Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Very Windy

I've taken all the bigger windchimes's very windy tonight (yes it's raining, too) Some of the floating bridges in the region have been closed.  Yes, here in western Washington we have bridges that float on top of the water. And thousand's are without power, tonight.  Mine have flickered a couple I'm going to let you see the weather report I got this afternoon from KOMO TV in Seattle and get out of here.  More later in the week when the weather calms down.  Thursday I work all day and then have to work at the Hormone Replacement Seminar over in Gig Harbor, so won't be home until late Thursday night.  Although if the wind is worse tomorrow, they could close the Narrows Bridge too.  It's happened before.

" Dear Linda,
Perhaps what will go down as the strongest storm of the fall season thus far has brought another round of heavy rain and gusty winds as high as 60-90 mph in some spots around the region, knocking out power to over 100,000 people.

The far northern areas have been battered for several hours today, with Bellingham reporting gusts over 50 mph for 12 consecutive hours. Over on the coast, wind gusts were well over hurricane-force strength (74 mph). Tatoosh Island along the coat hit 91 mph, while Clallam Bay hit 87 mph. There is said to be a lot of damage in the area.

Here's a list of peak gusts today:

Tatoosh Island: 91 mph
Clallam Bay: 87 mph
Sekiu: 77 mph
Clallam Bay: 70 mph
Sequim: 70 mph
Hoquiam: 68 mph
Bangor Sub Base: 66 mph
Anacortes: 65 mph
Mount Vernon: 65 mph
Oak Harbor: 66 mph
Forks: 62 mph
Bellingham: 63 mph
Vail (Thurston Co.): 60 mph
Friday Harbor: 59 mph
Brinnon: 55 mph
Tacoma: 53 mph ****
Everson: 53 mph
Port Angeles: 49 mph
Olympia: 46 mph
Everett: 45 mph
Seattle: 41 mph

Once we get into tonight, the rain and wind will decrease (whew!) Although a Convergence Zone could keep rain going in the Lynnwood/Everett general areas. Lows will drop to the upper 30s to low 40s.

Thursday will be a calm day with scattered showers amid perhaps even a few sunbreaks. Highs will reach about 50.

We get to keep the calm weather for Friday and Saturday, with still mostly cloudy skies but only isolated showers Friday, and then perhaps a little wetter for Saturday, but still pretty light. Highs each day will be in the upper 40s and low 50s.

Yet another warm and wet storm comes in for Sunday, but while it will be rainy and windy once again, it doesn't look as strong as today's storm. So that's a little bit of good news. Back to showers again for Monday and Tuesday, and then yet another storm for Wednesday."


Bye from the "windy city".......Linda


mom23nca said...

It is awful here.  Power is out in Bonney Lake and there are tree limbs all over the place.  Stay dry and safe.

jonibooks1991 said...

Just got home from work and there were several traffic lights out along the way in Renton.  It's very windy at our house also, hope our power doesn't go out.

angelrose2u said...

Take care of yourself. angels around you. Hope the storm passes fast


queenb8261 said...

I am SICK of the wind. During the night we had gusts up to 60mph. It's finally calmed down.  No rain. Just dry, static filled wind.  You stay safe out there.

ally123130585918 said...

Linda that is an awful weather forecast ~ hope you stay safe and warm and your electricity stays on ~ will be thinking about you ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Linda things seem to be going from bad to worse weather wise,for you ,Ihope you stay warm and dry and keep your power supply .love Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Sounds you're having a very severe autumn out there, Linda.

yakima127 said...

It's not that bad up here in Everett...hope it's not working it's to me!  We have sunshine, today.  Jae

kaydeejay5449 said...

Hang on to your hat!  Hope it calms down and the sun shines soon.
Hugs,  Kathy

jlocorriere05 said...

It sounds awful there Linda! Wind and rain together are my least favourite weather. Stay safe and dry! Jeannette xx