Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some Recent Snow Pictures From Western Washington

These pictures have been featured in The New Tribune the last few days.


queenb8261 said...

Great pics. I love the trees, fences and horses pic.  Just beautiful.  Stay warm and dry.  We'll see if we get our "HEAVY" snow or not tomorrow. LOL
Hugs, Barb  

mariealicejoan said...

Love the pictures...sigh.. I miss snow...  We've been having very heavy gale force winds and rain it seems for weeks now.  supposed to snap cold this weekend though.  Wonder if we'll get's dreaming!

jonibooks1991 said...

I'm sure the nursery will have the bush, I think I got mine at Home Depot or Lowes, I've had it a couple years.  It grows pretty fast.  The pictures of the snow were great the kids and dog had fun in it anyway.  I was off today and went for a walk also.  Now I have to work the next 4 days, but I will be driving myself.

rbrown6172 said...

those are wonderful pics.  seeing the kids have so much fun brought a smile....and the pasture with horses, the the snow coveried berries...well...i just loved those.  looks like western washington is making the best of that situation.  :)