Haaaaaa!!!Always going to be back to do something Haaaaaaaaaa!!
Glad you had a lovely meal.As for the litter, I have explained earlier to my friends,in my jornal entry of SIMPLE RHYMES entry 26/4/06.Titled "TRY KEEP IT CLEAN.
CHECK IT OUT!!!! What I personally feel about this subject.Hope you have managed your de-cluttering!!! Have a lovely day.
Regards Astoriasand.

tpiez4me said...

Hmmm that sounds like the restaurant my friend barebytes (Lanny) likes to go to.  He's on my sidebar, check him out!  Time for the county/city to fine the litterbugs..if you're gonna play, CLEAN IT UP!
Sharon -

barebytes said...

Yep. that's where we ended up. They had a great rib eye steak dinner there but I think we lwft before you got there, It was around 7:30 when we headed out for the drive home. We live in Sumner. The Red wind sure had grown up since we first started going there.  Hugs Lanny