Friday, August 25, 2006

The Friday 5'er from Robin

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I've been dipping into the past a lot these days...talking to both my old Kindergaten buddies...finding my frist best friend ever...etc...  So this week's 5'er will be all about your past.

Let's Play!!!


1.  Looking back....what do you think was one of your worst fashion decisions?  If you have a picture...extra cherries for you on your ice cream sundae this week!

I grew up in the 1950's.  Let's see poodle skirts with lots of crinolines under them (I had several very full felt skirts but none with a poodle on it)  white buck shoes (that had to be polished everynight, especially for me since I lived down a long muddy driveway), socks to match each outfit, Jantzen sweaters (since we were poor, I only had a couple and those were purchased with my berry & bean picking money), plaid, pleated skirts. Then there the very narrow straight skirts that we could hardly walk in and  of course running was out of the question.  Also, we all had a school sweater, ours was red...white patches with our name & graduating year on the sleeves.   No jeans or slacks allowed at school back then and shorts were designated for gym class only,    


2.  What is the one thing you wish you could change about your past?

I would have absolutely done better in high school and prepared myself for having to be self supportive.  I just knew I was going to be a stay at home wife and mother for my entire life.  Well, things changed and I found myself at age 40, on my own with no real marketable skills and no money at that point to go to school.  So I've been stuck in low paying jobs all these years.


3.  That something you just do you think if would effect your life today?

If I'd gone on to college, I would have either gone into nursing or teaching (that's what all the glas did back then) and by now retired, with a good retirement income.


4.  We talk about "time machine's"  all the time...if it were possible...would you go back in time or forward?  Where? When? And why?

I would definitely go high school, do that over and change some choices I made along the way after graduation. (As long as I could still have the same two kids that I adore)

5. You've learned a lot on this journey in life.  What is something you learned in the past that you hope to pass on to your children or someone else?  Words of wisdom?  Or a mistake you made that you hope they don't make?

Do well in school, get all the education and knowledge you can. And then choose a profession that you have a passion for & enjoy.  How fun it would be to work at something you loved and get paid for it.




robinngabster said...

Great answers...would love to see you in one of those poodle skirts.

stevietwain said...

Great answer hun! Loved reading that. great advice too..I too wish I'd have got a better education..:-(

Lv Stevie

jlocorriere05 said...

We used to wear those tight skirts! It was impossible to go up stairs in them! Jeannette xx

queenb8261 said...

Love your answers as always.