Saturday, October 7, 2006

Happy 17th Anniversary to My Daughter & Son In Law

Picture #1.. shows my little (6'4") brother, Steve, bringing the bride down the stairs from the bride room to the sanctuary of the church.  He and my sister-in-law have three daughters that are younger than Julie so this was like a "practice run" for him.  Two of the girls have since married and have children of their own ....but the youngest is still single.  So, someday he'll be taking his last trip down the aisle with her. 

Picture #2...a view from the church balcony.

Picture #3..shows the bride and her "little" brother hugging...I'm sure that was the first & last time they hugged, so I'm glad it was captured in a picture.  A week or so after the wedding, Jim left for San Antonio, TX and his Air Force basic training.

Picture #3..Julie and my dad..her grandpa. Their wedding was the day before what would have been my folks' 50th anniversary.  My mom had passed away two years earlier on their 48th anniversary.  I know this day was bitter sweet for him.   Julie  was born on his 48th birthday, in 1961.  She was the first grandchild, and the only one for almost 10 years, until  my son, Jim came along.  She was always the apple of grandpa's eye.  Just less than a year later, he passed away. We were so happy that he was well and able to be there for this happy occasion.

 I have to admit this is a nearly duplicate entry to the one I did last year in honor of their anniversary.  But, felt I just couldn't change it much, because the events of that day and the wish today are still the same...Happy Anniversary and may you have many more !!


jeadie05 said...

A very happy memory for you too linda,Avery Happy aniversary to your daughter and her husband ,.,.,.,Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Happy Anniversary to them both and many more to come

rbrown6172 said...

well....i didn't see it last year, and i think it's wonderful!  God bless all of you!

sugarsweet056 said...

Hope they have a GREAT ANNIVERSARY!!!
Nice pics! :)
Have a good weekend.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((LINDA))))))))))))))))))))Hope they have a wodnerful anniversary.They are nice pics.Have a good day.

robinngabster said...

That's Julie?

kaydeejay5449 said...

I'm so glad you posted this entry!  I wasn't reading your journal last year so I would have totally missed the pictures of your daughter's wedding and the lovely family story behind it.  What a special day that must have been!
Love,  Kathy

queeniemart said...

again, great entry and pics. What a wonderful family you have.
HUGS, lisa

queenb8261 said...

Congratulations on their anniversary.  Great photos.

nana0014 said...

So wonderful. 17 years congratulatons. Thanks for sharing the pictures and little stories with us.
Take care, Chrissie