Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday April 18th

Hello from Pasadena, CA.  We arrived here late Monday afternoon.  After we left the house in Sun City West. AZ we went over to Tempe, AZ for dinner at Nancy & Don's house.  They had invited us Sat evening, and we just told them we'd see how it went, time wise, getting the camper loaded, etc.  We had a wonderful afternoon there...all their kids and most of the grandkids were there (along with everyone's dogs.) We ate left-overs from the party, relaxed and just really enjoyed being with their family.  We left there about 5pm and hit the road heading west.  We got as far as Quartzsite, AZ and parked the truck/camper in a parking lot for the night.  Monday morning we checked out some of the many shops and then continued our trek west.  We got to Bob's daughter & son in law's place about 6pm Monday.  Everyone was glad to see us and we had a fabulous dinner of In-N-Out burgers (gotta love 'em) and then retired for the evening.  Today we went to Target to pick up a bathing suit for Bob's grand daughter and then picked up his grandson & friend at Pasadena High School.  The weather is sunny & very pleasant for us Pacific Northwesters (about 68*) but the locals are all freezing and wearing sweat shirts, etc.  I love this city...you drive around and all the flowers are so pretty...their roses are blooming now like mine do in August.  Well, that's about all for now.  I'm sure we'll be here thru the weekend.  Bob's daughter has some painting to finish so I'm sure Bob will help her with that.  Her hubby works such long hours, that she's done alot of it by herself already.   I'm going to call my friend Judi (she went on the Alaska cruise last summer) tonight and see if she's available Thursday.  I may take a trip to San Diego on Amtrak to see her for the day.  It's a 3 hour ride each way...so we can still have about 5 hours to visit and catch up.

Until next time.........Linda


mariealicejoan said...

Sounds you've had a wonderful time... and now I'm dreaming of In-N-Out burgers...dangit!

ally123130585918 said...

Linda sounds like everything is going well ~ glad you are having a good vacation and catching up with friends and family ~ hope you are still taking lots of pictures ~ keep safe ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Great ,you are managing to fit lots in and people are all coming to meet you ,love Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Sounds like a great time you're having. So great in fact that you've got the date on your entry a wee bit wrong - I copy: Tuesday April 18th. Sorry for being such a nit-picker.