Wednesday, March 14, 2007


monday morning question from Krissy


Have you ever hung anything from your rear view mirror?


Well, yes I do....years ago (back in the dark ages) it was my high school graduation tassel.  Not anymore...It's long gone.   Now it looks a little cluttered but everything there has meaning to me.  There's a blue crocheted string that my grand daughter made for me years ago, there's some Mardi Gras beads given to me by a former co-worker (she swore on a stack of Bibles she did nothing indecent to get those beads), there's a little ceramic delft looking pitcher given to me by the daughter of a friend, when the little one was about 5 yrs old (she's 16 now) and finally my little pair of carved wooden cowboy boots.  I bought them from a man at a 4th of July outdoor craft fair in Sisters, Oregon about  8 years ago.  So that's my collection of goodies hanging from my rear view mirror. 


yakima127 said...

Interesting things!  I am so boring!  Jae

jlocorriere05 said...

I love those boots! I used to have a little pitcher like that, I had a whole tea service that size, I don't know what happened to it though! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Oh how lovely I love the boots Jan xx

robinngabster said...

very cute!