Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Part Five of a 35 Day Journey

We arrived in Pahrump late in the afternoon.  When we came into town, we were starving so stopped at the local McDonald's and had a "fine" meal.  Actually, their salads are very good & I was dying for a salad.  We then went over to the Wal Mart, where I had the first 188 pictures printed. 

The next morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day, it wasn't real hot and there was a nice breeze blowing.   We went into Terrible's for breakfast  (they have great & inexpensive food by the way) and they sat us next to this other couple.  We got to talking (rather I got to talking to them, Bob doesn't do that. My kids used to get upset with me because I'd always talk to the person behind me in the checkout line at the grocery store & I still do.  LOL)  Anyway, this other couple were from Utah or somewhere in that area and were also on a little road trip. It came out that we were from Washington state and they lit up and said, "wow..that's great, we're moving to Castle Rock this fall."  Castle Rock, Washington is a couple hours south of here.  What a small world.

 The camper has two propane tanks in a compartment in the back that supply fuel to the stove top & oven, the water heater, the refrigerator and the wall furnace (for those cold desert nights).  One of them had a broken valve or something and Bob checked before we left and all the guy wanted to do was sell him a new tank for $120.  When we got gas in Pahrump ($2.91) he also had the one good propane tank filled up.  And asked the station attendant if there was somewhere in town he could get a new valve for the other tank.  The man referred us to a RV supply place, so we went there and they referred us on to a propane place.  When we got there, the man came out and looked at the tank and said he could fix problem.  But, he was on his way to a service call and asked us to come back in about an hour or so.  As were were driving down the street,we saw the library, so we stopped there and both of us got on their computers to check email, etc.   Anyway, when it was time we drove back to the propane place and the man quickly replaced the leaking/broken valve and filled the tank all for $37.  Bob couldn't believe he almost paid $120 for a new tank (and it would have been empty) when all the time all the old tank needed was a quick fix.

I'm sure at one time, Pahrump was a small town, but it seems to be really growing.  There's new construction everywhere you look....and it's in such a great location, right smack in the middle between Death Vally and Las Vegas. I think if I were going to move to Nevada, I would certainly give Pahrump serious consideration.

By 3pm we were on our way to Las Vegas...I was so excited because this was going to be my first visit there.  I wanted to see if it's true that "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas."

Until next time....Linda


jeadie05 said...

I would like Pahrump.what a nice fellow to fix the gas valve so cheaply ,I talk to people too in shops and queues  etc ,''If you dont talk to strangers,how do you meet your friends '',am still enjoying this, and look forward to Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

What a friendly town that was and cheap too. I must admit to talking to anyone, anywhere, so I suppose that`s one of the reason`s I enjoy my job. I just love working with the public. I`m looking forward to hearing about the next place you stopped at. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

mariealicejoan said...

Loved this little visit to Pahrump and can't wait to get to Vegas!!!

gaboatman said...

Pahrump does look like a very nice town.  I'm glad Bob was able to get the propane tank fixed for a reasonable price.  Looking forward to hearing your impressions of Vegas.

jonibooks1991 said...

Sounds like a neat little town, I'll have to keep it in mind.  I do the same thing talk to people all the time.  Used to embarass my daughter to death.  But now I think she likes it, cause I can fit right in at the swim meets where I know hardly anyone.  Now I know more about the  people on the team then the parents do.
Hah!  Keep going I'm loving your stories.  And the library, what a good idea.

ally123130585918 said...

Pahrump sounds like a lovely friendly place to visit ~ glad you got that valve mended and by the sound of it by a nice honest man ~ looking forward to your visit to Las Vegas ~ Ally x

queenb8261 said...

Well, that sounds like a nice little stop. Glad Bob found an honest man to fix the propane tank.  I've heard of Terrible's I think.  That one flag looked absolutely huge. Great photos. Thanks again for sharing them.
Hugs, Barb